Spazzing Out (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
4 September 2016
Sickbay [USS Equinox NCC-73020]
The ship's primary medical facility is small compared to others in the fleet, but it is a decent size for a ship of this class. Essentially a slightly curved parallelogram, the port wall contains three alcoves, each with their own biobed and patient monitoring system. Along the far wall is a much larger, half-moon alcove that encompasses a surgical biobed before which a freestanding console is located.

Saisha doesn't waste any time, even though she isn't in uniform. She gestures toward the three biobeds and smiles. "Plant yourself in one of those, this won't take long. I hope you're not afraid of hyposprays."

Jev says, "You're lucky I hate....whatever...I was doing...?" hops on a biobed, "Okay""

"Standing around Engineering, wondering what to do with yourself?" Saisha replies, rolling her eyes briefly. "So when was your last physical?"

"Sitting." he says, "Five months ago with Dr. Senka."

Saisha steps up to the biobed and taps on the console, calibrating the equipment for a Trill. "Alright then, any issues at that time?" The scanner powers on and a pale blue light bathes Jev from his forehead, slowly traveling towards his abdomen.

Jev says, "Nope."

"Any questions then? You're probably the easiest patient I've had all day." She frowns at that and crosses back to the man on the biobed. "Turn your head toward the door, please?"

Jev turns his head obediently and shrugs, "I'm just a healthy guy?"

"They were not unhealthy." Saisha responds, smirking. "So tell me, how do you feel about being on this ship?" As she speaks she presses the hypospray to Jev's neck and takes a plasma sample, eyeing the information display on the console. "I imagine you miss Trev?"

Jev thinks about the question briefly and inhales, "Oh...I don't know. I haven't been on board long enough." he avoids saying whether or not he misses Dors.

Saisha takes hold of Jev's chin and gently rotates his face so that he is looking at her. "What are you feeling right now?" She raises an eyebrow and waits patiently for him to respond.

Taken by surprise, Jev's eyes widen and he stares into Saisha's, "....scared....?" but it's unclear if that's simply because he's being cornered by the doctor.

"Nothing to be afraid of here, or in general. Everyone on this ship are good people, and competent officers." Saisha responds, releasing Jev's chin. "Listen, I remember when I transferred to Deep Space Nine, I was lonely and kind of afraid myself. My door.. hell, I'm sure everyone's door is open to help you so that you'll be comfortable here." She glances over at Jev and smiles. "Okay?"

Jev nods several times, still looking at her with owl-eyes, "...yeah-p" with a little popping sound on the p.

Saisha looks back, her lips pursed as several thoughts run through her head. "I don't make you nervous, do I?" She plants her hands on her hips and narrows her eyes.

Jev makes several little shakes with his head, still wide-eyed, " - maybe when you did the chin grabby thing?...Otherwise, no?"

Saisha doesn't look convinced, shaking her head as she turns to retrieve her PADD. "You looked a little spooked is all. I'm not going to hurt you." She exhales and tilts her head slightly. "I suppose you being on the same ship as me means that I need to find a new pen pal."

He can't take it anymore! He explodes, arms flail upward, "There's no Chief Engineer here and I'm supposed to do the shakedownandnoonehaspresetanyengineeringprofilesandI'mgoingtohavetofigureallthatoutandtherearen'tanyKlingonsandIloveKlingons!" he ends with his hands grabbing his hair.

Saisha's eyes go wide as she watches Jev's arms flail out. She lets him word vomit, nodding at the gibberish before she raises both hands. "Calm down, hey.." She gently disentangles his hands from his hair. "Part of being a midshipman is learning. Everyone on this ship, can help you with this. Alden and La'Vash have handled engineering profiles for several ships for years. You don't have to figure anything out on your own." She pauses, takes a breath and then tackles the next issue. "Shakedowns are not scary or ..the end of the world, and ..maybe we'll see a Klingon when we're berthed?" She presses her lips together in an effort not to smile or laugh.

Jev keeps shaking his head, "No! The Captain is going to micro-manage everything I do! I have no buffer." he narrows his eyes, "I'm under the microscope...BuPers has me figured all wrong. I can't be the sole engineering officer!" he motions to corridor, "ALL THOSE GUYS ARE ENLISTED!" he closes his eyes, "That means they read a checklist and HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE DOING!" He points to himself, "And I'm still /schooling/ - how am I going to get them..." he points out the door, " listen to /me/..." he points to himself, "...when all I have are /these/!?" he points at his rank.

"La'Vash is an extremely patient individual. She is going to teach you." Saisha replies, frowning. "When I met La'Vash, a little over four years ago, she was the same rank that I was. A Lieutenant Junior Grade. She is a Commanding Officer now. That means she is good - at management, at her job and at teaching." She says, folding her arms over her chest. "As for the Enlisted, if any of them give you lip, you send them to the Command Staff - if you're in've got to show them that you're not afraid of them or the job itself."

Jev stares blankly at Saisha while she speaks, and for a good quiet moment when she's done. He sucks in his bottom lip and moves his top lip ever so slightly when he says, "Does it look like I'm one to be in charge?"

"Right now? No." Saisha says, a wry grin on her face. "That's going to change, we're likely going to war. You need to make those men and women believe that you are not only in charge, but that you know what you are doing. They're all going to look to you to figure out how they should act." She hops up on the biobed next to the Trill and sighs. "Listen, it's okay to be afraid, but right now - probably not good to show it. If you need to talk to Trev, or anyone else, to help with how you're feeling right now. You've only to ask. If you don't have a viewscreen you can use.." She gestures to her office." You're always welcome to use mine."

Jev slides off the bed hesitantly, "Yessssssss. Thank you! I have a viewpanel in Engineering." He turns around to face the doctor, "Can the in charging start tomorrow, though?"

"Yes. I just hope you realize that we're all here to help you." Saisha says, her eyes following Jev as he moves. "I really hope you're being honest with me. I'm used to being the nervous one.." She gestures at her chest and then at Jev. "Having someone be nervous at me is new, and a bit strange."

Jev shrugs at that and mumbles, "You don't /seem/ like the nervous type..." he sighs, "/I'm/ not the nervous type. I'm just nervous /now/." he smiles a kind of odd gleeful smile, "I'll be /not/ nervous tomorrow...Just give it the night and I'll be fine."

"Yes well..until you know me better you can't really judge, can you?" Saisha mutters, exhaling a sigh. "Are you heading down to engineering to look over things and do some work?"

"I said /seem/..." he says in mild defense, then nods his head, "Yes...I'm going to look at things and do some work." he glances sideways and takes a step toward the corridor. Then Darian seems to get an idea! His eyes snap to Saisha. You can almost see the light bulb hovering over his head. Mouth agapes. "Thanks doctor!" He gets set to bound out.

"Hold it." Saisha says, sliding off the biobed. "Come back here." She points at the spot in front of her.

With a look of curiosity on his face, the ever-obedient Jev moves to the spot indicated.

"If you need help, ask. Don't attempt to run away, or else." Saisha says, ticking things off on her fingers. "I'm going to be keeping an eye on you." She warns, setting her PADD on a table. "Do not break this ship before she's even been out of port." She pauses, her arms folded tightly across her chest. "Are we clear?"

Jev nods a couple times.

"Oh for the love ..just go." Saisha waves Jev off, shaking her head. "Make a studious attempt to behave yourself."

"Yes sir!" as Jev darts off swiftly.

Saisha jumps back up on the biobed and shakes her head, muttering as she picks up her PADD and beings to tap at it.

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