Special Report: In the dead of night

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IC Date: Fri Nov 28 2403

PARIS, EARTH (INW) - Under the cover of darkness, and after a ten-hour session of continuous debate regarding election financing, the Galaxy Alliance Senate voted to approve Beeraxi secession. Using his powers in an Emergency Session to halt debate, the Vice-Chancellor brought the Beeraxi bill to the floor for an immediate vote.

Senators across the political spectrum have condemned the Vice-Chancellor's use of forceful parliamentary maneuvers to require votes with little or no debate. With the Senate deadlocked on how to distribute election financing, a call to adjourn was instead turned into a direct vote on the secession bill at 11:21 PM last evening. During the contentious quorum call, Senators loudly protested the maneuvers that brought them to a debate-less vote. Quorum was met with only a two-Senator margin.

Though debate was quashed, the vote itself seemed to cut across ideological lines. The Senators from Trill, Qo'noS, Bajor and Ferenginar, though each had argued details wildly different than one another, each voted to allow the colony to secede. It was mostly current colonies of similar size that voted against the measure, and planets who (based on statements released after the vote) could not bring themselves to vote positively without debate. These included Earth, Betazed and Angel One.

Despite analysts' predictions otherwise, both Chancellatory candidates also weighed in, with Senator M'rus of Ferasa voting for the bill and Minister cho'Sheq providing a statement condemning the Beeraxi but ultimately supporting their bid for independence.

Now, a day later, as the Beeraxi begin to build their own future, many in government are moving their attention to the fallout. Members of the High Council are quickly moving to examine how to prevent these maneuvers from ever happening again, while some local legislatures begin evaluating their own satisfaction with the Alliance. For his part, the Vice-Chancellor, facing a firestorm of disapproval, has locked himself away on Spacedock, with aides indicating he will not get further involved in Senate business until after he leaves office post-elections. And with elections mere weeks away, it appears one sentiment is echoed across the universe, from Beerax to Earth to Qo'noS: January can't come fast enough.

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