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Title: Staff Attorney with T'Lin, Roykirk & Regh
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
Race: Selay
Gender: Male
Height: 7'1" (216 cm.)
Weight: ~300 lbs. (~136.1 kg.)
Eyes: Gold
Mating Status: Single
Nickname: NightWalker

Sselon is an Attorney at Law working for the law firm of T'Lin, Roykirk and Regh, headquartered at the Terran colony on Aldebaron III.



Sselon was the only egg in his clutch, but it just so happened he was the only one his parents would need. He was born to what the Selay would consider a lower class family. No distinguished history, no wealth whatsoever to speak of, his parents had no education beyond the basics, the taint of history that a Gorn was somewhere, somehow purportedly mixed into their genetic past… At first it seemed destined that Sselon would follow in his family’s footsteps. Once the young Selay started his formal education though, he found his calling through athletics. As he developed, he discovered that he had power in the form that life had given him. He lifted weights, he could run like no other, and while his peers might have wanted to bust him down for being from a lower class, they knew that the way to win was to have him on the team. That got him through and elevated his status, through the sheer power of who he was.

During his formal education, he also discovered that he had a great love of writing and of debate and argument. He was a warrior on the field of play and he wanted to be a warrior through and through. He started studying law and government of the Selay before his education period ended, but he knew that this was not where he wanted to stay. This might not even be where he *could* stay. Due to his class, he had developed a little more empathy than many of his ilk. He could see the ladder from the bottom and while he’d managed to climb a few rungs he knew he would quickly find his way back to the bottom. It was the nature of a classist society. So rather than stick around on Selay, he managed to get an athletic scholarship to the Samuel T. Cogley School of Law at the Tri-Planetary Academy on Aldebaron III, a Terran Colony. He was a decent C student there in most of his subject matter, struggling quite often but managing to get the help he needed where he needed it. In Athletics and in Speech and Debate however, that is where he excelled. He came out of both with a number of awards. He was also a voracious reader of the law and government and discovered that he best loved to read not from a PADD but from old-fashioned paper books, of which the Cogley School had an extensive library, picking up a proclivity of the school’s namesake. He sometimes even liked to walk the library late at night reading, when he was least likely to bump into someone, earning him the nickname “NightWalker.” After four years, he graduated with a degree in Galaxy Alliance Law and passed the Bar.

Over the years of his formal education, one of the things that he’s found more interest in, specifically within the law, were the founding documents and the treaties of nations and worlds. He started with the base and founding documents for the Selay Homeworld, then moved on to other Galaxy Alliance homeworlds, becoming particularly fascinated by the old Federation documents like the Khitomer Treaty, the Federation Constitution, the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence from the Terran Homeworld. For him, these documents and the history behind them are far more fascinating than the laws behind property lines and patents. At the same time though, he’s continued to train to be a warrior, earning certificates in hand-to-hand combat and weapons training. He’s either going to be a warrior on the field of battle, a warrior in the courtroom or a warrior at the conference table. Given the way things play out, he could become all three…

RP Hooks

  • The Law
  • Diplomacy & Treaties
  • Athletics
  • Gagh


  • Stardate 108707.65 (September 16, 2431): Enrolled in the Samuel T. Cogley School of law at the Tri-Planetary Academy on Aldebaron III as a Student of Law on an Athletics Scholarship.
  • Stardate 112450.11 (June 14, 2435): Graduated from Tri-Planetary Academy with degrees in Galaxy Alliance and Starfleet Law.
  • Stardate 112672.03 (September 3, 2435): Passed the Galaxy Alliance Bar.
  • Stardate 112748.74 (October 1, 2435): Began work as an intern for T'Lin, Roykirk and Regh.
  • Stardate 113749.43 (October 1, 2436): Promoted to Staff Attorney at T'Lin, Roykirk and Regh.
  • Stardate 116580.25 (July 31, 2439): Given two months severance as part of an early buyout from T'Lin, Roykirk and Regh, ending his contract with the firm. He continues on as an Independent Attorney and Contractor, offering his services and skills both internal and external to the realm of law.


  • SeeD - Final Fantasy VIII
  • <strong>Shades of Honor - Hiroshima

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