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The Stakoron are a humanoid species native to the Gamma Quadrant. They hail from the planet Stakoron II in the Stakoron system.


Cultural Information

According to a Dosi representative, the Stakoron are a peaceful society that is highly industrial. They have been through extremely difficult times economically, and they hope their natural resource of mizinite ore can help their economy recover. They are known to trade on Dosi.

In-Game History

First contact with the Stakoron was made by Commander Ael'Ihhuein Adamson of Starfleet in August 2406. The initial first contact led to a trade agreement and treaty of non-aggression between Stakoron and the Galaxy Alliance. In exchange, Starfleet agreed to provide them with mining technology and training that would help them expedite the mining of the mizinite ore for trade.

Current Political Status

Alpha & Beta Quadrants
Government Political Status Effective Date
Galaxy Alliance Trade & Non-Aggression Treaty Stardate 84601.73
Gamma Quadrant
Government Political Status Effective Date
Dosi Trade Agreement Prior to 2406
Karemma Trade Agreement Prior to 2406

External Links

  • Stakoron at Memory-Alpha (please note: some information may not be part of our game canon)
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