Starbase Chandali

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Class: Nor-Class Station (Alliance Variant)
Commanding Officer: Colonel Eka SHAKAAR Jula
System: B'hava'el System
Division: Bajoran Starbase Operations
Division Chief:
Starbase Chandali (formerly Deep Space 9) is a Bajoran Installation operating in the B'hava'el System. It is a major trade installation, and it is also a major base of operations for Bajor Sector Command. The station is currently under the command of Colonel Eka SHAKAAR Jula.


Station's History

Deep Space 9

In 2405, Deep Space 9 was acquired by the Democratic Republic of Bajor as part of their secession agreement with the Galaxy Alliance. However, as part of the agreement, Deep Space 9 was to be administrated by Starfleet as a Starfleet base for a period of no less than ten years. At the request of Kai Lishan Noryl, Admiral Walters remained as commanding officer.

Over the years, Rear Admiral Kenneth R. ir-Adamson tr'Sahehn, the Chief of Starfleet Corps of Engineers. has made a number of significant upgrades to Deep Space 9's systems, ranging from power output upgrades to the manufacturing of additional docking pylons to accommodate the stations high volume of traffic.

Starbase Chandali

In August of 2439, the First Minister of the Democratic Republic of Bajor relieved Starfleet of their co-administration of Deep Space 9. It was formally renamed to Bajoran Starbase Chandali, which means 'Faith' in Bajor's native language, and all Starfleet Billets were stood down.

Station Roster

Command Division

Name Nominal Rank Position Race
Eka SHAKAAR Jula KCB, NSE, SS, IMM, HMD, IMK Colonel Commanding Officer Bajoran
ZARHAI Jarir NML, MMK, MT, IMK BDFN-O-4.png Executive Officer Bajoran
PRYUS, Roian Major Second Officer Betazoid

Operations Division

Name Nominal Rank Position Race
PRYUS, Roian Major Chief Operations Officer Betazoid
KERO Sene CDF Commander Operations Officer Bajoran
SPIERE, Quienna JD, IMR, NMJ Warrant Officer Chief Helm Officer Betazoid

Security Division

Name Nominal Rank Position Race
TORA Valenn Lieutenant Chief of Security Bajoran
K'TALA, Daughter of Tavana SubLieutenant Security Officer Klingon

Engineering Division

Name Nominal Rank Position Race
VACANT Chief Engineering Officer

Science Division

Name Nominal Rank Position Race
TANAS, MSc - House of Antaak BDFN-O-3.png Chief Science Officer
t'LLAEHNN, T'Stel i-Ra'tleihfi BDFN-O-3.png Science Officer Vulcan

Medical Division

Name Nominal Rank Position Race
VACANT Chief Medical Officer
TIRA,Orla BDFN-O-3.png Medical Officer Bajoran

Permanent Residents

Name Position Race

Promenade Directory

Location Name Section Manager
Morn's Place Promenade Section A Morn
Station Security Promenade Section A
Bajoran Temple Promenade Section A
Thingamajig Miscellany Promenade Section A KINA, Muireann "Miri"
National Recorder's Office Promenade Section A Democratic Republic of Bajor
Carey's Closet Promenade Section A CAREY, Aliyah

Location Name Section Manager
Replimat Promenade Section B
Infirmary Promenade Section B Chief Medical Officer
Vacant Promenade Section B
Vacant Promenade Section B
Gym Promenade Section B
Saith & Soah Coffeehouse Promenade Section B
Hudson & Rose Jewelers Promenade Section B KAILYN Pryus
Dominion Consulate Promenade Section B

Location Name Section Manager
Simulators Promenade Section C
Century 25 Promenade Section C
Dockmaster's Office Promenade Section C Chief Operations Officer
Gift Shop Promenade Section C
Intergalactic NewsWire Promenade Section C Intergalactic Newswire
Ambrosia Incorporated Promenade Section C TRASERA, Trex S.
Embassy of the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar Promenade Section C Romulan Star Empire
Embassy of the Cardassian Union Promenade Section C Cardassian Union
Selta's Kanar Lounge Promenade Section C

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