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David J. Fletcher
Lucas Starfall.png
Galaxy Alliance
Starfleet (Formerly)
Ruth Starfall M.D. 2427-2429
Nikolaj Coster Waldau

David James Fletcher, formerly known as Lucas James Starfall was a Starfleet Special Operations Operative before he was medically discharged in 2428. Upon leaving Starfleet, he quickly rose to rich-list status before disappearing shortly after the divorce from wife, Ruth Starfall early in 2429. Following his disappearance and assumed death shortly after, Fletcher reappeared having returned to his true birth name and a changed man.



Early Life

David James Fletcher, born Stardate 80210.21, in the Earth year 2403 was the second child of Rance and Maria Starfall, though was later revealed to have been adopted and renamed Lucas James Starfall by the couple nearly twenty five years later. Lucas was born aboard the SS Trinity, a private freighter owned by his adoptive father, in transit between Risa and Earth. After spending his early childhood both at the family home on Earth and aboard the Trinity, Lucas was enrolled at De Ferres' Public School, a private boarding school. In between semesters, Starfall spent time aboard the Trinity and other vessels now owned by his father's growing shipping and salvage company, learning space faring skills.

Despite being groomed for working in the company, it was Lucas' older brother, Daniel who would be destined to take over the business, whilst his sister Adele had left to begin a promising career with the Alliance's Diplomatic Corps. Lucas himself had decided from a young age that he wanted to stretch out on his own and strive to make a name for himself, hauling freight for the rest of his life wasn't what he wanted to do. Exploration, defending those who were unable to themselves, the things he read about in books about Earth's ancient history, that is what Lucas wanted and that meant Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy

In the Fall of 2420, aged 17, Lucas secretly applied to Starfleet Academy. After the rigors of written, mental and physical testing, Starfall was accepted into Starfleet Academy. With the successful application in hand, he finally broke the news to his parents who much to his surprise, were unmoved and explained to Lucas that they had been expecting the day for several years. Lucas spent the remaining months aboard one of the family's vessels to hone his skills before arriving in the Plebe Summer of 2421 and assigned to Lima Company. During his initial six weeks of the Plebe Summer, Cadet Starfall found himself adjusting with more ease than some of his peers due to his upbringing and found himself at least a little thankful to his father for the harsh upbringing melt out to him during his younger years.

Starfall's first year began in earnest, though initially considering what comforts or therein lack of granted by his status as a fourth-class cadet as little better than prison life, he grew accustomed to the idea of entitled to nothing and striving to earn what he did. After completing his initial training, Starfall opted to major in both Operations Management to maximize his training, while further still opting to minor in Flight Control and Security Operations

In his second and third years, although primarily engaged in study sessions with fellow strategic operations and security class cadets, in which he recognized for original tactical thinking, rewriting history as he and his fellow cadets replayed the ancient Earth campaign of Henry V, starting with the English army landing in France and culminating with the Battle of Azincourt. Starfall also completed his flight training and undertook advanced courses in hand-to-hand combat and weapon proficiency training.

in his fourth year Starfall was assigned to Deep Space Nine, under the command of Captain Adam Cross for his six month Cadet Cruise before graduating in Feburary 2426 before returning to the station.

Starfleet Career

(Notes to self) To Be Added - DS9, Exeter, Marriage, Tumor and Discharge

Making It On Your Own

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Off The Grid

(Notes to self) To Be Added - The Divorce, Missing or Dead? A close call, The truth

Who Do You Think You Are?

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Subject Notes


Here stands a young Terran male, standing tall at just over six feet. His wavy brown hair, ice-blue eyes and even biscuit-coloured tan gives him the poster boy appearance of a recruiting advertisement, however the handsomeness of his face is marred by a single thin white scar running from just above his left eyebrow to his jaw. While he is not heavily built, his frame is toned and lean as would be expected from a lifetime raised in sport and exercise, whilst his stance exhibits confidence and authority beyond his years.


Lucas is a born warrior, and most of his skills lie in the area of martial expertise. He has little interest in politics and court intrigue; by his own admission, Lucas only feels truly alive when fighting or making love. Lucas has the quintessential heroic-knight look, with bright green eyes and golden hair. He is considered to be extremely handsome, his tall frame complemented with comely features and "a smile that cuts like a knife". At first glance, outsiders perceive Lucas to be arrogant, disdainful, and sarcastic. To a large extent he is arrogant about his own abilities, but not without cause. However Lucas is also known as a man of his word and will strive to keep any promise he makes, even at great personal risk he chooses a course of action and follows it to its conclusion, no matter the consequence.

Lucas does not mock others over minor insults, and he can muster up polite behavior, but he is usually very blunt. He typically just says what he is thinking, and has no reservations about mocking those he perceives as incompetent. However needless violence and brutality deeply offend Lucas, though if he decides that violence and murder are absolutely necessary he will ruthlessly carry it out himself. Although Lucas has difficulty understanding the 'undisciplined' lifestyle of civilians, he is fiercely protective of their lives and humanity as a whole. He is known to show an exceptional care for soldiers under his command. Despite his life of military indoctrination, Lucas is not entirely submissive to command. On multiple occasions Lucas has directly disobeyed protocol, and even superior officers that contradicted what he personally thought was right.

Personal Vessels


  • Colin Reid - Starfall considers Colin his closest, if not best friend.
  • Muireann Kina - Another that Starfall considers a close friend, having known each other since his first Starfleet posting.
  • Kilwa Taxo - Whilst not close, Starfall considers Taxo a good friend.
  • Adam Cross - Starfall's first Commanding Officer. Whilst not what would be considers friends, he holds a admiration for Adam.

Service Record

  • 2410 SF M-1 SVC.png -: Entered Starfleet Academy, Strategic Operations. (06/08/2421)
  • 2410 SF M-2 SVC.png -: Enrolled in secondary courses, Flight Control & Security Operations. (05/03/2422)
  • 2410 SF M-4 SVC.png -: Assigned to Deep Space 9 for Cadet Cruise. (15/07/2425)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Graduated. Commissioned Ensign (O-1). (16/02/2426)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Assigned as an Operations & Security Officer aboard Deep Space Nine, CAPT CROSS A.R. commanding. (16/02/2426)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Temporary Duty Assignment as an Operations Officer aboard USS Exeter (NCC-74243), LT SENKA commanding. (03/05/2427)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Stood down from Temporary Duty Assignment, returned to Deep Space Nine. (05/08/2427)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Personal - Married long term partner Ruth Evans. (15/09/2427)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Relieved of duty on medical grounds. (06/03/2428)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. (19/03/2428)
  • 2410 SF O-1.png -: Medically discharged from Starfleet. (03/04/2428)
  • -: Commanding Officer of the CTS Black Prince (CIC-74967). (29/04/2428)
  • -: Personal - Divorced from Ruth Starfall. (31/03/2429)



  • DISCHARGED: Medical
  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Tractor Beam Certification
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Transporter Certification
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Weapons Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer

Civilian Licenses

  • Class A7: Civilian Craft Pilot, Any Craft/Any Tonnage
  • Class B7: Civilian Craft Officer, Any Craft/Any Tonnage
  • Class C3: Civilian Cargo Handler, First Class Rating
  • Class E1: Civilian Craft Engineer, Luxury (Small Craft)
  • Class E2: Civilian Craft Engineer, Freighters (Small/Medium)
  • Class E3: Civilian Craft Engineer, Freighters (Heavy)
  • Class L1: Concealed Weapons' Permit, Type I

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