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Primary Insignia
Command Seal
Headquarters: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Chief of Starfleet Operations: Admiral Shra'Hawk
(OOC) Current Org Wizard: Cochrane
(OOC) Current Org Royals: All Royals

Starfleet is the space warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Galaxy Alliance; it is presently the only branch as a combined service. Starfleet is the largest and most capable space warfare organization within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, with the highest combined fleet tonnage. Starfleet serves as a military and exploration/expeditionary force for the Alliance. It is staffed by hundreds of thousands of personnel operating starships, starbases, and planetside installations across the entire Alliance. Its headquarters is located aboard the massive orbital facility known as Spacedock, in orbit of Earth. Starfleet is administered on a daily basis by the Chief of Starfleet Operations, the position is currently held by Admiral Shra'Hawk.



When the Galaxy Alliance was formed on Stardate 44459.1, it was clear that despite the nobility of strengthening a union, the military force that used to protect them needed to be reinstated. By order of the Grand Council, Starfleet was reformed with the same charter, however a heavier emphasis upon defensive and military missions.

Out of tradition, and regardless of the lack of Earth as a member, many former Federation members decided to petition that all Starfleet members wear the uniform of those who died defending them. While the Klingon members protested, it was Gowron who spoke highly of Lieutenant Worf and debated on his behalf, stating that he had restored their honor, and it was him along with his comrades who should be honored. After the emotional speech ended, there was no further protest.

Starfleet was reborn.

Nearly 15 years later, Admiral Ruao, Chief of Starfleet Operations, retired and Admiral Halle Ritter was appointed as the new Chief of Starfleet operations in a highly controversial move by the High Council on Qo'noS. It was widely thought that Admiral Kyle Richards the hero of many battles and a well respected officer throughout the fleet was the natural choice of successor to the Bajoran Admiral who was also believed by the Bajorans to be their emissary.

As activity during the Breen War ran down, and all Breen forces withdrew from the Alpha Quadrant after Starfleet captured one of their ships, the General Assembly of the Galaxy Alliance and the High Council gathered to debate and vote on a bill to reduce the budget of Starfleet to a peace-time state. The debate and vote never happened. Qo'noS was attacked and bombarded, killing the 90% of those assembled in the High Council chamber, including Grand Admiral Zaron, Chancellor Gowron, and the entire High Council. Admiral Ritter returned to his ship and returned with a defense fleet to find the Beerax Fleet under command of Admiral Richards in orbit, and a battle ensued. So ended the Darkest Day, and began the Civil War.

When the Civil War concluded, Starfleet went through a difficult reintegration process as former enemies were restructured and integrated to work with one another. The coming years would see additional border conflicts with the Tzenkethi and Cardassians, as well as a period of grave economic instability for the Alliance.



Starfleet has four primary mandates included in its charter. These are coordinating fleet movement, monitoring civilian shipping lanes, analyzing potential threats, and defending the Alliance.

See also: Starfleet Mandates

General Orders

The General Orders of Starfleet serve as the fundamental principles upon which the entire organization is built. The most notable of these is General Order One, or the Prime Directive, which insists upon noninterference with inferior races or involvement in the internal affairs of a species. A violation of the General Orders is considered a monumental offense.

See also: Starfleet General Orders, Starfleet Protocol


Starfleet is divided into seven major departments, including: Command, Operations, Engineering, Security, Sciences, Medical, and the Marine Corps. Each is represented by a different division color, identifying the area of service of the officer or enlisted. It is further organized into the major arms of service.

See also: Starfleet Departments, Starfleet Suborganizations

Operational Data

The major operational areas of Starfleet include the following:

Starfleet Command

General oversight and command of the major divisions and operational areas of Starfleet is provided by flag officers and command officer assigned to Starfleet Command. The highest levels of command include the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief, the Chief of Starfleet Operations, and the respective commanders of the different major areas of operation.

See also: Starfleet Chain of Command

Starfleet Operations

Starfleet Operations includes the Starfleet Border Patrol and the Starfleet Exploration Command, as well as other standing fleets and task forces.

See also: Starfleet Starships

Starbase Operations

Starbase Operations is responsible for the operation and oversight of the major installations in Starfleet, including starbase, stations, and outposts.

See also: Starfleet Installations



Officers and enlisted personnel are classified based on their ranks into a uniform rank system. See Starfleet Ranks for more information.

Medals and Decorations

During the course of their service, Starfleet officers and enlisted men are eligible to be decorated for their service. See the Starfleet medals and decorations for a comprehensive list.

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