Starfleet's marginalization of Bajoran officials

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IC Date: Fri Jul 29 2405

JALANDA PROVINCE, Bajor (INW) -- According to a source within the [[Bajoran Defense Force]] Headquarters, the joint command of Bajoran space station Deep Space 9 has been turbulent since the transfer of ownership from the Galaxy Alliance to the Democratic Republic of Bajor.

Initially, sources report that the station's former executive officer, Commander Calvin Dwayne Smith, informed the First Minister of Bajor that his access to the station might be restricted according to Starfleet protocol, despite his position as the head of government for Bajor. Though this incident seemed to be isolated, a leaked report from Bajoran Military Headquarters indicates that the station's Starfleet-appointed administrator, Branch Admiral Larissa Walters-Starr, has continued this practice by denying appropriate command-level computer access to her first officer, Bajoran-appointed Lieutenant Colonel Rano Tal.

Starfleet's administration of the base, though at the invitation of the Bajoran government, was one of the agreements reached when negotiating regarding secession. This pattern raises questions about the way in which Starfleet is administrating the base. Walters-Starr, who commanded the base before Bajoran secession, was requested by the Bajoran government to retain command of the station. However, with these acts of clearly political discrimination happening on her watch, it puts into question the true motives of the Starfleet admiral.

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