Starfleet: Hathaway Retires, Rel Appointed new CINC

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IC Date: Wed Jul 28 2404

SPACEDOCK, SOL SECTOR (INW) - Admiral Jacob Hathaway announced his retirement in a meeting of the admiralty this evening, and Chancellor cho'Sheq of Qo'noS has appointed recently-returned Admiral Corion Rel to the position of Commander -in-Chief, Starfleet.

In a statement released by Admiral Hathaway to the press, he cites that "after a career spanning four major wars and half a dozen police actions, including the famous war against Admiral Ritter and his power-mongering admiralty, it is time for me to step aside and allow the next generation of admirals to take Starfleet into the twenty-fifth century. I have little doubt that Admiral Corion Rel will fail in not just meeting, but exceeding the high standards of excellence set by the talented officers and enlisted who came before. I resign my commission with a grand amount of pride in the accomplishments that Starfleet has achieved on behalf of the Galaxy Alliance."

Anonymous sources within the defense ministry confirm that Admiral Hathaway will retire with full military pension, however there is speculation that his successor was not the new Chancellor's first choice to take over. Admiral Ruao Sarjanna and Vice Admirals Shra'Hawk and Kayla Lathrop were all passed over for the position, and according to the same source, this has cause a rift between several admirals who are loyal to each officer. When pressed for more information, the source demurred and declined to disclose any further information on this.

When approached for comment on this information, Admiral Hathaway's response was delivered swiftly: "Every member of the current admiralty fought a war to prevent factioning within our organization. To imply that Admiral Ruao, Admiral Shra'Hawk, or Admiral Lathrop would allow their egos to eclipse their many years of honored service to Starfleet and the Alliance is an insult so grave that if this were a naval group in the age of sail, I would seek this coward out and demand satisfaction."

Update: Immediately following the announcement from Starfleet's Public Affairs Office, the Office of the Chancellor released a statement naming "recently- retired Starfleet Admiral Jacob Michael Hathaway" as the Chancellor's appoint- ment to the vacant position as the Minister of Defense. The Alliance High Council has already begun the preliminary discussions for Hathaway's confirma- tion hearings, and should begin their deliberations starting next week during the first session.

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