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Starfleet Academy is a four-year institution that serves as the primary training facility for Starfleet personnel that was first established in 2161. Originally, the campus was located on the Presidio of San Francisco on Earth but has had several locations since the Borg assault, including Bajor and Spacedock, which is where the Academy is primarily housed today.

The motto of Starfleet Academy is "Ex Astris, Scientia", meaning, "From the Stars, Knowledge." In addition to basic officer preparation, the Academy boasts a wide range of advanced training and certification programs.



Admission to Starfleet Academy is selective and highly competitive. The best and the brightest from the member worlds of the Galaxy Alliance seek admission to Starfleet. For some cultures, it satisfies a mandatory or obligated military service requirement; for others, they feel a calling to defend their homeworlds and the Alliance from those who would threaten it; still, others pursue it because of the opportunities to use the latest and greatest technology and to explore new worlds and phenomena. However, gaining entrance to Starfleet Academy is contingent upon several factors:

  • Age - applicants must be of the age of majority unless participating in a special early admission program
  • Citizenship - applicants must be a citizen of the Galaxy Alliance or submit letters of recommendation and obtain a sponsorship from an existing Starfleet officer
  • Physical Health - applicants must be free of any physical defect unless there is a reasonable accommodation for the disability
  • Psychological Health - applicants must pass a psychological screening to detect the presence of mental illness as well as gauge stability under mental duress
  • Entrance Examination - applicants must pass a rigorous entrance examination covering basic knowledge and applied principles

If an applicant successfully meets all requirements for entrance and passes the examinations and evaluations, he or she will most likely be admitted to Starfleet Academy. In the event that he or she does not, there is a provision for re-application the following academic year.


Basic Courses of Study

The courses of study offered at Starfleet Academy correspond to the divisions within Starfleet.


The course of study prepares personnel for careers in leadership and command, diplomacy, and navigation and flight control. Officers who complete this course of study may assume positions such as commanding officer, executive officer, diplomatic officer/advisor, attache, or adjutant.


Operations personnel are prepared to provide the support services necessary to keep the Starfleet installations and vessels functioning from a logistical and resource standpoint. Officers completing this course of study may assume positions such as general operations officer, mission operations, flight deck operations, or logistics officer.


Officers completing this course of study are prepared in internal and external tactical and security procedures, criminal investigation, use and construction of weapons, and hand-to-hand combat. Officers completing this course of study may assume positions such as tactical officer, security officer, strategic analyst, and armory officer.


This course of study prepares engineers to repair, maintain, and construct the physical systems upon which Starfleet depends. Officers completing this course of study may be assigned as engineers aboard starships and starbases, as repair and maintenance personnel assigned to shipyard facilities, or as designers and consultants of Starfleet shipyards.


Personnel completing the sciences course of study are prepared to investigation and inform the mysteries and curiosities encountered by Starfleet. Science officers have a general set of competencies required of them in addition to a specialty or major area in which they are well-versed. This includes knowledge of theoretical research in their areas of expertise.


This course of study prepares officers to care for the physical and mental well-being of Starfleet personnel. Unlike the other divisions, individuals who wish to complete their M.D. through Starfleet Academy often have to attend for an extended amount of time. These officers are generally commissioned a junior grade lieutenant (O-2). However, not all who complete this course of study become doctors. This course of study is also appropriate for those who wish to be career nurses, as well.

Advanced Programs/Graduate Studies

Graduates of Starfleet Academy not only have the option of returning to Starfleet Academy or participating in distance learning, but it is highly encouraged. In fact, command division graduates must complete graduate studies in order to meet full requirements for many command positions. This is also a way of expanding an officer's areas of competence or changing specialization for entrance into a new field or division after graduation.

Advanced Certification Exams

Graduates may complete Advanced Certification Exams (ACE) to show the highest level of skill and mastery for their departments.

Officer Training School

Officer Training School is a transition program that allows personnel enlisting into Starfleet to earn an officer's commission by completing formal training in their fields. This allows the enlisted crewman an opportunity to advance into supervisory and command positions reserved for officers. Individuals applying to Officer Training School must meet the regular requirements for admission to Starfleet Academy, submit a letter of recommendation from a superior officer, have at least four years of experience, and have attained the grade of E-5 (Petty Officer 2nd Class or Sergeant).

Life at the Academy

Life as a Midshipman

Midshipmen at the Academy are students of the four-year undergraduate program. They wear modified Starfleet uniforms with unique rank insignia on the collar to denote their status as students. As students of the Academy, however, they are subject to the Starfleet Code of Military Justice, just as any other member of Starfleet would be.

Plebe Summer

It all begins with Plebe Summer, a six-week induction session specifically designed to provide plebes with a proper foundation both physical and mental training. Plebe Summer starts approximately eight weeks before the first day of a midshipman's first year at the Academy. On the first day, every plebe reports to the Academy and meet their instructors (usually upperclassmen), take the oath of office, and are assigned to their companies. Companies are groups of plebes, arranged by alphabetical name from Alpha to Omega (20 companies total). By the time a plebe finishes, they will be in a proper physical training routine, know basic hand-to-hand combat in armed and unarmed situations, and given the information needed to succeed through their years at Starfleet Academy.

First and Second Years

Fourth class midshipmen enjoy very little privileges while training at the Academy. They're considered in transition from civilian to military. Only allowed the most basic comforts, the class system is set to promote the notion of rank and privilege with each year at the academy. It isn't until their second year, as third class midshipman, are they allowed privileges beyond the basics, such as entertainment, short-duration passes, and access to the third-class mess.

During the first year of training, all midshipmen are equal. They attend the majority of the same classes and levels, with some minor exceptions for medical and other specialty degrees. By the time they reach their second year, they should all have declared their majors. Courses/classes in their second year will become slightly specialized, though maintaining the general education track that all midshipmen must pass in order to graduate.

Third and Fourth Years

Second class midshipmen are charged with training incoming plebes during Plebe Summer for the first time. They will be assigned to assist in the training of a company, but also receive the benefit of being allowed into the upperclassmen mess. Second and first class midshipmen also may receive extra privileges such as weekend passes, own personal vehicles, and wear civilian attire when off-campus. First class midshipmen enjoy the most privileges out of all of the classes at the Academy, including parking their vehicles on campus, extended weekend leaves (72-96 hours), and off-world travel.

The third year at the Academy marks the boundary from working a team to leading a team. By the time they become first class midshipmen, they will all participate in the leadership of several companies of midshipmen as brigade commanders. It is at the beginning of the final year that midshipmen will determine whether they intend to complete their training, or possibly seek entrance at an advanced school (medical, legal, flight, engineering, etc).

Six months out of the final year at the Academy, first class midshipmen are assigned to field training, typically on a starbase. Midshipmen with approval from the Commandant of Cadets may be selected for starship field training on an active duty starship fully crewed by commissioned officers operating on their primary mission. They must pass their field training as a requirement for graduation from Starfleet Academy. In certain circumstances, sophomores may be assigned to field training, but only on the express approval of the Commandant of Cadets.

Life as an Officer-Candidate

Four times a year, the Academy's Officer Training School leads a twelve-week session of qualified officer candidates in the physical and mental training to become a reserve officer in Starfleet. In those twelve weeks, the OCs (oxes) are treated as little more than raw recruits and instructed in intense physical training as well as leadership skills in their prospective roles as the future leaders of Starfleet. Most often, the Starfleet reservists are usually Staff Corps Officers, such as lawyers, doctors, scientists, and other non-line officer functions. However, there are those reservists who're intending on joining the Line for leadership billets.

On occasion, a non-commissioned officer may attend the course with approval to become a commissioned reserve officer in Starfleet. Non-line officers will graduate with their classes as normal and return to duty.

Those seeking Unrestricted Line Officer (URL) status they must also attend a special training course for an additional twelve-to-fourteen months with other hopeful URLs in a smaller class. They do not interact with attending midshipmen or participate in the same classes, and often will be transferred to an Academy annex off the main campus.


Commissioning at the Academy occurs under the following circumstances:

  • All midshipmen who complete four years of training successfully are commissioned either as Ensigns in Starfleet or Second Lieutenants in the Starfleet Marine Corps. The commissioning ceremony is held on the Academy grounds with friends and family in attendance. After taking the oath of office for commissioned officers, they will proceed to the Detailer's office on campus to receive their first assignments as officers.
  • All officer candidates who successfully pass their twelve-week training courses or advanced command courses.

Faculty (Current and Former)

The following personnel are known to have served as members of the Starfleet Academy faculty:

Name Rank Position Race Dates of Service
FELTER, Sanford Rear Admiral Superintendant Terran 2430-Present
JONAR Isac Commodore Superintendant Bajoran  ??-2383
R'HLI Commodore Superintendant Caitian 2389-2393
AYELET, Tei Captain Instructor Romulan Unknown
WEST, David Adam Lt. Colonel Commandant of Cadets Terran 2389-2392
AMADEUS, Aron Erasto Commander Commandant of Instruction Deltan 2389-2392
FOSTER, Jonas James Lt. Commander Instructor, Command/Ops/History Terran 2389-2392
DAVIDSON, Moira Lieutenant Instructor, Science/Security Betazoid  ??-2383
DANEK, Teral Lieutenant Instructor, Engineering Trill 2380-2383
RICHTER, John Master Chief Petty Officer Instructor, Athletics/Ops Terran 2389-2392
DYFED, Dylan Master Chief Petty Officer Instructor, Engineering Half-Human / Half-Trill 2429-Present
tiQ'ab Commander Instructor Klingon 2418-Present
Tehc Commander Instructor, Command/URL Vulcan 2423-Present
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