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Welcome to the Starfleet Biography Guide. This page is here to assist new players in generating a biography for their character.


In the Beginning...

Please do not start Character Generation, yet. This is required reading for anyone looking to pursue a Starfleet character.

Need over Desire

There are a number of factors that will determine what kind of character concept you'll want to go with. Starfleet is the largest organization on the game, and therefore it will be problematic to find a berth or billet that will suit your concept. The best bet is to ask around within Starfleet to determine what berths are open or needed. You might find that you can adapt a concept to suit the needs of the present to serve your desires in the future.

Minimum Character Requirements

Using the attributes and statistics determined during Character Generation, you should have a good idea of what focus your character may choose. Starfleet requires three attributes to be no less than a certain score (IQ, PS, SP). If your attribute(s) is/are less, talk to an administrator about making an adjustment or trade with another attribute in order to qualify. Furthermore, it is recommended that your attributes not be less than 2 points of the following scores, unless otherwise indicated:

Attribute Score Note
IQ 12 required minimum
ME 10
MA 10
PS 12 required minimum
PP 10
PE 10
SP 8 required minimum

Officer and Enlisted

Once you have made your determination of scores and received the appropriate assistance from the administration, you can now determine whether to become an officer or an enlisted member of Starfleet. Most everyone who watches the show will most likely attempt to become a commissioned officer, however, the number of available officer billets on a ship or starbase will most likely not be readily available.

Enlisted personnel, on the other hand, will find a home anywhere in Starfleet. Due to the severe imbalance between the two classes of Starfleet personnel, there are far more officers than enlisted serving at any given time. Becoming an enlisted member does not discount a future as a commissioned officer, but it is out belief that working as an enlisted will open up more opportunities as you will most likely see more and meet more people, depending on your specialty.

If you are pushing a concept for Starfleet Officer, new characters have two options open to them. The first is entering Starfleet as an Ensign, or the Marine Corps as a Second Lieutenant. The second is to enter Starfleet as a fourth year midshipman on a trainee cruise or assignment somewhere in Starfleet. The first option comes with an assignment of no less than four years (unless the needs of the service dictate otherwise). The second allows you to transfer or move to another assignment after 1 RL month, at which point you will 'graduate' from the Academy and earn your commission as an Ensign/Second Lieutenant.

If you are eager to try life as an Enlisted, you will need to speak to a Starfleet admin. Enlisted members may join at E-1 (Crewman Recruit or Private Recruit), but if you write in some education in your biography, it can be negotiated to enter as high as E-2 (Crewman/Private) or E-3 (Crewman First Class/Private First Class). This will make promotion to Non-Commissioned Officer status sooner. We do not recommend this for brand new players to WNOHGB, but for those with experience and are creating a Starfleet alt for the first time. Otherwise, if you demonstrate aptitude or quick learning as well as enthusiasm for your assignment, promotion will come quickly.


Starfleet Academy (Officers)

Main Article: Starfleet Academy

All prospective officers must pass through the hallowed halls of Starfleet Academy to earn a commission. There are two methods of accomplishing this at the Academy:

Entrance as a Plebe

A plebe is another word for a freshmen entering Starfleet Academy. These plebes attend the Academy as you might attend a contemporary four-year undergraduate university or college. There is a separate guide for how to role-play an academic career at the Academy as a midshipman.

Entrance as an Officer Candidate

Officer Candidates are usually one of two types:

  • A person who has earned a four-year degree at another university, and is joining Starfleet as a commissioned officer.
  • A qualifying non-commissioned officer in Starfleet who is seeking to earn a commission as an Ensign.

Either of the above attend a twelve-week training session, of which there are four in a calendar year. Classes are denoted by year and designator (ie: Class 2405-Alpha would be the winter class of OCs at the Academy).

See the officer candidate guide for more information on how this is accomplished. At the end of the twelve weeks, all officers joining Starfleet as an Ensign are considered reservists.

Starfleet Recruit Training (Enlisted)

Depending on the branch you intend to pursue for your character, you may choose to become a Crewman Recruit (Starfleet) or a Private (Starfleet Marine Corps).

Fleet Enlisted Recruit Training

The Starfleet Recruit Training Facility is located on planet Earth (Terra). Newly-inducted recruits are sent to the receiving and administration building near San Diego for assignment to a company of their peers. Drill instructors then take their assigned companies through an eight-week course. This will include time aboard the training starship USS Corbett, as well as time within the holorooms located at the facility. At the end of the eight weeks, passed recruits will be promoted to E-1 (Crewman Recruit)

Marine Recruit Training Depot

The Starfleet Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot is located on the planet Andor. Newly-inducted recruits are sent to the receiving building to report in and then placed in formation with their assigned companies. Drill instructors then take the companies in hand on a thirteen-week course on the planet, and aboard the Marine Vladivostok-class dropship USS Minsk and a training Kyuushu-class warbird USS Shangri-La. At the successful completion of the thirteen weeks, the recruit is promoted to E-1 (Private).


Prior to entering the recruit training facilities, it's possible that special skills, training, and education may factor in an offer to finish the course at a higher rank (up to E-3). This is subject to admin approval only. It would be a good idea to determine what skills or education your character might have in order to be considered for immediate advancement in the enlisted ranks. Otherwise, your character will be subject to the standard promotion cycles in Starfleet.

New Player Guide

Once you have completed your biography and it has been approved, your next stop is the Starfleet New Player Guide.

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