Starfleet Border Patrol

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Starfleet Border Patrol
Headquarters: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Chief of the Starfleet Border Patrol: VADM I. R. Xanathos
The Starfleet Border Patrol is one of the two arms of Starfleet Operations. The Border Patrol is charged with law enforcement of space activities on behalf of Starfleet and the Galaxy Alliance, with its jurisdiction strictly held to the limits of the Alliance territorial border and any designated treaty jurisdictions allowed by law. The Border Patrol is headquartered presently at Spacedock and the entire organization reports directly to the Chief of the Starfleet Border Patrol/Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations, currently Vice Admiral I. R. Xanathos.



The Border Patrol has roles in territorial security, law enforcement, search and rescue (SAR), and the maintenance and deployments of aids to navigation.

At its heart, the Border Patrol must be ready to adapt to a wide range of situations and emergencies. In that, it is tasked with basic roles:

  • Safety of the Traffic Spacelanes
  • Security of the Alliance Borders
  • Protection of all Vessels


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The headquarters of the Starfleet Border Patrol is located at Spacedock in the Sol Sector

Flag Officers

The Chief of the Starfleet Border Patrol is a collateral duty of the Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations, by law. The most senior officer in the Border Patrol is almost always a Vice Admiral unless otherwise noted. The current Chief is VADM I. R. Xanathos.

Regional Areas of Operations (RAO)

The Border Patrol is divided into several regional areas of operations, covering all of the Alliance borders and sectors:

Name Headquarters Regions of Responsibility
Home (Alpha) Spacedock Sol, Centauris, Delta Pavonis, Bolarus
Bravo Starbase 703 Andor, 40 Eridani
Charlie Starbase Tenazra Trillius, Stebben
Delta Starbase 211 Beta Zeta, Epsilon Ceti, Malcor
Echo Starbase 621 Mizar, Brethrax
Foxtrot Starbase 514 Bootis, Bengaria, Cebelrai
Golf Starbase 718 Northern Rihannsu border
Hotel Starbase 234 Narendra, Southern Rihannsu border
Item Starbase 925 Qo'noS, Khitomer, Rura Penthe, all points "south"


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