Starfleet Chain of Command

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Spacedock, Sol Sector

Chief of Starfleet Operations
Admiral Shra'Hawk

Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations
Vice Admiral D. Jonathan Starr

Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations
Vice Admiral Irvine R. Xanathos

Commanding Officer, Starfleet Marine Corps

Chief of Starfleet Intelligence
Vice Admiral Larissa A. Walters-Starr

Judge Advocate General
Rear Admiral Charles W.T. Blakely

Chief of Starfleet Security
Branch Admiral tiQ'ab, Daughter of KoraQ

Chief of Starfleet Science

Superintendant, Starfleet Academy
Rear Admiral Sanford T. Felter

Chief of Starbase Operations
Rear Admiral John Stark

Deputy Chief of Starbase Operations
Branch Admiral Adam R. Cross III

Chief of Starfleet Logistics

Inspector General
Rear Admiral Cei

Chief of Starfleet Medical
Rear Admiral Alynn Astor-Cross

Chief of Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Rear Admiral Kenneth R. ir-Adamson tr'Sahehn

Commanding Officer, Bureau of Personnel
Vice Admiral D. J. Jorgensen

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