Starfleet Command realligns over 25% of Fleet Personnel

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Date: Wed Jul 6 20:28:52 2011 PDT
IC Date: Fri Oct 3 19:53:12 2408
Stardate: 85757.15

SPACEDOCK (INW) - Starfleet Command announced it has completed a major resource realignment earlier today, shuffling staff from the Academy all the way up to the heads of Command Departments. The news of the troop shift comes on the heel of yet another explosion at Bajoran-based Deep Space Nine, and the sector's continued interest in Gamma Quadrant exploration.

Captain Hirotoshi of Starfleet Public Affairs said in a statement, "As a part of our routine operations, Starfleet reassigns personnel and ship and base assets as needed to ensure optimal efficiency. Our most recent realignment reflects the priorities on the ground at the current time." According to the Bureau of Personnel, as much as 25% of the fleet has been reassigned within the past two months. When asked whether the recent Bajoran explosion was the impetus for the change, or whether the change focused on securing the space near Bajor, the Captain stated that "as a matter of intergalactic security, we don't comment on asset movement specifics."

Following the high-profile resignation of the Chief of Starfleet Security, Starfleet Command has also shuffled commanders at the highest levels of the service: Branch Admiral Aron Amadeus has replaced Gregorio Giovanni as head of Starfleet Security, Rear Admiral Larissa Walters-Starr assumed the mantle of Starfleet Intelligence and Commodore Jonathan Starr assumed command of Station Deep Space Nine. In response to INW inquiry, Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Chief of Starfleet Operations, said in a written statement, "Starfleet Command has decided rearranging Starfleet personnel is a much needed move to freshen up duty assignments. I am confident these changes, both in the Admiralty and throughout the fleet will enable us to continue our mission: defending the freedom and safety of the intergalactic community."

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