Starfleet Halts Tzenkethi Attack

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BAJOR (INW) - In a decisive victory against the Tzenkethi Coalition last evening, the Galaxy Alliance Bajoran Fleet successfully intercepted simultaneous attacks on Bajor and an unidentified second target before forcing Tzenkethi forces back to their homeward and successfully taking control of both the Tzenkethi and Stebben Sectors.

The Tzenkethi took the galaxy by surprise late last week when they fired a planetary weapon on Stebben II that completely transformed the planet into a fully life-supporting Class-M planetoid. In coordinated attacks last night, Starfleet successfully neutralized at least two of these planetary weapons before continuing to lay waste to the Tzenkethi fleet in orbit of Tzenketh.

Last evening's events came after months of stalemate between the Tzenkethi and Alliance forces. In recent months, public opinion polls throughout the Alliance have shown immense displeasure at the duration of the conflict and the seeming inaction of Starfleet. Senior Ministry of Defense officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, indicated that Starfleet had hesitated in engaging the Tzenkethi before having a suitable defense against their new weapon.

In a statement, General cho'Sheq, the Alliance Minister of Defense, said, "Today the warriors of the Galaxy Alliance fought with honor. Let our decisive victory over Tzenketh be an example to all: the Galaxy Alliance has never been stronger, and will always defeat its enemies." The Office of the Chancellor indicated a statement would be forthcoming.

A preliminary Starfleet report has indicated that nine vessels were lost in the conflict. The Alliance fleet destroyed over 35 Tzenkethi warships and the Tzenkethi Naval Shipyard Facility before setting up a blockade in orbit of the homeworld. Another task force secured the Stebben system with little to no resistance.

(Stardate: 77655.12 - Sat Aug 28 02:55:36 2399 Alliance Standard Time)

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