Starfleet Installations

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A number of orbital and planetary installations serve Starfleet.

Starbases and Stations
Name Location Status Assigned Support Craft
Deep Space 9 B'hava'el System Operational USS Proteus (NCC-74925)
Spacedock Earth, Sol System Operational Unknown
Starbase 396 Cardassia Prime Surrendered to the Cardassian Union Unknown
Starbase 427 Qo'noS, Qo'noS System Operational Unknown
Starbase 703 Andoria Operational USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590)
Starbase 902 B'hava'el System Destroyed Unknown
Station Alcatraz Beerax System Surrendered to the Beeraxi Confederation Unknown
Starbase 123 Northeast GA Border Operational Unknown
Shipyards and Repair Facilities
Name Location Status Assigned Support Craft
La Forge Shipyards Stebben System Destroyed None
Utopia Planetia Fleetyards Mars, Sol System Operational Unknown
Planetary and Ground Installations
Name Location Status Assigned Support Craft
Andor Marine Bunker Andoria Operational Not Applicable
Bajor Marine Bunker Bajor Surrendered to the Democratic Republic of Bajor Not Applicable
Starfleet Academy San Francisco, Earth Operational Unknown
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