Starfleet Intelligence

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Starfleet Intelligence
Headquarters: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Chief of Starfleet Intelligence: RADM Larissa A. Walters-Starr

Starfleet Intelligence is tasked with collecting and analyzing information, both internal and external, that may be of importance to the strategic operations and mission of Starfleet. The vast majority of their work is confidential with eyes-only and need-to-know access granted to their material. More often than not, attaining a specific security clearance level does not automatically grant an officer access to material classified by Starfleet Intelligence.

Information gathering is typically accomplished in one of two ways. The first is by analysts who review all reports made to Starfleet Intelligence from various encounters that those in Fleet Operations, Base Operations, and other suborganizations have in the course of their duties. The second way is by the use of agents who may operate individual, in small units, or in some cases, as Intelligence-only starships operating silently.

The Office of the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence is the administrative office overseeing the operations of this division. The Chief of Starfleet Intelligence is a flag officer or an officer who had been admitted to the Admiralty Candidacy Program.

Presently, headquarters for Starfleet Intelligence is aboard Spacedock in the Sol Sector. In the past, the office was located aboard Starbase 396.


Known Personnel

The following personnel have been assigned to Starfleet Intelligence in the past:

Chief of Starfleet Intelligence

Agents and Support Personnel

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