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Mandate 1 - Fleet Movement

The prime function of Starfleet is to coordinate fleet movements. Acting according to the Grand Admiral and pursuant to policy set forth by the Alliance High Council, Starfleet plans and arranges such activities as starship rendenzvous, survey missions, patrol routings, and rescue missions. In all such cases Starfleet keeps careful track of all starship movements as reported in by the individual vessels themselves during routine check-ins. In the event of loss-of-contact, Starfleet alerts the Admiralty at once.

Mandate 2 - Civilian Shipping

The second function of Starfleet is to monitor private and commercial shipping traffic according to various sources. These include: direct linkage with the shipping companys' controller computers, flight plans as filed at departure spaceports, sensor telemetry from various surveillance buoys scattered throughout Alliance space, and contact reports from Starfleet vessels encountering them underway. Starfleet also arranges for rendezvous with patrolling starships or spaceships for contraband checks. Starfleet monitors the subspace distress band, and will vector a rescue mission to any vessel requiring assistance.

Mandate 3 - Threat Analysis

The third function of Starfleet is to detect and monitor any non-Alliance craft approaching or within Alliance space. These may include non-member but friendly space-going race living within Alliance territories or enemy vessels from outside Alliance boundaries that have violated any treaty-stipulated neutral zones. Sensor data is relayed to Starfleet Command from various sources.

Mandate 4 - Defense

The fourth function of Starfleet is to design, assist in the construction, and assist in the maintenance of Alliance defensive systems or components.

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