Starfleet Marine Corps

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Starfleet Marine Corps
Headquarters: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Commanding Officer, Marine Corps General Sanford T. Felter

Starfleet Marines are tasked with providing security when and where it's needed, whether it's guard duty on a Starbase, protecting a civilian population on a planet, clearing pirates from a ship, or patrolling civilian traffic in a solar system. Marines are trained to use the big rifles, the heavier sidearms, the small fast fighters. They are seen most often in combat situations, so seldom get the recognition seen in other areas of Starfleet in more peaceful times.


The Starfleet Marine Corps comprises of two main divisions, Marine Expeditionary Forces and Marine Corps Air Service. Each of these divisions further breaks down into smaller units such as Brigades, Squadrons, etc. depending on the division.


The Marine Corps responsibilities are to guard and protect whether on the ground, on a station, on a ship, or even in space itself.


Some of the Marine specific equipment that can be encountered includes:

Ion Pulse Phaser
Wasp Warp Fighters
Hornet Warp Fighters

See also: Marine Corps Air Service, Marine Expeditionary Forces

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