Starfleet Operations

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Starfleet Operations
Headquarters: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Chief of Starfleet Operations: ADM Shra'Hawk
Deputy Chief: VADM J. Starr
Assistant Chief: VADM I. R. Xanathos
Starfleet Operations is responsible for the deployment and implementation of all Starfleet assets and services. The Commanding Officer of this office is known as the Chief of Starfleet Operations, a flag officer carrying the rank of at least Admiral. This individual is assisted in his or her duties by a deputy chief, a flag officer holding the rank of at least Rear Admiral. Other top-level brass throughout Starfleet report to this office. Several support personnel who do not hold flag officer rank may be assigned to this office as attaches, advisers, and aides. Presently, the physical office is aboard Spacedock in the Sol System.


Sections of Fleet Operations

Border Patrol

Main Article: Starfleet Border Patrol

Border patrol is the section concerned with the safety and security of the borders of the Galaxy Alliance with neighboring races and unclaimed space. Ships and personnel assigned to this section are responsible for patrolling the border, conducting health and safety and compliance inspections for ships suspected of violating Galaxy Alliance laws, and ensuring that Galaxy Alliance space is generally safe for travel.

Exploration Command

Exploration command is the section concerned with Starfleet's original mandate to "seek out new life and new civilizations". Ships and personnel assigned to this section are tasked with research and exploration missions, often taking them into unexplored space for extended tours of duty.

Dissolved Fleets

These fleets are no longer in existence for one reason or another. A common reason is a wartime grouping of starships that has since been dissolved.

Known Personnel

The following personnel have been assigned to the Office of the Chief of Starfleet Operations:

Chief of Starfleet Operations

Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations

Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations

Support Personnel

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