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Within Starfleet, there is an Minimum Time Served (MTS) requirement before either an officer or an enlisted person can be considered for promotion to the next senior rank. For exceptional personnel, it's always possible for this requirement to be overlooked, but those exceptions are rare.


Paygrade Minimum Time In Rank
E-1 to E-2 Nine months TIR.
E-2 to E-3 Nine months TIR.
E-3 to E-4 Nine months TIR.
E-4 to E-5 One year TIR.
E-5 to E-6 Three years TIR.
E-6 to E-7 Three years TIR.
E-7 to E-8 Three years TIR.
E-8 to E-9 Three years TIR.
E-9 to E-10 N/A (Unique Rank)


Paygrade Minimum Time In Grade
O-1 to O-2 Six months TIG.
O-2 to O-3 Eighteen months TIG.
O-3 to O-4 Four years TIG.
O-4 to O-5 Six years TIG.
O-5 to O-6 Eight years TIG.

OOC: A note about promotion: Those players that exhibit skill and regular activity will see a faster track through Ensign --> Lieutenant (jg) --> Lieutenant. Those players who are considered active will fall under the normal MTS requirements for promotion. Once a player reaches LT, MTS comes into effect. Bear in mind that time passes at a ratio of 6:1 in-game (2 months IRL = 1 year IC). MTS is only one requirement for promotion, others to consider being activity, shown leadership skills, superior officer recommendation, and org admin prerogative.

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