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Starfleet Reserves
Headquarters: Spacedock, Sol Sector
Chief of the Starfleet Reserves: VADM I. R. Xanathos
The Starfleet Reserves (abbrev: SFR) is the reserve component of Starfleet. Member of the Reserves are either in the Selected Reserves, Civilian Auxiliaries, Ready Reserves, Inactive Reserves, or Retired Reserves. The Starfleet Reserves are headed by the Chief of the Starfleet Reserves, which is a collateral duty of the Assistant Chief of Starfleet Operations.


Functions of the Reserves

The Starfleet Reserves are a component that provides Starfleet with "citizen-soldiers" or "citizen-sailors" that lay in reserve until a time of activation (usually war).

Selected Reserves

Members of the Selected Reserves are those reservists who are either Fully Mobilized (FMR), Special Activities (SACT), or Training Duty (TDU).

Fully Mobilized (FMR)

A Fully Mobilized Reservist (FMR) is likely to placed aboard a starship, starbase, or planetside installation alongside active duty personnel. FMRs are assigned per their specific qualifications, and earn full pay while on duty. Officers who have matriculated into the Officer Training School at Starfleet Academy will graduate as reserve officers and subsequently find themselves assigned as FMRs to a starship or starbase. FMRs are open-ended with their activation; in a time of war, reservists will be activated for the duration of subject war plus six months.

Special Activities (SACT)

At times, reservists may be asked to participate in a specific mission or activity within Starfleet. This narrow-focused activation order falls under Special Activities, and it is made known that the activation has a specific end date. For that time, however, the SACT Reservists receives full pay, same as an active duty member.

Training Duty (TDU)

Reservists with specific skills and expertise may be requested to act as instructors within the Starfleet Training Command. Additionally, reservists in need of training may find themselves attached to this command as students. These activation orders have a specified end date, but the reservist enjoys full pay while on this duty.

Civilian Auxiliaries (AUX)

A Civilian Auxiliary (AUX) component within Starfleet is typically a "home guard" or "national guard" organization. For example, Ferasa recruits and deploys a percentage of their population into the Homeworld Guard. Each Guard member is ranked similarly to that of a Starfleet Marine Corps member and is trained in accordance with Starfleet practices and guidelines.

Another form of an AUX unit is the Starfleet Merchant & Supply Service, which adopts the Starfleet naval ranking system. Each member is fully trained at the Merchant Mariner Academy, whether it is enlisted or officer, and is appointed to a Merchant & Supply ship, base, or installation as needed.

In a time of activation, Starfleet has the Reserve Activation Order (RAO) it may issue only to a percentage of each member world's auxiliary and reserve forces for the purposes of integration into Starfleet's active duty billets. Only auxiliaries shown and certified to be Starfleet-compliant may be activated for duty within Starfleet.

Each auxiliary's commanding officer is typically a Selected Reservist, and cannot be higher than an O-8 (Major General or Rear Admiral); promotion beyond O-8 requires transfer into a Selected Reserves or Active Duty unit.

Otherwise, each auxiliary's primary duty is the defense of their specific jurisdictions. Auxiliaries also work in tandem with Starfleet in times of investigation or specific missions involving their jurisdiction. Auxiliaries are subject to the Starfleet Code of Military Justice.

Partial List of Civilian Auxiliaries

Ready Reserves (RR)

The Ready Reserves (RR) are made up of the "part-timers;" those who choose one weekend a month, each month, to train, certify, and serve for 72-96 hours depending on the level of their deployment order. Typically, each ready reservist will perform drills, qualify on weapons training, certify in a specialty, and/or take training examinations for promotion or qualification depending on their time in grade or time in service. Often, ready reservists will report to a specific Starbase or planetary installation for this training, or they might join their Civilian Auxiliaries to complete their requirements.

Starfleet personnel formerly on active duty will choose this status to complete their time in service requirements for promotion and/or benefits.

Inactive Reserves (IR)

The Inactive Reserves (IR) is the division of those recently released members who have not yet reached retirement requirements of service. Each member of Starfleet is required to check in once every six months to qualify for benefits for a period of no less than four years. However, no inactive reservist is required to report for deployment, training, or certification.

Upon the receipt of an RAO, the inactive reservist must report to a processing depot for a medical check. If the reservist in question passes that check, he or she is cleared for reintegration training (usually two to four weeks). Otherwise, they're rejected for service and are disqualified until they show improvement.

Retired Reserves (RET)

Members of Starfleet with more than twenty years of total service are eligible to retire with full benefits. Retirees typically enjoy their permanent paygrades' privileges and authority as a reward for their longevity in service. Retired reservists may also be recalled to active duty on an RAO, if their skills and expertise are required for the service. Retirees are kept on reserve status for no more than ten years, after which point, they may elect to continue or be dropped from the reserve roster.

Retirees must re-qualify similarly to that of an Inactive Reservist upon receiving an RAO.

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