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There are several arms of Starfleet that deal with various responsibilities throughout the Galaxy Alliance. Below is a listing of the various suborganizations within Starfleet.

Suborganization Role
Starfleet Command Admiralty or Flag Officers and members of their staffs.
Exploration Command Responsible for all Exploration missions carried out by Starfleet.
Starbase Operations Responsible for the maintenance and operations of all Starbases within Starfleet.
Border Patrol Deals with all issues and missions within the borders of the Galaxy Alliance.
Starfleet Medical Staff Officers: Medical (Nurses/Doctors).
Starfleet Academy Any and all students assigned to Starfleet for training (Midshipmen).
Training Command All officers and enlisted that perform instructor or support training roles, usually at Starfleet Academy.
Intelligence Information gathering, covert operations.
Starfleet Logistics Supply arm of Starfleet.
Research & Development Where all the new cool stuff comes from.
Judge Advocate General Legal arm of Starfleet.
Inspector General Investigation arm of Starfleet.
Starfleet Reserves Part-timers in Starfleet.

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