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Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon
Also known as the "E" Ribbon.
Starfleet Unit Award
Awarded by
Inspector General of Starfleet
Award Order of Precedence
Previous Concurrent Next
Prisoner of War Medal Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon
Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon

The Starfleet Unit Excellent Ribbon (abbrev.: UER), also known simply as the "E" Ribbon, is an unit readiness award within the Galaxy Alliance, awarded to a unit and all permanently-assigned members for full compliance with battle efficiency and readiness above Starfleet standards. This medal is awarded by the Starfleet Inspector General, and is issued to members of the Alliance military only. This medal is classified as a Starfleet unit award and is thirty-third in the order of precedence.




Full Medal

Per the regulation from the Ministry of Defense, no full medal version of this service award is authorized or designed for use. This is the case with most the unit awards, with the exception of the Chancellor's Unit Citation.

Service Ribbon

The service ribbon for this award is a white field with gold trim; a large navy blue block letter "E" resides upon the white field.


Periodically, the Office of the Inspector General of Starfleet conducts battle readiness inspections as a purview of his or her duties. Representatives from the IG will arrive to carry out a routine battery of battle readiness inspections, as well as battle drills by which their responses are marked and graded. Should a vessel meet the Starfleet standards, they are qualified to continue in their present assignment with a PASS grade. Should a unit exceed those standards, the unit may be nominated to the Inspector General for consideration of the Unit Excellence Ribbon.

Traditionally, one unit is singled out per group or fleet as the highest scoring or most impressive unit of said group. Any unit can qualify, so long as they're identified as an independent command (ie: starship or starbase).


Scoring is performed as Pass / Needs Improvement / Fail methodology, which is corresponded to a sliding point scale of 1-5, with the greater number being the more positive score. Between all observed elements, average points out of 5 total points is taken and compared against other units.


Military protocol is 50% of the score for the unit. This is representative of the cohesiveness of the unit as shown in the course of the inspection, as well as adherence to standard protocol between officers and enlisted personnel, and professionalism in handling business. It also applies to ensuring proper access for Starfleet Command personnel on ship/station.

  • OOC Notes: This score is heavily based on Roleplay, and is weighted for that reason. For additional assistance with elements of protocol, please see 'news sf protocol' in-game. However, this also applies to computer access for personnel on station and in Starfleet Command. Clear divisions should be made for who should have which security clearance.

Traffic Control / Docking Protocol

Initially designed for scoring Starbases only, this scoring now applies to all units. Inspection crews will verify proper docking communications and docking procedures are followed.

  • OOC Notes: Applies to communications, and pilot procedures for Starships, and communications, docking port direction and space lane clearance for Starbases. Starbases should be aware of all vessels docked to their station. Code/RP hybrid scoring.

Communications Frequencies

All frequencies in use should be correct and properly encrypted. The frequency list should be clean and free of unused or extraneous frequencies.

  • OOC Notes: Code-based scoring.

Tactical Systems

Torpedo and Buoy stores should be maintained and up to date, with 50% available, or 75 individual, whichever is greater or possible based on type.

  • OOC Notes: Most stations can restock these for starships as needed, and an SF Logistics ship should be available to restock these for stations. Code-based scoring.

Engineering Profiles/Integrity

Engineering power profiles should be available for all modes of readiness, and fuel efficient. The vessel shall be up to date on maintenance.

  • OOC Notes: It's recommended to maintain engloads for all modes of readiness (such as a 'cruise' engload), not necessarily by !alert. Bonus for fuel-efficient engloads, such as using the minimal amount of warp power to maintain cruise for 'cruise' engloads. There should be no current damage on the vessel (damstat). Code-based scoring.

Security Locks

Locks should be maintained for all secure areas of the station. Areas with sensitive equipment, and most all rooms containing computer consoles should be locked from unauthorized use, requiring escort to access.

  • OOC Notes: Minimum lock level 1, or greater depending on classification of room. Code-based scoring.

Auxiliary Craft

Aux craft shall be given the same treatment as their primary asset. Secure frequencies beyond the unit's aux frequency are not permitted due to computer security concerns.

  • OOC Notes: The same code-based scores listed above are applied to all assets assigned to the station, and consolidated into a single score.


Once a unit has been selected for this honor, the "E" ribbon is hand-delivered by the Inspector General, and the ribbon is then added to the ship's ribbon rack. Additionally, any members of the crew that are permanently assigned shall be allowed to wear the ribbon amongst their personal honors. Embarked flag officers and their staffs are exempt from this honor, as they are not a part of the crew by definition of the honor.


bold typeface indicates person/unit is still on active duty.
  1. USS Pathfinder (NCC-91890), stardate 109820.25 - "For excellence in the line of duty, performing cohesively, providing relief, and finding a solution to the natural disaster on the planet Rakhar in the Gamma Quadrant. Conferred upon the recommendation of RADM Aron E. Amadeus, Chief of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers."
  2. USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101), stardate 113224.90 - "For meeting and exceeding the needs of readiness within Starfleet service, as witnessed by the inspection completed on Stardate 113109. Members of this unit as of the date of completion are hereby authorized to display this ribbon, and are hereby conferred on with thanks from the Inspector General of Starfleet, RADM Cei."
  3. USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101), stardate 116627.77 - "For meeting and exceeding the needs of readiness within Starfleet service, as witnessed by the inspection completed on Stardate 116493. Members of this unit as of the date of completion are hereby authorized to display this ribbon, and are hereby conferred on with thanks from the Inspector General of Starfleet, Rear Admiral Cei."

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