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Stellar Dynamics Shipyards offers the ultimate experience in fast, elegant starships. SDS engineers are unsurpassed in Warp Field Dynamics and the line of vessels offered are among the fastest available to civilians. Custom designs are created tailor-made to suit the buyer, and only the highest-quality materials are used in construction of any ship. As a smaller company, much of the manufacturing and assembly process is performed by advanced robots but all Design and QA is performed by sentient engineers drawing on more than a millenium of total shipfitting experience. SDS also has capabilities for limited-run production models, as well as for repairing, refitting or scratchbuilding Space Stations. Also designed, owned and operated by SDS is the SS Hephaestus; the largest construction vessel in the quadrant. It gives this small company mobile manufacturing & construction capabilities wherever the customer needs them. Their portfolio includes Mirobia Station, the Transit Station in the Altair system, the Starfire Spaceyacht, and the Slipstream Starship, to name a few. SDS also manufactures a line of EVA equipment for emergency, work, salvage, and maneuvering. Prices for production starships begin at 2.5B credits.

NOTE: Stellar Dynamics is a public station; however there are no facilities for extended stays by visitors. SDS does not sell armed vessels, but will sell cloaking devices as a defensive system. Sales visits are taken by appointment only.

If you would like a quote or more information concerning a specific ship model, please send a mail to *sds.

Production Ship Lines

SDS does not publish full ship specifications or prices, but the following is a partial list of known ship designs.

Specialty Ships


Personnel Transport

Custom Ships & Retired Models

Station Designs

EVA Equipment


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