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Rank: Lieutenant BDFN-O-3.png
Title: Commanding Officer, SBR Opaka Sulan (MTIN-5001B)
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Bajoran Fleet Reserve

T'Kela is a trained pilot and astronavigator in service of the Bajoran Merchant Reserve Corps. She is currently the captain of the SBR Opaka Sulan (MTIN-5001B).




T'Kela was born in February in the mountains of Dahkur Province, Bajor, in a remote Vulcan colony which had sprung up after Vulcan's evacuation. By the time she was born in 2369 her parents had secured good jobs there. They owned a small farm, providing food for themselves and for the nearby town. Her mother, T'Vay, did most of the farm work while her father, Siral, taught basic astronavigation to the young Vulcan children who lived in and were being born into the colony. At that time, there was still a thought amongst the colonists that they might be able to return to Vulcan, should the Borg War go in their favour.

T'Kela was almost two years old when Vulcan was destroyed and the thought went up in smoke. She was too young to understand what had happened. Bajor was the only home she had ever known. It took several years before the import of Vulcan's destruction truly began to sink in, but while T'Vay and Siral found themselves considering alternatives, T'Kela settled into Bajor and the Vulcan colony like a native.

Her parents moved the little family when T'Kela was four, to a small M-class planetoid called Rada II. It was largely a Vulcan colony world, with very few other species, and T'Vay and Siral considered this the best place for their family, at least for the time being. T'Kela remained there until she was twenty-seven, but Rada II was too small to have any truly well-rated post-secondary schools, and it was then that she made the decision to move back to Bajor alone.

T'Kela attended a civilian university in the bustling Jalanda City, the school drawing pupils from across the Alliance. She pursued several different avenues of study in her spare time, but her major was in astronavigation, and her declared minor in pre-Alliance history. She was slated to graduate in 2401, and may have, had the Tzenkethi not attacked the planet in 2398 and caused a postponement of classes for the rest of that term. Her graduation was pushed back to 2402.

At the end of that year, having graduated, T'Kela was hired by a passenger service as a junior pilot, mostly flying in-system runs between Bajor, its neighbors and Deep Space 9. As the company expanded, T'Kela found herself promoted to better ships and longer runs.

Bajor's secession in 2405 left T'Kela with two options: She could remain a Galaxy Alliance citizen or, because she had been born and still lived on Bajor, she could become a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Bajor instead. She used the window of time given to all non-Bajorans to talk with her family and with her closest friends, considering the options from all angles, but when her paperwork was submitted it claimed her for the DRB. It was her feeling that she would be able to do the most good there, but Bajor was also the planet which, in Vulcan's absense, felt most like home.

Now a Bajoran citizen, T'Kela moved back to the Vulcan enclave in Dahkur Province and continued her employment with the passenger liner. Whenever she was on planet she found herself taking over her father's job, teaching young Vulcans the basics of navigation while she could before the next run.

She was kept on while the company downsized in 2420, laid off several more employees in 2426, and finally declared their intent to close entirely in 2429. She was let go with the next month's salary and a strong recommendation from her previous employers.

On-Camera History

T'Kela signed on with the Bajoran Merchant Reserve Corps on July 2, 2431, and took up residence on Deep Space 9 for convenience. In 2432, her family joined her there, as her mother was unable to get the medical care she needed on her colony world.

On February 17, 2434, she and Senka, son of Sovek agreed to be bonded. The ceremony took place on January 20, 2435. They have three children: Sain, born April 30, 2430; and twins T'Ris and T'Haniah, born September 10, 2435.

RP Information

  • T'Kela can often be found around Deep Space 9, as her family resides there.
  • One of her side hobbies is the pre-Alliance history of various worlds.

Service Record

  • BDFN-O-3.png Stardate 108501.4: Inducted into the Bajoran Merchant Reserve Corps with command of SBR Opaka Sulan (MTIN-5001).
  • BDFN-O-3.png Stardate 109413.52: Under verbal orders from Admiral Kainon, takes control of SBR Li Nalas (MTIN-5003).
  • BDFN-O-3.png Stardate 109510.08: Opaka Sulan is grounded. T'Kela is transferred to command the SBR Shakaar Edon (MTIN-5000).
  • BDFN-O-3.png Stardate 109653.35: In a confrontation with the rogue ship SSB Elvera, Shakaar Edon is destroyed, with the loss of seven crew.
  • BDFN-O-3.png Stardate 109238.87: Following inquiry into the loss of Shakaar Edon, T'Kela is again given command of SBR Opaka Sulan (MTIN-5001).
  • BDFN-O-3.png Stardate 112139.15: Opaka Sulan is mothballed and renamed. T'Kela is transferred to command the brand new Vantha-class SBR Opaka Sulan (MTIN-5001B).
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