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T'Stel i-Ra'tleihfi t'Llaehnn
Galae Dossier
Rank BDFN-O-2.png Sublieutenant
Title Science Officer
SBR Astraeus
Affiliation Bajoran Defense Force
Personal Profile
Race Vulcan
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown
PB: 14
Birth Records
Birth Year 2397
Citizenship Romulan Star Empire
Birthplace Ra'tleihfi, ch'Rihan

Sublieutenant t'Llaehnn is a serving Bajoran Defense Force officer currently assigned as a science officer aboard SBR Astraeus.


T'Stel's parents were born upon the planet Vulcan, before its fall to the Borg and full destruction. They both met upon service in Starfleet, working at Starbase 902, and retained loyalty to Starfleet during the Freedom War. Her parents, Stovan and Pren, were both fairly successful scientists, working in chemical engineering and research. And when the Rihannsu Stelam Shiar announced their open arms to Thaessu seeking a home, they both took them up on the offer.

Hfihar s'Llaehnn took in the bonded pair, and while they were treated like a lower caste along with the other Thaessu, they felt more at home there than the non-commital Thaessu colonies in the Galaxy Alliance. They ceased adherance to the teachings of Surak, finding it freeing, quite surprisingly. They both took civilian contractor positions to the Galae within their fields.

T'Stel was born in 2397, just five years after her parents defected within the ch'Rihan capitol. This made her a second generation immigrant and Afvha s'Shiar, and she inherits the full name of her hfihar: T'Stel i-Ra'tleihfi t'Llaehnn. She was raised within the Rihannsu culture, learning of the Elements, of mnhei'sahe, of passion and direction. But also being the child of two former adherents of the teachings of Surak and logic, there was no escaping the affects of such on her childhood.

She blended into Rihannsu society well, absorbing the culture and mannerisms. T'Stel's friends were primarily Rihannsu, and she never felt as though she never belonged, even with the most conservative Rihannsu sneering at her presence. Despite being of a lower caste, she amplified all that being a Thaesha in the Stelam Shiar should be.

Taking after her parents chosen profession, she excelled within the sciences, particularly chemistry, and focused her studies there. Her classes tended to be mixed, with primarily low ranking Rihannsu and Thaes immigrants. When her instructors were hard on her, she took the challenge and worked harder, studied longer, and was intent to make her mark.

As a youth in her twenties and thirties, outside of her schooling, T'stel helped her parents as an apprentice to them part-time, and putting that knowledge she was gaining to work. She acted primarily as a lab assistant, organizing inventory and assisting with tests as they were run.

T'Stel had one serious romantic relationship growing up, but as the Rihannsu man entered into his mandatory Galae enlistment, he broke contact with her and she never heard from him again. She seethed for a time, but she used the extra energy to add to her study focus, and refused any other advances until she had gotten there herself.

With exemplary marks in her studies, when it came time for her to perform her own mandatory Galae enlistment per her status as a Rihannsu Stelam Shiar citizen, she took to officer training at Phi'lasasam and naturally went towards the sciences as her area of expertise. She graduated with honors, and was commissioned an Erein, joining the ranks as part of the first native-born Thaes generation to enter into Galae service. That fact, along with her hfihar and her testing scores, may be what set her on the path towards the officer exchange program, and being placed among the Bajoran Defense Force.

Service Record

  • RSE-o1.png Stardate 116099.43: Assigned - Officer Exchange Program with Bajoran Defense Force aboard SBR Astraeus as Science Officer
  • BDFN-O-2.png Stardate 116490.85: Joins Bajoran Defense Force Naval Reserves
  • BDFN-O-2.png Stardate 116490.85: Commissioned at rank of Sublieutenant
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