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Takaram i-Mhiessan tr'Tai
Rank: erei'Arrain erei'Arrain
Race: Rihannsu
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire (Galae)


Takaram i-Mhiessan tr'Tai was born in the port city of Mhiessan on the planet the Rihannsu call ch'Rihan in the year 2336 Alliance Standard Time.

If there is even such a thing in the highly heterogeneous hfihar s'Tai, his family would be a typical representative as it has held (and continues to hold) enormous property in rural parts on ch'Rihan and some of it on its colonies. This wealth, which they have been holding with 'ploughshare and sword' for centuries, as they like to claim, comes with its fair share of political influence. Not so much that they would really be in a position to push for something, but still with influence great enough to be reckoned with. The di'ranov of the house was a Vaed'rehai for Political Sciences at the Phi'lasasam, the ri'nanov a successful el'Arrhai.

Takaram's parents didn't tend to their land alone, of course, but rather employed many hfai'in, which meant that Takaram would grow up with a lot of commoners around him. Like any decent Rihannsu, Takaram found himself wondering how to serve the Empire, how to bring honor to his hfihar and his family. Aptitude tests indicated that he would make a fine Galae officer, and Takaram felt that serving in the Galae would be the most excellent way. Gaining experience in the battlefield defending the Rihannsu Stelam Empire held the possibility of a plethora of options in the future, including forays into the world of politics. After graduating from the Phi'lasasam in 2360, commissioned as a Erein. Until the Borg posed a threat, encounters that would demand his skills as tactical officer were limited to small skirmishes and occasional pirate attacks. And a good handful of cloaked missions in the stelai ler'lloann, of course. Still, he managed to show he is a valuable officer and was rewarded with a few commendations and a promotion to erei'Arrain.

Then the Borg attacked. Joining the Galaxy Alliance on Stardate 44505 was a measure Takaram could approve, showing once again how practical-minded a many members of hfihar s'Tai are. A cooperation with with other powers in order to defeat an adversary too strong for the typical alliances seemed like the only way to save the Empire. Merging the fleets of several empires and factions is a daunting undertaking at best, especially if you're hoping for the kind of synergistic effects that would make the newly formed fleet more powerful than a mere pooling of ships. The installation of Rihannsu cloaking devices on new ships required assistance from Galae officers. Takaram was one of those officers, sent to monitor the operation of the new cloaking device and to perform the tasks of a amnei'saehne (tactical officer), taking into consideration the new tactical options yielded by the use of cloaking technology on the ships that were developed after the disastrous encounter at Wolf 359.

The time he has served among off-worlders greatly influenced his view of them. They were an alliance forged out of necessity, having the sole goal of ensuring the survival of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, that much he knew. But he was astounded when he learned how little else there is that drives Terrans, Ferengi, Bajorans, and many other species that made up the newly formed Galaxy Alliance. The very concept of mnhei'sahe seemed to be utterly unknown to them. At times he would try to explain to them how Rihannsu think, but much to his consternation he found that some people cannot even tell apart Rihannsu from Vulcans and do not care about the difference. He had grown up with the constant reminder that offworlders cannot be trusted, which posed a problem for Takaram, since being part of a multi-species crew required at least a modicum of trust. He had to learn to overcome his distrust in order to be an efficient officer who would soon serve no longer the glorious Galae but the new Starfleet. A seed of distrust always remained firmly embedded deep within his soul, and the events that took place on that fateful day on Stardate 63054.95, when the Ra'tleihfi was bombed, would prove him right.

As a Starfleet officer, Takaram fought in the Borg war, was promoted to the Starfleet rank of Lieutenant, barely survived the encounter at Cirrus Prime, where he found himself in the slightly confusing situation of helping defend a Terran colony. Mnhei'sahe commanded him to give his best as a Starfleet officer, and nobody can say that he didn't fight with the bravery and skill expected from a Rihannsu, but still, Takaram never felt at home in Starfleet. Interactions with those aliens was necessary and possible, and some detractors say that he was maybe a bit too friendly with those offworlders, he always felt isolated on his post aboard a ship. So when the Borg were defeated, he saw no compelling cause to remain in Starfleet. This he resigned his commission and returned to ch'Rihan on Stardate 49745.90, where he took up new studies at the Phi'lasasam. His first stint was meant to make him a good Galae officer, and this stint was meant to make him a more complete Rihannsu. After having been exposed to offworlder culture for several years, Takaram splurged on Rihannsu accomplishments in arts, visited the homeworlds and the colonies to see and experience as much as he could, feeling that every bit of exposure helped him recharge his 'batteries'.

Eagerly he supported the Former Grand Admiral Mandukar'us' to push for Rihannsu independence and celebrated the secession that he considered a re-birth of the empire. The reformation of the Galae after the secession opened up a spot for Takaram as a Afweirrea at the Phi'lasasam, where he tried his best to provide the cadets with the tools they need for defending and expanding the Empire. He takes great pride in knowing that many of his cadets fought well as officers in the 18th Star Wing of the Galae which had been sent to aid Starfleet in the Beerax sector.

Shortly after the incidents on Stardate 71417.97, when d'Mnhiea Outpost was destroyed, Titania X bombed and Praetor Mandukar'us tr'Hlaveen killed, the Empire decided to re-activate Takaram's commission.

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