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House of Antaak
Character Overview
Rank: BDFN-O-3.png
Title: Science Officer, SBR Astraeus
Status: Alive
Race: Klingon
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2407/12/22
Place of Birth: Morska
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Navy)
Parents: Mon'Ir, House of Antaak
Jicahx (formerly of the House of K'Tal)
Siblings: Margon, Shenara
Spouse: None
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By: Cheyenne Jackson

Lieutenant Tanas, MSc is current a Klingon Science Officer serving aboard SBR Astraeus (MTIN-90031) as an officer in the Bajoran Defense Force.



This individual stands 6'3” tall with a caramel skin complexion, and black hair styled in the manner of a Klingon. He has a thinner neck, muscular hands, and large feet. He has the usual Klingon forehead ridges.


Tanas grew up on Morska the son of fathers Capt Mon'Ir of the House of Antaak, and Jicahx formerly of the House of K'Tal. He has an older brother Margon, and a younger sister Shenara all of whom were conceived through use of a Klingon surrogate. Mon'Ir was stationed on Morska for the Bajoran Defence Force when he met Jicahx a local scientist. The two established a permanent home there so their future children would have stability. His father Mon'Ir is a dual Galaxy Alliance and Bajoran citizen by virtue of his parents, and Jicahx is a GA citizen. All of their children are also dual citizens.

Tanas's older brother Margon is 10 years older than he is, and he is a scientist. Tanas looked up to his older brother while growing up. Margon is in line to succeed his father as head researcher for Morska. His younger sister Shenara is 15 and still in school. His early childhood friend was Sivih a little girl who lived nearby and went to pre-school with Tanas, and remained friends ever since. Her mother was a local politician. In kindergarten he made another close friend Zerir a little boy whose mother worked with his father in the local research facility. His older brother was constantly looking over his younger siblings, and despite the fact he went into science, had the mentality of a warrior.

Tanas grew fast both tall and outwards. He was determined from when he started high school to become a warrior of the Alliance. Entering high school with his friends he tried to take after his older brother and watched over them. He maintained close friendships as he went through, trying to be diplomatic while keeping urges of occasional anger in check. He participated in the student council, and enjoyed soccer, and some years participated in the school choir. When there were enough students to form one.

His close friends Zerir and Sivih were with him throughout high school. They remained inseparable until Zerir went off to Earth to attend the University of Ottawa for medicine, and Sivih went off to Arlington IV to attend the Upper College of Arlington Delta for law. Tanas's favourite subjects were algebra, physical education, and civics. He was healthy throughout his youth.

Graduating high school, Tanas went off to Qo'noS to attend Qam-Chee Academy for three years and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. While there he decided that he wanted to join the Bajoran Defence Force like his father Mon'Ir. But given the schooling he wanted, after Qo'noS he too headed off to Earth to attend Harvard University where he graduated with a Master of Science in Physics degree. From there he applied to the Bajoran Defence Force Academy for command school as well as to join the BDF.

While at the Academy Tanas focused hard on his studies, as well as practicing Krav Maga and black bag operations. Before graduating he did his six-month cadet cruise aboard the USS Kelvin where he was placed in Sciences. There he reported to Sciences Chief Lieutenant Commander Gahas, a Kzinti. He worked closely with Gahas on his duties, standing out for thinking outside the box and taking initiative. Following the end of his cadet cruise, Tanas graduated from the BDF Academy with the rank of Sublieutenant.

He was first stationed on the USS Nereus, and then the USS Agamemnon. On stardate 113217.21 he was transferred to Starbase Deep Space 9. Following that he was transferred to the Bajoran Defence Force ship SBR Astraeus.


Honors & Awards

  • Stardate 111689.58 - Letter of Commendation
  • Stardate 113199.96 - Letter of Commendation
  • Stardate 113200.07 - Promoted to Lieutenant

Common Knowledge

Info in this section may be known by those around him and can be utilized IC.

  • Known to be openly bisexual.
  • Known to have studied Krav Maga.
  • Known to hold a Master's degree in science. (Though it is not known from where.)

RP logs

Log Date Participants
Dying Romulans (RP Log) 1 August 2015 Carey, Sharis, Vrillak, Tanas, Reid
Airports in Mountains (RP Log) 4 August 2015 Carey, Reid, Vrillak, Tanas, Garett, Sharis, Tavrok
Simple Mission, Complicated Aftermath (RP Log) 13 August 2015 Carey, Reid, Vrillak, Tanas, Garett
Doomed Voles and Growing Things (RP Log) 1 October 2015 Tavrok, Tanas, T'Priel, Astor-Cross, Kainon, Covell, La'Vash
Palace of the Autarch (RP Log) 11 October 2015 Vallar, Kame-Tiik, Tanas, Reid, Roberts, La'Vash, Roana, Sharis
Shakedown Interrupted (RP Log) 11 October 2015 Kame-Tiik, Prudome, Sharis, Tanas, Vallar, La'Vash, Roberts
Not Two but Three Warans (RP Log) 13 October 2015 Covell, Dihon, Prudome, Senka, Taxo, Vallar, Danek, La'Vash, Reid, Tanas, Temple
Command Comes to Call (RP Log) 22 October 2015 Edwards, La'Vash, Senka, Tanas, Kilolin, Starr, T'Kela
Very Broken (RP Log) 24 October 2015 Sharis, Tanas, T'Priel
Gossipping in Ten Forward (RP Log) 31 October 2015 La'Vash, Tanas, Reid, Vallar, Prudome
A Quick Consultation (RP Log) 9 November 2015 La'Vash, Tanas
Asteroid Hunting (Part 1) - Orders (RP Log) 9 November 2015 La'Vash, Reid, Tanas, Vallar, Rambaldi, Sharis, Danek, Kame-Tiik
Asteroid Hunting (Part 2) - Preparations (RP Log) 9 November 2015 La'Vash, Reid, Tanas, Vallar, Rambaldi, Sharis
The Chief Science Officer... reappears (RP Log) 15 November 2015 La'Vash, Tavrok, Tanas
Dating... carbon (RP Log) 17 November 2015 La'Vash, Tanas
What's In That Hole There? (RP Log) 17 November 2015 La'Vash, Tavrok, Tanas
Tanas Brings a Gift (RP Log) 26 November 2015 Adrinon, Tanas
Nosing for the Truth (RP Log) 9 December 2015 Cigano, Sharis, Kame-Tiik, Tanas
Vacation Daydreams (RP Log) 9 December 2015 Cigano, Rambaldi, Adrinon, Tanas, Roana, Vallar
Chatting Over a Cup of Tea (RP Log) 10 December 2015 Adrinon, Vallar, Tanas
Asteroid Hunting: Finale (RP Log) 15 December 2015 Adrinon, Tanas, Danek, La'Vash, Roana, Cigano, Kame-Tiik, Reid, Sharis
Attitudes, Thoughts, Conflicts, and Talks (RP Log) 17 December 2015 Elis, Tanas, Di'Benedetto, Sharis
New friends and a Bat'Leth (RP Log) 17 December 2015 Di'Benedetto, Cigano, Tanas
Why Jocks And Nerds don't Mix (RP Log) 20 December 2015 Di'Benedetto, Vallar, Tanas, Adrinon
That Escalated Quickly (RP Log) 22 December 2015 Di'Benedetto, Cigano, Tanas, Adrinon, Danek, Cigano, Danvers, Sharis, Vallar
That Escalated Quickly Too (RP Log) 22 December 2015 Di'Benedetto, Cigano, Tanas, Danvers, Adrinon, Danek, Sharis, Vallar, Carey, Cross, Reid
Dressing Down (RP Log) 29 December 2015 Danvers, Vallar, Tanas, Adrinon, Prudome
Saki and Cookies on Deck 10 (RP Log) 3 January 2016 Di'Benedetto, Cigano, Tanas
Frontier Grand Opening (RP Log) 23 January 2016 Adrinon, Carey, Jakthor, Londer, Ro'kei, Senka, Sharis, Taxo, Vallar, Astor-Cross, Giovani, Khiy, Prudome, S'jun, Sevok, Tanas, Temple, Vaquero
First Day On The New Job (RP Log) 2 February 2016 Cigano, Kame-Tiik, Mathews, Raven, Senka, Tanas, Torin, Danek, La'Vash, Prudome, Reid, Sharis, Temple, Vallar
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