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Rank: Crewman
Title: Crewman, CCV Virginia Dare CIC-37138
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Romulan Star Empire (Estranged)
Rikon Defense Force
Parents: Father: Valik (Vulcan)
Mother: T'Pail (Vulcan)


Early Childhood

Born in 2377 to Vulcan parents Valik and T'Pail aboard Tranquility Station in the heart of Chrysalian space, Taurok spent the first several years of his life in a traditional Vulcan familial upbringing. His father was a diplomatic envoy for Stone Shipfitting, Inc. and his mother was a medical technician for the same company, both stationed at Tranquility Station.

Taurok's family was nomadic for a good part of his childhood as his parents moved careers and locations in response to economic conditions, wars, and available jobs. Taurok has lived on Ferenginar, Qo'noS, and Betazed in addition to a few GA and independent starbases. Sometimes he would attend school, if it were offered in that locale. Most of the time he was educated by his parents or by subspace comm-link with a correspondance school. Taurok is bright and adapted to his ever-changing environments. He excelled in mathematics and sciences.

In 2392, when Taurok was 11, his father moved the family to ch'Rihan and he gained RSE citizenship. As part of the agreement, the family was given a notable status in the RSE caste system, a modest dwelling in the port city of Mhessian, and prominent government jobs. Taurok joined Rihannsu children in a local school and was educated in all aspects of Rihannsu culture. While, at the time, he did not understand the politics surrounding the family's move, he did accept the change and at first assumed the change to be as ordinary as any of the previous relocations.

Life on Ch'Rihan

It was no secret that the Vulcan family did not always fit in. Assumed under constant Tal Shiar oversight, and being sometimes irritating to work with, they did not fit in socially. Though they renounced the teaching of Surak, the path of logic was always one that would be part of who they were. They talked in the privacy of their home, discussing and debating the logics of every day life-- a careful balancing act between their public and private lives.

From the age of 13, a few years after the family's arrival on ch'Rihan, Taurok was entered into an arrangement for marriage to another Vulcan, T'Sal. At the age of 17, they were married (bonded, as Rihannsu prefer to call it). The marriage lasted two years, produced no offspring, and was eventually dissolved when Taurok released T'Sal of her committment. Both had career aspirations that took them in different directions and no dishonor or ill-will was felt by either of them.

After Taurok became of proper age, he joined the Phi'lasasam, the Rihannsu military academy where he specialized in stellar cartography, life sciences, plantary sciences, and cryptology -- he was among the first Vulcans to attain the rank of Erein. Also, because of cultural differences between Vulcans and Rihannsu, he was significantly younger than the Rihannsu graduates in his class.

Taurok served his mandatory service period as all Rihannsu are required. He was stationed primarily aboard the d'Talla-Class Warbird, RMV d'Talla as its primary science officer.

In 2409, when Taurok was 31, he came to the conclusion that his fundamental beliefs were contrary to Rihannsu policies and accepted doctrines. He chose at that time to end his Galae career. Knowing that opportunities for Vulcans on ch'Rihan were limited, he left RSE space to pursue employment outside. He was aware that once he left, he would have a difficult time returning to ch'Rihan at a later time if he changed his mind.

The next phase

Taurok accepted employment with Rikon Defense Force, a military-esque organization specializing in security and trade. Before his assignment to the CCV Virginia Dare, he took leave to participate in the Vulcan demonstrations against the RSE Embassy on Deep Space 9 though his participation was completely pacifist.

Tau's RP Notes on Logic and Emotion

Part of the deal when Vulcans were offered RSE citizenship is that they renounce the teaching of Surak. Taurok's parents were never strict conservative followers of IDIC, though strong themes of logic and emotional supression have always been practiced in their household-- not as a matter of rebellion against the Rihannsu, but simply because that is who they are.

Vulcans, as are Rihannsu, are an exceptionally emotional race. Vucans, however, tend to get erratic and volatile when they do not keep these emotions in check. Generally Vulcans practice techniques to suppress emotions and generally they are taught these techniques at an early age. Taurok is not any different in this regard and though he has acknowledged Surak's failings, he will always tend to the side of logic and precision over irrational emotion. Taurok is conscious of the fact that he thinks differently than his Rihannsu peers; he has chosen to embrace the differences that make him unique rather than try to fit in socially.

Tau's RP Notes on Behavior and Preferences

These are mostly just notes for me. :)

As customary for Vulcans, Taurok's diet is generally vegetarian and he does not enjoy sweet flavors. It is not a matter of disliking meats, sugars, etc., but rather the way he is used to eating. Logically, a healthy diet to ensure maximum benefit and nutrition.

Taurok, as with all Vulcans, is immune to the effects of alcohol and generally does not drink except when ceremonially expected to.

Contrary to popular belief, Vulcans have normal sexual urges and can mate at any time they choose. Pon Farr is a biological push that happens every seven years that requires the Vulcan to undergo a ritual mating. Taurok is not immune from the biological effect.

Taurok is touch-telepathic, meaning that he has some telepathic abilities and they occur through physical contact. In this realm, the Vulcan Mind Meld exists-- a technique for sharing thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge. Taurok, though not highly experienced in performing mind melds, has the cursory knowledge and training to do so.

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