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Kanadi Ava
Rank: Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander
Title: Trade Captain
Race: Trill
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance (Rikon Defense Force)

Kanadi Ava (nee Teiya) presently serves as a ship captain of the Trade Division of the Rikon Defense Force. She is married to Bajoran Defense Force Militia counselor Ava Kiona.


The middle child of a multiple generation family grounded in law enforcement on Trill, Kanadi Teiya was regularly trying to find a way to go above and beyond what was expected of her. When her younger or older siblings performed well, she performed higher. She was always intent and driven to succeed and shine above the first child and the baby of the family. This did not keep the siblings from being close, but they were intense rivals in everything they did.

Her elder brother went into Trill law enforcement, working as local guard for the government. However, her younger sister dreampt early in her teenage years of working in Starfleet Security. This prompted her to quickly make the decision of how to one-up her siblings and come ahead. She decided to go into Starfleet Special Ops, training her body and mind for the disciplines required for such a position.

Entering Starfleet Academy with her self-discipline and mental endurance was not difficult. After entering the marine corps, her melee and tactical expertise was increased and refined to the point where her instructors were impressed, and she was assigned upon graduation to the SpecOps team. She was a quality sniper, but had very high melee combat skills.

She remained with Starfleet SpecOps for several years, running several operations over the course of the Tzenkethi War, eventually earning the rank of Major. In 2403, amidst budget issues that reached her team, she resigned. It was a difficult decision, considering her driven nature, but she feared the resolving of her team. And so, from there, she sought out a company that could utilize her skills.


  • Space Medal
  • Combat Action Ribbon (***)
  • Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • Good Conduct Medal


  • DISCHARGED: Honorable
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon
  • Weapons Certification
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