Telling the Tail (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
03 Apr 2014
Vrillak's Finest Clothiers [Deep Space 9]
<< Yellow Alert >>
The spacious interior of the shop is lit by soft, subdued lighting. Display cases containing ready-made wears run the length of the shop, creating a series of long, narrow aisles. Fitting rooms are located in the rear of the shop along with the tailor's workspace where custom items are made and alterations done. A pair of comfortable-looking chairs sit near the front counter which features a register and credit scanner. When the proprietor isn't making clothing items, he is usually to be found here, talking to potential customers and showing them samples of various materials.

There's a certain measure of trepidation to the silver-furred Caitian as she makes her way through the promenade towards the Cardassian clothier's shop. R'nisa has never before had something custom made for her- certainly not clothing. Telling Vrillak to make what he thought was best seemed a good idea at the time, but as she let Hunt know she had an errand to run... the uncertainty began to build. What //is// fashion? All the former-racer has known before is what's comfortable and what's not. So it's no surprise that as she steps into the shop, her tail is twitching back and forth against her calves.

Vrillak approaches the Caitian as she enters, offering her a bow and a smile. "Ah, R'nisa. you must have gotten my message then."

Carey smiles at R'Nissa in a friendly way and then edges out of the way, walking around the shop to look at the things on display.

Lifting a hand, R'nisa rubs at the back of one of her ears. There's an expression that on a human, might be sheepish... on the Caitian? It's just a bit of a grimace. "I did and we were on our way in to DS9 anyway, so it worked out."

Vrillak nods. "Well, let me show you what I've made. And it's not done until you say it's done." He pulls a folded fluffl of silk from a cubbyhole and unfolds it delicately. It shimmer's green in the shop lighting.

Green. It's a good choice- with the Caitian's silvered fur and black stripes. It'll compliment, without detracting from her own colorings or the dress itself. Not that R'nisa is aware of this. Instead she approaches to get a closer look at the dress- not yet reaching out for it. "It looks very nice," she says finally, voice rumbling softly- in the way that says she wonders if it's too nice. Not in price, no, but as in 'too nice for me.'

Vrillak turns it in his hands, his focus solely on you. He shows you the sleeves which will stop about halfway to your wrists and, turning the dress, he lifts a fold of fabric to show you a modest slit in the back. "To free your tail," he murmurs.

Carey is now watching from her place by a clothing rack. "Very lovely," she says with another friendly smile for R'nisa.

There's a pleased nod, both at the freedom of forearms and especially at the slit for the tail. "Freedom of the tail is important," R'nisa murmurs, those subtle purrs finding theri way into her voice. She looks towards Carey, teeth flashing in a smile. "It seems to be, yes."

Vrillak proffers you the dress. "Feel free to try it on." He points to a fitting room. "When you're ready, come and let me look at it in my mirror here and we'll decide what we think."

You hand a flattering casual dress (#74571) to R'nisa.
R'nisa wears a flattering casual dress (#74571).
R'nisa removes G-Force Flightsuit (74483).

The Caitian gingerly accepts the fabric- as if perhaps almost worried her sheathed claws might act of their own accord. It's never happened before, but there's a first time for everything. She makes her way into the fitting rooms and is a few long moments -- flightsuits are notoriously snug -- before resurfacing, attired in the dress. She moves a bit awkwardly, as if unused to wearing dresses or skirts. Her eyes go right towards the mirror and she makes her way in that direction, petting at the fabric at her hip lightly.

Carey gives one of those admiring little gasps at R'nisa's reappearance. "Oh, how gorgeous!" She says to R'nisa.

Vrillak examines you in the mirror with a professional eye. "My dear," he offers, "you look ravishing. But the more important question is, what do you think?" He steps back from his exam.

Turning this way and that, R'nisa tilts her head slightly. Her ears twitch slightly; a good sign. She fusses at the sleeves slightly; more an adjustment thing than an issue. "I don't look like a pilot," she offers finally, with a measure of amusement. There's another turn, so her back is facing the mirror and she twists to look over her shoulder. "I like it."

Carey steps nearer. "It really suits you, the color and the design," she says. "It sets off your own coloring beautifully." She sounds as if she knows, or maybe once knew, clothing very well.

Vrillak smiles. "I'm glad you want it, my dear. It was a pleasure to craft."

Ears twitch and rotate towards Carey before R'nisa fully turns to look at the 'Fleeter. "Thank you," she rumbles, before looking to Vrilliak. Shifting up onto her toes, then back onto the pads of her feet, she tips her chin slightly towards the Cardassian. "How much do I owe you?"

Vrillak considers you. "A delicate question first ... being new to your vessel, have you been paid anything yet, R'nisa?"

This time, the twitch of ears and tail is one amused- evidenced also in the way R'nisa's muzzle wrinkles and her teeth show. "Captain Hunt is good about paying. Yes, I have been."

Vrillak nods. "Normally," he says with a smile, "this dress with it being the Tholian silk would cost you 150,000 credits being tailor made. But I promised you a discount. So cut that figure in half."

There's a flash of teeth again as R'nisa moves back to the fitting room- retrieving her flight suit and PADD. There's a few notations made and the payment system brought up. She taps in a few things. "Consider the extra a tip and my confidence that the next time I want new clothes, you'll be the best person for the job."

Vrillak bows to you. "My dear lady, I guarantee it. You can even message me in advance of your arrival if you know what you want."

There's a tilt of head in response- quite formal, for this particular Caitian. R'nisa holds her things carefully... apparently intent on remaining in the gown for now. "Thank you. I may just do that."

Carey grins at R'nisa. "You'll always get beautiful clothing here. Even casualwear is like that." She gestures to some of the clothing on display as if to make her point.

Vrillak smiles. "Enjoy your item, my dear."

Folding her flightsuit absently, R'nisa looks in the direction Carey points and gives a nod. "I might have to look into that." To Vrillak, another flash of a grin and a tilt of her head. Deeper than just the nod. "I will, thank you." Tail twitching along with the skirt of the gown, the Caitian makes her way out.

The door leading to Exit slides open.
R'nisa leaves for Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Exit slides closed.

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