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Alexander Temple
Walter White2.jpg
Starfleet Personnel File
Rank Lieutenant Commander 2410 SF O-4.png
Played By: Adam Joseph Copeland [[1]]
Current Assignment: Chief Operations Officer & Chief Security Officer,
USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)
Serial Number: DR-548-342
Office: Office 3C01 - Deck 3 / CSec Office - Deck 6
Quarters: Officer Stateroom 4A02, Deck 4.
Previous assignment(s): USS Shotsugun (NCC-81410)
USS_Normandy (NCC-81422) (15/12/86-12/09/91)
Deep Space Nine (13/09/91-14/02/92)
USS_Exeter (NCC-74243)(15/02/92-18/05/93)
Deep Space Nine (03/08/27-04/12/28)
USS Wethesa (04/12/28-08/06/32)
USS Pathfinder (08/07/32-04/09/35)
USS Beagle (01/10/35-15/03/36)
USS Zenith (15/03/36-08/09/38)
USS Gowron (08/09/38-14/10/40)
Starbase Tenazra (20/10/40-15/09/41)
Personal File
Birthdate 24 September 2350 (27728.31)
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Mother Elisa Temple
Father Franklin Temple
Education Starfleet Tactical College
Starfleet Academy
Zefram Cochrane H.S.
Affiliation Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Marital Status Single

Lieutenant Commander Alexander Temple is a Starfleet reserve officer, currently serving as Chief Operations Officer & Chief of Security aboard USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402).


Life before Starfleet

Alexander Temple was Born ten years before Wolf 359 to Parents Elisa and Franklin Temple in England on Earth. He grew up with his Parents and his younger brother Peter Temple on board various Starships in which his father served Starfleet on. His mother was the main parent who took care of Temple while his father was on Duty. He was taught everything in classrooms during his stays on board his fathers ship's in which served. When Wolf 359 happened his mother and brother were evacuated immediately from the USS Melbourne which his father served upon at the time. Alex unfortunately was left behind and he stayed in his quarters. The battle obviously did not go well for the Melbourne and Admiral Hanson sounded Evacuate Ship. Temples Dad fetched him quickly from his Quarters and they ran for the escape pods. Unfortunately and explosion caused a bulkhead to fall on Franklin and he was trapped unable to free himself. Alex was forced to leave his father behind and he escaped in the Escape Pod. More tragedy was to follow. His Mother and brother had reached Earth and were on the planet when the Borg came. his Mother was assimilated into the collective however nothing is known about what Happened to Peter Temple. Since those event Alex grew up in the care of a couple of Klingons whom taught him their ways. During his time with the Klingons he was taught how to fight using Klingon weapons. He also took up a few hobbies including Singing and Boxing. Temple often found himself in fights with Klingons who claimed he wasn't a true Klingon Warrior which was true of course because he was Human and not Klingon but he showed them that he had the heart of a Klingon Warrior inside him and he will defend his honour whenever it was brought into question. However the Klingon parents understood why Alex wanted to Join Starfleet and follow in his Fathers Footprints.

Starfleet Academy

Alexander enrolled into the academy with the aim to be in Security and Tactical. He trained long and hard and spent most of his free time in gymnasiums and in martial arts classes. He didn’t social much and made a few friends.

Starfleet Career (Before Temporal Jump)

Having passed the criteria to become a Petty Officer and was quickly assigned to his first assignment aboard the USS Shutsugun under the command of Admiral Ruao Sarjanna and was on its maiden voyage. Little did he know that this voyage would end up in the Delta Quadrant. Life in the Delta Quadrant was tough and Alex had a few run ins with his superiors He remained a Petty Officer during his assignment on board the Shutsugun.

After the Shotsugun returned to the Alpha Quadrant Alex was awarded the Delta Quadrant Exploration Ribbon. He found out that the war with the Borg was over and that the Borg was defeated. He was disappointed at missing the end of the war and missed the satisfaction of seeing his parents and brothers killers defeated. He moved on with his life and onto his next assignment. Alexander Temple was then assigned to the USS Normandy where he spent the next 5 years taking part in the Breen War and the Freedom War. During these wars Temple achieved a full Starfleet Commission at the rank of Ensign. One notable action Temple took part during the Freedom War was capturing the USS Thunderchild alongside fellow officer Gregorio Giovanni who went on to command the USS Thunderchild with Temple by his side. It was a very impressive feat to escape the Thunderchild’s brig having been captured by the Thunderchild. For his actions in the capture of the Thunderchild he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and was promoted to Lieutenant JG.

When the Freedom war ended he was assigned to Deep Space Nine for a year as a security officer. He worked hard and was promoted to Lieutenant. After a year had passed he was assigned to the USS Exeter as its Executive Officer under the command of Lieutenant Reed.

While on a patrol mission in the Badlands the ship encountered a plasma storm and the Exeter was trapped by a subspace manifold. The manifold was shrinking around the ship and the ship was in danger of being destroyed. Science suggested directing a focused energy beam into the fold using the main deflector, it had to be set up in main engineering, Lt Reed was going to do it but Temple stated that starfleet protocols demanded he remained on the bridge so Temple went instead. Enroute to Engineering the ship was rocked by an explosion and Temple disappeared.

Starfleet Career (After Temporal Jump – 35 years later)

Temple regained consciousness in the Exeter Engineering section where he was confronted by Ensign Reid and Ensign Starfall. Later in Sickbay Lieutenant Senka explained to him that 35 years had passed since the Exeter experienced the subspace manifold. To this day Temple still doesn’t remember what happened during those 35 years.

After a month of recovery he was temporarily reduced in rank to Lieutenant (JG) and was assigned back to Deep Space Nine as a security officer under the command of Captain Cross. (03/08/27-04/12/28)

Deep Space 9: August 3, 2427 - December 04, 2428 2410 SF O-2.png

Having been assigned to Deep Space 9 he returned to his duties as a security officer working under Lieutenant K’mpok. He worked long and hard and eventually he was reinstated at his rank of full lieutenant. During his time on Deep Space 9 he had to deal with an investigation into a trespass on BDF property. The trespasser turned out to be Ensign Starfall who was later medically discharged from Starfleet and would eventually be jailed for murdering his crew aboard his trade ship. Alexander also had to contend with the mysterious acts of sabotarge to DS9.
However Temple was unable to solve the mystery due to being reassigned

USS Wethesa: December 04, 2428 – June 06, 2432 2410 SF O-3.png

A fleet wide shake up had Alexander transferred to the Wethesa under the command of Lieutenant Commander K’mpok who appointed him the Chief of Security. Alexander worked hard during his time as Security Chief and was rewarded for his work with the chance to gain Unrestricted Line Officer status. He was put on a six month training course at the academy where he gained his Unrestricted Line Officer Certification.
He returned to the Wethesa and a month later a unfortunate event took place aboard the Wethesa. During an attempt by pirates to steal the Soliton Warp Drive from the Wethesa Lieutenant (JG) Bailey was killed by a grenade thrown by Lieutenant Commander Senka. The resulting inquiry into Lieutenant Commander Senka’s actions resulted in him being removed as Executive Officer aboard the USS Wethesa and he was demoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Taxo was made Executive Officer and Alexander was made Second Officer. Alexander was also transferred over to the Operations department to serve as Chief of Operations.
Other events that occurred on the Wethesa was the discovery of the USS Fredericksburg where the crew had been experimenting with experimental transportation device which in the end killed the crew. The USS Wethesa also discovered the missing USS Rauk Spar which had appeared out of nowhere. During the investigation the Wethesa lost contact with Starfleet Command and the ship encountered a strange time dilation effect. Where only a few days had passed for the Wethesa crew, months had passed for the rest of the quadrant. Having discovered what was going on the Wethesa escaped and the Rauk Spar was lost once again. A week after the events of the Rauk Spar occurred Lieutenant K’mpok was transferred from the Wethesa and Lieutenant Taxo was placed in command. Temple remained as Second Officer as Lieutenant Maguire was given the Executive Officer position.
During the next few months Temple continued to work hard as Chief of Operations aboard the USS Wethesa. One evening the ship received a distress call from a vessel experience engine troubles. With Temple in command of the bridge he had the ship respond the the distress call. However the ship was too late to save the crew before the ship exploded. To conduct the investigation Temple had debris beamed to the cargo bay. Unbeknownst to Temple he had also beamed aboard a contagion that started to effect the crew dependant on what species they were. Temple himself found his eye sight progressively degrading until he was completely blind and he experienced other symptoms. During this crisis Admiral Moriah Seryl was infected and it was a race in time to save the crew and the admiral. Luckily for Alexander Admiral Astor-Cross managed to find the cure. Unfortunately the cure came too late for Admiral Moriah Seryl and she passed away days later.
The Wethesa next mission was to capture the USS Gazawahaida, under the command of Lieutenant Commander McMaffin who had turned rogue. The Gazawahaida crew somehow changed transponders aboard two other ships so that they were also identified as the Gazawahaida. The Wethesa destroyed there other two ships but was unable to apprehend the real Gazawahaida. The Wethesa with Temple on command duty continued its hunt and confront the Gazawahaida and various ships loyal to the Gazawahaida several times aswell as discovering the Gazawahaida’s stash of weapons on Rura Penthe. At the suggestion of the USS Sutherland a package was left in place of the weapons stash for the Gazawahaida to pick up. A couple of weeks later the Gazawahaida picked up the package and the triggered the package. A further battle ensued this time with the Sutherland and Lacrimosa joining the fray. In the end the Gazawahaida and the ships loyal to the Gazawahaida was destroyed.
However this was not the end of Lieutenant Commander McMaffin, as unbeknownst to the crew of the Wethesa he had transported onto the Wethesa with the assistance of a Petty Officer that was serving aboard the Wethesa. The Petty Officer was in a relationship with McMaffin and in the end McMaffin killed her. Having discovered McMaffin was on board the Wethesa Alexander confronted him and a fire fight occurred. In the end before he was killed McMaffin triggered a warp core breach which could not be prevented. Lieutenant Commander Taxo ordered all hands to abandon ship. Alexander piloted the runabout USS Griff where he watched the Wethesa explode.

USS Pathfinder: June 06, 2432 - September 04, 2435 2410 SF O-3.png

A few days after his involvement in the inquiry into the destruction of the Wethesa had concluded Lieutenant Temple was reassigned to the USS Pathfinder under the command of Captain S’var. Captain S’var appointed Lieutenant Temple to the position of Acting Chief of Security. During his first few weeks aboard the Pathfinder they found the USS Majestic had been attacked by the Dominion. After the Majestic was attacked the Pathfinder found a ship in distress and the Pathfinder assisted the ship who then in turn showed the Pathfinder their Homeworld Rakhar. After a months investigating the planet the Pathfinder returned to New Bajor to take part in festivities being held on the planet. A few days later the Dominion attacked and destroyed the Odyssey. After a brief stay at Ratosha the pathfinder was sent to investigate the Surveillance equipment the Pathfinder had installed in the Baersal system which had stopped transmitting. It was discovered the equipment had been disabled by an unknown crystalline organism. One beaming back to the Pathfinder the away team unknowingly brought up organic material that started to affect the ships systems. While repairing the ship systems the Dominion detected the Pathfinder and proceeded to attack. The Pathfinder repelled the attack but seeing that Baersal system was no longer viable for the Surveillance equipment so the Pathfinder removed it. Soon after this mission Captain S'var was reassigned and Captain Riley was ordered to take command of the Pathfinder. After the change of command the Pathfinder went on missions to the Wadi and other planets in the Gamma quadrant before returning to the Alpha Quadrant and Deep Space Nine. During their stay at DS9 another change of command aboard the Pathfinder occurred where Riley was recalled and Lieutenant Commander Davies was promoted to Commander and given command of the Pathfinder with Lieutenant Commander Senka as her First Officer. The first mission under the command of Commander Davies was a mission to Teplan Prime to render aid to a civilisation inflicted with Teplan Blight and whose planet was devastated by the Dominion. The Teplans were on the verge of extinction and the Pathfinder along with the USS Pasteur, under the command of Branch Admiral Astor-Cross, rescued and treated as many of the Teplans they could before the Pathfinder and Pasteur were forced to leave due to agressive Dominion action. Once the Two starfleet vessels were gone the Dominion completely devastated Teplan Prime killing the remaining Teplan population that was left behind.
Once the mission was concluded the Pathfinder was spending time in dock for a few weeks when it was suddenly ripped from its moorings and flung out in deep space by a subspace anomaly. The initial explosion caused damage to most of her systems and her armour was virtually destroyed. En-route back to Deep Space 9 the Pathfinder ran into a Nebula which gave it no time to evade and the ship was struck by a plasma discharge from a plasma storm within the nebula causing a warp core breach resulting in the destruction of the Pathfinder.

USS Beagle: October 06, 2435 - March 15, 2436 2410 SF O-3.png

After a month of leave to attend several rounds of questioning by the Judge Advocate General in regards to the loss of the USS Pathfinder the crew and Alexander Temple was absolved of any responsibility in the loss of the Pathfinder and was immediately assigned to a new Pathfinder Class Starship named the USS Beagle where he continued as her Chief of Security. Over several weeks the Beagle underwent shakedown cruises and she given active duty having successfully passed the final shakedown inspection by the admiralty. During the crews brief stay aboard the Beagle several attacks on Public space ports and shipping including the Beagle's Runabout 'USS California' were carried out by the Bajoran Terror Group known as 'The Circle' The Beagle assisted in the attack on a Fleet of ships under the control of 'The Circle' and was able to capture the hostile ship known as the 'CCV Falha'. Having towed the CCV Falha back to Deep Space 9 the entire crew of the Beagle were transferred off of the Beagle to various assignments.

USS Zenith: March 15, 2436 - September 08, 2438 2410 SF O-3.png

Temple was transferred to a Pulsar class vessel named the USS Zenith under the command of Lieutenant Commander Colin Reid who appointed Temple Chief of Operations and the Zenith's Second Officer. After the Zenith's initial shakedown the ship was put on patrol of GA Space. During a patrol leg the Zenith encountered the SS Lunasea which was adrift in space with its crew dead having been killed by a neurological disease which caused them to attack each other. During the investigation Temple inadvertently caused a panic aboard Trade Station wa'maH. Once the investigation was over it was determined that the disease got aboard the Lunasea from an unknown vessel. For the next mission the Zenith's command crew and senior officers were enlisted by Starfleet Intelligence to infiltrate a cardassian base to find information on the Jem'Hadar Enzyme Ketracel-White. Temple's appearance was changed to that of a cardassian's appearance and he assumed the identity of the captain of a freighter which Starfleet had acquired. The mission was a success, Lieutenant Commander Reid, Lieutenant Temple and Lieutenant Sharis found enough Ketracel-white supplies at the base to supply several squadrons of Jem'hadar. The group also found out about shipments from the base to Cardassia Prime. With the mission concluded and Temple's appearance restored the Zenith resumed its patrols. During this time Lieutenant Sharis took a leave of absence and Temple was assigned as the Zenith's acting Executive Officer.

USS Gowron: September 08, 2438 - October 14, 2440 2410 SF O-4.png

On stardate 115687.67 Temple was promoted to Lieutenant Commander while Lieutenant Commander Reid was double Brevited up to the rank of Captain. Also the crew of the USS Zenith was transferred to the USS Gowron, a Qotmagh class ship. Temple was also assigned as Executive Officer of the Gowron. After weeks of shakedown tests the Gowron was cleared for active patrol duty. The Gowron's next main missions were in the Gamma Quadrant performing information fact finding and getting the lay of the land. A few weeks later the Dominion attacked Yanius Prime and the Gowron along with the USS Agamemnon were ordered to aid Yanius Prime. After the attack the Gowron returned to the Alpha Quadrant and a Fleetwide reshuffle was ordered. Commander Davies was transferred to the Gowron and her being the more senior gave course for Captain Reid to replace Temple as Executive Officer with Commander Davies. Temple did not take it well and tried to resign his commission only for Starfleet to freeze all retirement and resignation requests. Temple reluctantly decided to remain with the Gowron and act as a operations officer. After a period of reflection he once again decided to stay focused on Starfleet and he accepted the position of Chief Operations Officer and Acting Chief of Security aboard the Gowron. The Gowron undertook several patrols before being called upon by Ferenginar for help when the Dominion Landed several battalions of Jam'Hadar on the planets surface. Temple beamed to the surface to join the other starfleet units on the surface where he along with others tried to uproot the Jem'Hadar from their fortified position. During the skirmishes Temple was injured in explosions on two seperate occasions, the first occasion he was treated and was back on the surface a few days later. However on the second occasion his injuries were severe and life threatening and brain surgery was required to save his life. He did not come out of it unscathed, he awoke to find himself paralysed from the waist down and his short term memory was slightly affected. Over time the feeling in his legs returned and he became more mobile however his hand eye coordination was never the same as it was before the explosion that injured him so I stepped down as Chief of Security however he remained Chief of Operations. The Gowron's next mission was to be its final mission. The Gowron was tasked in assisting in the evacuation of the population on Klaestron IV. During the mission the Gowron was first engaged by 3 Dominion Fighters and managed to destroy the fighters. The Gowron requested assistance from other Starfleet assets and the Equinox and Zenith responded. Before the Equinox and Zenith arrived the Gowron was engaged by 5 dominion vessels and teh odds was stacked against her. The Equinox and Zenith arrived but it was too late to save the Gowron which had taken severe damage. Captain Reid ordered abandon ship and Temple piloted the Mattole out of the Gowron as Captain Reid initiated the Gowron's auto destruct. The Gowron was destroyed shortly after with the Jem'Hadar that had beamed aboard her during the confusion.

Starbase Tenazra: October 20, 2440 - September 15, 2441 2410 SF O-4.png

After the destruction of the Gowron Captain Reid was reduced in Rank to Commander and assigned to Admiral Stark as his Aide de Camp and later would also be assigned to the Position Executive Officer on Starbase Tenazra where Temple was next assigned. Admiral Stark assigned Temple to the Starbase's Chief of Operations. During this assignment Temple organised the docking schedules and cargo operations. He also organised the repair schedules for the drydocks. The USS Zenith was allocated as a support vessel for Starbase Tenazra. This was to be a short assign, during Temple's time on Tenazra the Dominion war was picking up and it came to a head in September 2441 when 2 fleets on Dominion Vessels began to approach the station and engage the Starfleet's two fleets that had been stationed in the area aswell as engaging the station. The USS Nereus and USS Sojourner both joined the battles that occurred during this period and Temple took out the Zenith to engage the Dominion Ships. During teh battles both the USS Nereus and the USS Zenith were badly damaged and had to withdraw back to Tenazra and the Station took heavy damage to the shields. The Dominion managed to land Jem'Hadar soldiers onto Tenazra and Trill and the Trill Government fell and a new Government was formed. During this period a siege took place aboard Tenazra where the Jem'Hadar has taken hostages on the EMerald and Sapphire Levels of the station. Temple having been injured by a houdini mine was quickly back on duty and assisting Commander Taxo's crew in a fire fight on Silver Level. Having cleared Silver level of the Jem Hadar he returned to Ops where the Dominion Fleet enaged the station further. Admiral Stark having seen that keeping control of the station was not possible ordered the crew to make teh station unusable for the Dominion. Temple led a team including Lieutenant Senka, Lieutenant Li and Ensign Black of the USS Sojourner to Engineering the plant explosives on the primary core and computer core in the computer room. While Temple was finishing up in planting the explosives in Engineering an explosion occurred in the Computer Room and he along with Commander Taxo entered the computer room to find Lieutenant Senka and Lieutenant Li badly injured and Ensign Black fairly injured. Temple could see Lieutenant Senka was the worst injured with his hand blown off and a wound to his abdomen frantically got Senka out of the Computer room to enable transport to the Nereus Sick bay. Lieutenant Li and Ensign Black followed shortly after. Temple planted the remaining charges in the computer core and returned to Ops where Admiral Stark and Commander Reid were ready to carry out the evacuation plan. Unknown to Temple the civilians on Emerald and Sapphire levels started to fight back against their captures and Admiral Stark used that opportunity to begin the evacuation. The Tenazra crew beamed to the Triton and with the help of the Nereus and Sojourner beamed the civilians out and using various support craft under remote control as diversions escaped the Trillius system back to Spacedock.

USS ShiKahr: September 27, 2441 - Present 2410 SF O-4.png

Having returned to Spacedock Temple was reassigned to the USS ShiKahr, a Lirpa Class Light Cruiser, under the command of Commander La'Vash who assigned him as the Chief of Operations and Acting Chief of Security.

Awards and Decorations

Nebula-star.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry.png Purple-heart-2x.png Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png
Meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Starfleet-commendation-medal-2x.png
Combat-action-ribbon-14x.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-4x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal-3x.png
Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-gd.png Borg-war-ribbon.png Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom-war-ribbon.png
Row 1 Medal of Valor
Row 2 Nebula Star Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry Purple Heart (x2) Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Row 3 Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement Starfleet Commendation Medal (x2)
Row 4 Combat Action Ribbon (x14) Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon (x4) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Good Conduct Medal (x3)
Row 5 Milky Way Exploration Ribbon
(with Gamma and Delta devices)
Borg War Ribbon Breen War Ribbon Freedom War Ribbon


  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
  • 3 x Letter of Commendation
  • Starfleet Reservist
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