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Tennan Trasera
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
(Ambrosia Incorporated)
Occupation: Captain of the Royal Guard
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Spouse: Princess Eilonwy Trasera
Children: Prince Oberon Trasera
Princess Titania Trasera
Prince Gawain Trasera (Adopted)
Prince Galahad Trasera (Adopted)
The Kingdom of Eden
Rank: EdenRoyal.png Prince Consort
Style: His Highness
Title: Captain of the Royal Guard
Function: Chief of Security, Ambrosia, Inc.

The Prince Tennan Trasera (né Crae) was born on Betazed. He currently resides on the Kingdom of Eden with his wife, Princess Eilonwy Trasera, and their children, Oberon Trasera, Titania Trasera, Galahad Trasera and Gawain Trasera.

He currently serves in his wife's previous position, as Captain of the Royal Guard (Chief of Security) of Ambrosia, Inc.


Born in 2395 to the prestigious Tenth House of Betazed, the House of Perseverance, Tennan Crae is so far down the line in terms of being heir to the House that it's rarely mentioned outside of formal introductions. With a living grandmother, mother, and four sisters (three elder, one younger), the House was not without the women tradition would normally align as heirs. To bring himself apart from that, the young boy set himself apart over time with his own special personality.

His eccentricies began early on, and he certainly proved himself quite talkative. Even as his telepathic and empathic links matured, quite powerful by being a son of one of the elder Houses, he was still found to be almost excessively verbal in all his dealings. Anything that came to mind tended to be blurted out. As a result, he had a lot of acquaintances, but only a few really good friends who could withstand his public honesty and openness. Honesty in itself was not uncommon, but extroverted honesty, verbal honesty was often hard to digest.

But despite that talkative and blunt manner, he has a brilliant mind, excelling in the coursework he was given throughout primary and secondary education, and attuned himself with the sciences and technology. Most of his education was done through private tutoring and self-exploration. He would often idly take apart a gadget or gizmo to see how it works, even mid-conversation with another person about something else, only to realize what he was doing and attempt to put it back together. Piecing it back together wasn't always successful.

As a nobleman of his House, he was inclined to train in multiple noble pastimes, including charm school. Though difficult, he learned when to keep his mouth shut, even if once it opened it was difficult to stop. He trained upon a dance floor, finding his way between a waltz and a box step. There was also much tutoring on local politics and on being a proper host.

Not particularly athletic, and finding any sport played by adults to be a rather silly pastime, he took a surprising love of running. What started as an activity to sort through his thoughts became a daily occurrence for him, and he now takes the time to run a few miles per day, ending the regimen with formal meditation.

He was genetically bonded in the traditional fashion, at a young age, to a Betazoid girl of the Eighth House of Betazed, Kala Lii. But despite the genetic connection, and as was commonplace for persons in modern Betazoid society, he simply didn't follow suit with the marriage once he became an adult. They did have a brief fling, but found themselves wanting something different. Instead, he opted to travel abroad, with a correspondence with the University of Betazed, his major yet undetermined.

He continues his travels, most recently to Deep Space 9, and by wandering into a large party, as Betazoids tend to run into, he finds himself pointed towards the Kingdom of Eden by the Fates.


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RP Logs

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