Teral Danek

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Teral Danek
Rank: Branch Admiral 2410 SF O-7.png
Title: Deceased
Race: Trill
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)

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Danek is a Trill symbiont who was first implanted over 100 years ago. Its current host, Teral, serves as a Starfleet engineer.




The Danek symbiont has, thanks to its hosts, gained a strong sense of duty and - thanks to the scientific nature of its hosts - a determined attitude, at times to the exclusion of all else. The scientists also gave him a respect for life, so he would kill only as a last resort, or if the situation warranted it.


First Host: Varnel (25 Years As Host)

A young man when first joined, he was a member of the Trill Science Academy, lecturing in biology, especially in xeno-biology. He left at the age of 45 to a dig on a small barren planet in a nearby system to dig on an archaeological site. While unearthing some unidentified bones, the small habitat sphere was breached and he suffered severe damage before he could get to safety. He lived long enough for his symbiont to be passed on to a promising young geologist on the dig.

Second Host: Melissa (43 Years As Host)

A lady of 19, this was her first dig. She was there to help identify any rocks and strata and to make sure their were no geological problems. She retreated from public life for half a year to sort out the symbiont, as she wasn't prepared. After returning to normal life she went to a small colony to work on examining it for expansion. It was here she met the governor of the province, and after a short courtship, was married to him at the age of 21. She then settled down as colony geologist for the rest of her days, dying at the age of 62

Third Host: Kalik (19 Years As Host)

Born on Trill, this adventurous youth was tamed by the introduction of a symbiont at 19. His parents, both engineers with Starfleet, had forced him to attend an engineering college, which he dropped out of to attend the academy. He moved to Sol shortly after his joining and quickly joined Starfleet. Kalik was given a choice between engineering and security, and after thought chose security. He served on several ships, rising to security officer on the USS Rutherford, an older cruiser. It was during a navigational error it entered the Romulan neutral zone and encountered an asteroid field. The ship was crippled, defensive and communications destroyed in the entirety. it drifted back to federation space when an unknown attacker destroyed the ship. Wounded, he managed to escape. Rescued by the USS Geiger, another ship in the task force, he died upon arrival back at Trill, when the symbiont was transferred to Teral.

Fourth Host: Teral (Current Host)

Born on Teresa Prime, a small rural planet near the new Cardassian union. Teral Kolt spent most of his youth working on a agriculture centre on his home world. He repaired farm equipment and the anti-grav loaders. He moved back to Trill when the agriculture centre went broke, joining an engineering school for his secondary education. He decided that if he was going to do anything, he might as well do it well, and so he applied to the symbiont academy. He was surprised when he had to inform his parents he was accepted. And so at the age of 18 he was finally joined to Danek, the memories flooding into his and so, it was with the sense of adventure the symbiont gave him that Teral left Trill to head towards a new life, where his last host had left off. It was time to see how Starfleet was in the engineering field. He joined the academy at 18, majoring in security systems and computer sciences. He also studied the other aspects of engineering. He left at the age of 22 and waited for his first assignment with the fleet.

Service Record



Y-o1.png Dec 16 - Assigned to Starbase 902 engineering staff


Y-o1.png Sep 7 - Assigned to USS Farragut engineering staff



Y-o1.png Mar 7 - Assigned to Starfleet Acadamy as engineering instructor
Y-o2.png Nov 11 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade


Y-o2.png Apr 6 - Assigned to USS James Cook as engineer
Y-o2.png Apr 22 - Awarded Purple Heart
Y-o2.png Apr 22 - Awarded Letter of Commendation
Y-o3.png May 4 - Promoted to Lieutenant
Y-o3.png May 4 - Assigned as Head of Engineering, USS James Cook
Y-o3.png May 11 - Relinquished command of Engineering
Y-o2.png May 29 - Demoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Y-o2.png May 29 - Formal Reprimand entered on permanent record
Y-o2.png Aug 3 - Assigned to USS Yamaguchi as engineer


Y-o2.png Oct 2 - Assigned to USS Enterprise G as engineer
Y-o2.png Oct 25 - Assigned to USS Excalibur as engineer


Y-o2.png Mar 21 - Assigned to Starbase 902 as engineer
Y-o2.png Apr 3 - Assigned as acting Chief Engineering Officer, Starbase 902
Y-o2.png Jul 5 - Sided with Admiral Ritter at start of Civil War
Y-o2.png Jul 14 - Relieved of all duties pending confirmation of loyalty to Admiral Ritter
Y-o2.png Aug 19 - Resumed duties after investigations were dropped


Y-o3.png Sep 8 - Promoted to Lieutenant
Y-o3.png Sep 8 - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer, Starbase 902


Y-o3.png Jun 9 - Captured by the ADF
Y-o3.png Jun 12 - Assigned to Spacedock as Chief Engineering Officer
Y-o3.png Aug 23 - Civil War ends - Lieutenant
Y-o3.png Sep 27 - Assigned to Starfleet Academy as instructor



Y-o3.png Dec 23 - Assigned to USS Zhukov as engineer


Y-o3.png Jul 20 - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer, USS Zhukov
Y-o3.png Nov 4 - Temporary Assignment <<<FURTHER DETAILS CLASSIFIED>>>


Y-o3.png Sep 18 - Detained pending investigations into computer failure
Y-o3.png Dec 30 - Assigned to USS Enterprise G as engineer


Y-o3.png Dec 18 - Resigned from Starfleet


Y-o2.png Feb 8 - Re-activated commission in Starfleet as engineer
Y-o2.png May 15 - Assigned to Deep Space 9 as engineer
Y-o2.png May 26 - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer, Deep Space 9


Y-o3.png Nov 12 - Promoted to Lieutenant


Y-o3.png Aug 11 - Commander Teelis Tei assigned to Deep Space 9, Danek re-assigned as Engineer
Y-o3.png Nov 19 - Re-assigned as acting Chief Engineering Officer, Deep Space 9



Y-o3.png Apr 1 - Confirmed as Chief Engineering Officer, Deep Space 9
Y-o3.png Jun 17 - Deep Space 9 crippled, crew assigned to USS Shangri-La while repairs are completed


Y-o3.png Mar 7 - Crew transferred to USS Akagi
Y-o4.png Jun 13 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Y-o4.png Jul 30 - Crew return to Deep Space 9


Y-o4.png Apr 7 - Assigned to USS Defiant


Y-o4.png Sep 3 - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer, USS Indomitable


Y-o4.png Jan 11 - Recalled to Officer Pool for Unrestricted Line Officer training
Y-o4.png Dec 3 - Completed ULO training and returned to Officer Pool



Y-o4.png Feb 14 - Assigned to Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Y-o4.png Feb 16 - Begins work on computer systems research, Starfleet R&D


Y-o4.png May 1 - Completion of research project, re-assigned to Officer Pool
Y-o4.png Jun 11 - Assigned as engineering instructor, Starfleet Academy



Y-o4.png Apr 4 - Went on leave from Starfleet
Y-o4.png Apr 5 - Took up post with the Trill symbiont commission


Y-o4.png Jul 9 - Returned to active duty
Y-o4.png Jul 11 - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer, Starbase 123


Y-o4.png Sep 22 - Assigned to Deep Space 9
Y-o4.png Dec 11 - Assigned to USS Laibok


Y-o4.png Jan 2 - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer, USS Laibok
R-o4.png May 28 - Assigned as Executive Officer, USS Laibok
R-o4.png Jun 22 - Assumed acting Commanding Officer upon injuries to Commander Riley, USS Laibok
R-o4.png Aug 27 - Resumed duties as Executive Officer following return of Commander Riley, USS Laibok
R-o4.png Aug 29 - Awarded Meritorious Service Medal for constructing device to close subspace rifts at Betazed
R-o4.png Aug 29 - Awarded Unit Commendation Ribbon for service of USS Laibok during the Betazed crisis
R-o5.png Sep 12 - Promoted to Commander



R-o5.png Oct 29 - Awarded Letter of Commendation by RADM A. Amadeus for saving ship from alien computer virus
R-o5.png Nov 11 - Appointed by Corps of Engineers to lead repairs on Deep Space 9


R-o5.png Mar 7 - Assumed command, USS Laibok
R-o5.png Mar 7 - Awarded Legion of Merit for work repairing Deep Space 9
R-o5.png Jun 11 - USS Laibok reported missing with all hands
R-o5.png Oct 21 - Rescued by USS Pathfinder and returned to GA space
R-o5.png Dec 8 - Assumed command of USS Lacrimosa


R-o5.png Oct 7 - Assumed command of USS Nereus


R-o5.png Feb 6 - Assumed command of USS Agamemnon
R-o6.png Feb 6 - Received brevet promotion to rank of Captain.


R-o6.png Mar 14 - Awarded Defense Superior Service Medal


R-o6.png Sep 5 - Promotion to Captain confirmed


R-o6.png Oct 27 - Teral Danek mortally wounded by EPS conduit explosion following Jem'Hadar ramming of USS Agamemnon
R-o6.png Nov 13 - Teral Danek dies following transplanting of the Danek symbiont to Orryn Slokar, now Orryn Danek.


R-o6.png Mar 10 - Posthumously awarded Purple Heart for the events of his death.
2410 SF O-7.png Mar 13 - Posthumously promoted to the rank of Branch Admiral.
2410 SF O-7.png Mar 14 - Posthumously awarded the Alliance Medal of Honor.


Defense-superior-service-medal.png Legion-of-merit.png Purple-heart-4x.png Meritorious-service-medal.png
Space-medal.png Combat-action-ribbon.png Command-service-medal-x4.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png
Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon-2x.png Good-conduct-medal-7x.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-a.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png
Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png Installation-service-ribbon.png Bajoran-service-ribbon.png Academy-instructor-service-ribbon.png
Career-service-award.png Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom-war-ribbon.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon.png

Alliance Medal of Honor
Defense Superior Service Medal - Legion of Merit (Member) - Purple Heart (with three clusters) - Meritorious Service Medal
Space Medal - Combat Action Ribbon - Command Service Medal (with three clusters) - Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon
Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (with cluster) - Good Conduct Medal (with six clusters) - Milky Way Exploration Ribbon (with Alpha Device) - Exploration Service Ribbon
Border Patrol Service Ribbon - Installation Service Ribbon - Bajoran Service Ribbon - Academy Instructor Service Ribbon
Career Service Award - Breen War Ribbon - Freedom War Ribbon - Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon


  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (**)
  • Engineering System Certification
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