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Roleplay Log
29 Jan 2014

Kainon gets out a third coffee cup while sitting at his desk. He points to the empty chair as Senka enters, "Have a seat, Doctor. Coffee?" After pouring more for himself, he gets down to business, "Doctor Cross here has told me that you two saw a nosey Romulan in the coffee shop here. Do you remember the person's name?"

Astor-Cross is sitting in the other chair, drinking from an almost empty cup of coffee. She gives a smile and a nod when Senka walks in.

Taking the proffered chair, Senka says, "Coffee would be welcome, Commodore. And the individual gave his name as Taev Tr'Sahehn."

Kainon pours the cup for Senka and refills Astor's. "Can't have empty cups." After hearing the name, his mind spikes and face gets slightly red. "Dammit all." He sips from his own cup and looks between the two. "And I'd really prefer that neither of you try to get into my head over this. Somethings that are classified need to stay that way."

Astor-Cross sips from her cup and then says, "You have already asked me not to get into your head over this and I will not. You know I'm curious, but I won't go any further."

Setting his coffee cup to one side, having taken a preliminary sip, Senka steeples his fingers and considers Kainon. "Vulcan ethics surrounding mental contact and communication are quite stringent. I shall not attempt to extract information from your mind, Commodore." After a beat, he adds, "I have, however, made several logical deductions based solely on observation, and I can share those or keep them to myself as you prefer."

Kainon grins a bit. "I know that you two wouldn't. But it's a messed up situation to say the least." The Commodore has a drink from his coffee and nods to Senka. "Please, go on, Doctor. I'm always open to hearing logical things." Astor-Cross cradles her coffee in her hands and waits.

Considering the Commodore, Senka offers, "First, based on the rosaceous color in your face, Commodore, I deduce that you either know this individual or know of him, possibly extensively. Still, I respect the fact that your knowledge is doubtless classified and shall curtail further observations of the sort. Concerning the individual in question, I have reason to believe that he is one of two things. Either an agent of Romulan intelligence, or a Vulcan defector now in the employ of the Star Empire." Suspecting you'll want that explained, he goes on after giving you a moment to digest this. "His mental discipline is unusual for a Romulan, since the Romulan people have largely neglected the mind rules and mental training of their Vulcan cousins. Additionally, he was particularly interested in knowing about the recent explosion on the promenade, and he approached that topic with skill and subtlety. It was fortunate that he was not speaking with a lesser trained officer who might not have recognized his verbal maneuvering for what it was."

Kainon raises a brow and lets loose... kind of. "I can neither confirm nor deny any of that. But I can say this; you're very close." After finishing off his coffee, he sets the cup on the desk. "I'm not going to get into specifics, but you are on the right track, Doctor." His demeanor changes a little. "Now, I'm not saying this as a friend, but as the person with my position in my military. Do not pursue this any further, I can handle this from here."

Astor-Cross nods, "Of course not Essa."

Senka nods. "Understood. Do you desire that I avoid further communications with him, or merely that I do as I have done and confine our discussions to non-sensitive topics. I should add that this was not my first encounter with the individual."

Kainon raises a brow, almost Vulcan-like himself. "Wait. Where was the other time? And what was he saying?"

"We met several days ago again at Saith and So. He appeared to be bringing supplies for the shop, and I deduced that he works there in some capacity when in system. We spoke Rihannsu and discussed a variety of topics: the Romulan concept of mnhei'sahe versus Vulcan logic, the game Kal-toh, and other non-sensitive matters. In fairness, I initiated the discussion, and we avoided all political and military matters. Nor did he ask me at any point about other station personnel or even about myself."

Kainon nods a couple times. "I see. And what specifically was he asking about when you saw him this last time?"

Senka sets his now empty cup aside and resteeples his fingers. After some preliminaries which focused on his and Doctor Astor-Cross's shared knowledge of Betazed, where he claims to be employed, he began to maneuver the discussion to the subject of this station and began asking general and vague questions about recent events. I communicated to Dr. Astor-Cross that I would prefer to take over the discussion, and I began to try and discover what he knew and what he wanted to know as he attempted to elicit information from me. He mentioned the explosion on the promenade, and I deduced that this was the item he was most interested in learning about. I kept my responses vague and non-specific and refered him to the station commander when he posed specific questions about the apprehension of the culprit." Senka considers, and Astor-Cross may pick up a tinge of amusement as he finishes, "he endeavored not to show it, but if I may add, he was most frustrated when he failed to glean any information from me that he deemed useful."

Astor-Cross looks at Essa, "That is when I got the feeling he was looking for someone and couldn't find them. I told Senka about my ... paranoia... that he somehow was involved, or knew something about the stalker or something."

Kainon narrows his gaze on his coffee cup. "I see." The man doesn't refill it, but remains to look inside it as if there are answers in it. "Now then. I'm only going to say this once and ask that neither of you ask me of it later. This conversation never happened and I won't mention it or answer questions about it. There is too much going on with it for either of you two to handle. From this point on, I got this." Astor-Cross nods, that bobblehead thing again, "Of course."

Senka simply nods, his expression entirely inscrutable.

Kainon tries to relax but only appears as such. "Now then. I'm going to do my best to set this in the back of my head because I have other things on my plate to go along with the explosion, almost being killed and watching out for people that are close to me."

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