The Computer Programmer (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
7 January 2017
Lower Computer Core Access [USS ShiKahr NCC-73402]
<< External Support Mode >>
The secondary computer core of the Lirpa-class Light Cruiser rests in the aft section of the main saucer. This cramped, yet tall compartment gives direct access to the core for diagnostics. In fact one of the consoles is devoted to level four diagnostics. Other consoles display the status of the core and provide direct access for memory-intensive processing. The core itself stretches upwards two decks.

> Public Address < Ensign Black says, "I need a Computer Operational team to Deck 4, please."

Temple having opened he door for Black he says "You free to make your changes Ensign, I will remain here until you are finished" he smiles as he looks down at his padd.

Black steps from the main corridor, to the computer core access. He is followed by an assigned Engineer Team. He nods to Temple and salutes, "Understood Commander. I'll be mapping out a manual conduit bypass for the bridge and main engineering optical data networks." He then motions to the team, who fans out to set up some basic data. He steps to the main console. "I'll be giving you full access to what I install, as I'll need your input since you are Chief of Security." He taps the console.

> Public Address < Ensign Black says, "All crew standby. New data is being installed into the computer network. Do not operate any systems at this current time."

> Public Address < Lieutenant Jev says, "Power to life support now being handled by external station generators. Proceed Ensign."

"First, I must isolate a few processes," Black states, while he holds up his touch screen gloves towards the console, and begins to maneuver data across the screen. "Once isolated, I'll need the algorithms that I plan to use for this program." He taps some data out, and nods to Crewman T'rasi, who moves to keep a watch on the data.

Temple nods as he listens to what is said as he continues to read his padd while also monitoring the computer core readings

Black isolates the data, and then starts the base program. Afterwards, he takes some Sec Data down, while he maps out the processes. Now it is his turn to combine the data into the algorithms, as he taps on the screen with his gloves. He nods to T'rasi, while he then programs in the data he has been working with. This will allow for manual bypass from the bridge and main engineering through the firewalls, if need be.

The Engineer Team seem to be isolating processes, to run checks on capatabilities with the Dual Core and the new program, when Black sends word to do so through the console. He folds his hands behind his back, and motions for Temple to come up, "These are the new routines. I'll be sending it in to Lieutenant Jev, so that he can distribute them after a review to Command Staff," he states.

Temple nods as he looks down at the routines and he says "They look to be very strong, I doubt anybody will be able to intrude into our computer, wel done Ensign"

Black quirks his brow in thought at Temple's words, but just nods a bit, and then takes his touch screen gloves to the holoscreen once more. It seems he has isolated multiple processes, which are being checked for compatabilities. Jev would notice that the engineering team he brought is running the program in isolated environments for situational effects as well. The core data seems complete, and coded well. "Now all I need to do, is finish up these subroutines, and get permission for the full install," he offers up.

Though while the coding seems sound, it looks like there are a /few/ incompatabilities, and issues. None major from the looks, but Black taps the console while he re-checks the data.

Temple hmms as he looks down at the console and says "You might want to adapt a few of the routines, the Lirpa class might have a few new systems than our previous ships."

Jev walks in and leans against a wall, watching the proceedings.

"Alright, let me update these, it will still serve its function," Black tells Temple, while he updates the data, then uploads it into the computer core. After a few minutes, there is a small sound heard, then it looks like it has been loaded in full. "And complete." He copies it to an isolinear chip as well, and pulls that out of the console.

Temple nods and he looks to Jev and asks "Hows the system checks coming along Chief?"

"The report has been submitted to senior staff and archives, sir." Jev looks over to Black, "This is the last thing I'd like to finish before we move on."

T'rasi falls into a small conduit pipeline and lets out a harsh mrowl.

Black looks aside, "T'rasi, stop playing with the computer core! Our work here is done," he tells her, as she struggles and wiggles free. She huffs, and stares at the Ensign.

Temple looks at the two and asks "Are you both finished in the core now?"

"Send me the new routing maps on an isochip. Give the authorization access code to myself, CSec, and Command Staff. Good work Ensign." Jev turns to leave and says over his shoulder, "You may take liberty on Frontier and then also Risa, when we arrive there. Wear light clothing when you get to Risa."

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