The Oncoming Storm (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
11 Feb 2014
Officer's Wardroom [Deep Space 9]
Cardassian design leaves this room somewhat dark and foreboding, with a long table stretched down the center. A viewscreen lies at each end, as well as a large sector map display on the wall.

Talbot is stood at the far end of the Wardroom staring out of a viewport with his arms folded. He is not wearing the regulation Starfleet uniform, instead he is wearing his flightsuit, something not seen for a long time. His expression and body language suggests his mind is occupied by several things that are troubling him.

Pryus-Talbot quietly moves into the room behind her husband her presence given away by the swoosh of the door as she enters, her hands wrap around his stomach and her cheek against the centre of his shoulders due to her short stature, "Talk to me please, I'm worried about you. So is Captain Cross." She says quietly.

Talbot lowers his hands to his wife’s and gently takes them in his own, squeezing softly as if to reassure her that he's really there. "I can't risk you in harm’s way Kailyn, even if that means resigning."

"But no matter where we go there is always risk, it's what we do. We're needed here." Kailyn replies quietly, "I feel safer here than I have on any ship. I don't want to reassign but I don't want to be without you." She answers honestly, it pained her so much to have to say it to him most of all.

"I want you to be safe, especially now." Ben replies, turning to face her, his eyes trying to hide whatever he is feeling. "The station has never been a safe place. I don't want to lose you or the baby. It would..." He breaks off what he was saying and looks back out of the viewport.

Kailyn knows how he is feeling, he is her Imzadi such an unbreakable bond. Her hands moved up to his face resting each side, "I will do everything in my power to ensure our safety," it was the first time she had referred to the small being growing inside her as a part of her. "Every day there is a mass of possibilities that could result in injury, Senka and Cross are aware of my physical state and that will be considered. Nothing is going to happen to us." She looks up at him trying to maintain her calm and well thought through appearance under a barrage of his concern.

Talbot takes his wife's hands as they rest on the sides of his face and looks into her eyes, knowing that she is the one person he can never lie to. "No, I will make sure of it." He says softly. "You both are all that matters now."

Pryus-Talbot has a look of concern growing across her face. "We are all that matters, all three of us." She clarifies.

Talbot looks into his wife's eyes for a moment before leaning to kiss her on the forehead. "Tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner." He whispers, pulling her close to him and resting his head upon hers.

Pryus-Talbot didn't know what he had said to her, it wasn't a language she understood but she moves a hand up to rest on the back of his neck. She closed her eyes and sighs softly.

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