The Teddy Bear Drops (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
30 Mar 2014
Thingamajig Miscellany [Deep Space 9]
This small, quaint shop is newly opened after some major renovations. Just inside the door, the shop opens into a seating area with plush chairs for patrons to relax. On one side, a classic mechanical register, complete with buttons and price tabs, sits atop a deep mahogany counter. This counter is affixed to both an old-fashioned soda fountain and a pastry cabinet which faces the seating area. A soda jerk in classical attire stands behind the counter.
Opposite the snacking area, and curving towards the back of the storefront, mahogany shelving units carry all manner of goods. The largest theme among the goods would appear to be clockworks and other mechanical goodies, but there is a great variety of items for purchase here. A door sits in the back, labelled 'STAFF ONLY', and leads to the Storeroom.

Muireann sits behind the counter, enjoying a small soda as she watches her customers checking out her wares. As the door slides open again, she looks over, calling, "Welcome to Thingamajig."

Carey enters the shop, smiling. "Hello, Muireann!" she says brightly, approaching the counter. "I got your note about the teddy bear."

Muireann smiles and makes a motion for Carey to hold on a second. As she gets up, she puts down the soda and spins towards the shelving units. Sifting through the orders, she finds the box with the bear, and takes it out. "Here we go. I hope it meets your expectations." She produces the bear for Carey.

You hand Fluffy Bear to Carey.

Carey grins as she cuddles the bear, unconsciously cradling him like a baby in her arms. "Awww...isn't he darling!" she croons. "He's perfect! Thank you!" she says, beaming at you. "How much?"

Muireann smiles and announces, "Five thousand credits."

Carey has just paid you 5000.0 credits.

Carey tucks the teddy bear into the crook of one arm. "Thank you so much," she says again. "I love him, and I know my patients will, too."

The door leading to Out slides open.
Seryl arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Muireann nods gently. "You're very welcome. If there's ever a special order item you need in the future, please let me know."

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Carey turns at the sound of the door and smiles on seeing Seryl. "Good evening, Admiral." With a small grin, she playfully lifts the paw of the bear in her arms and waves it in a greeting.

Seryl smiles and gives a little wave back to the bear. "Oh Prophets, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen," she says, looking at the toy. "Miri, are you selling those? I may have to buy them all."

Muireann laughs. "It seems the station is insistent on changing my area of expertise from clockworks to plushies." She grins and leans against the counter. "I can certainly make some more, of course. And what I can't make, I tend to be able to special order."

Carey cocks her head to one side as she fights back a laugh herself. "Carey," she says, laughter tinging her voice.

Carey says, "Oh, great! Thanks, Vrillak. I'll be right over in a few minutes."

Seryl smiles. "Why not plushie alarm clocks? That would get me out of bed. Or maybe convince me to stay in it." She looks between the two women. "But you could sell stuffed everything. Voles, targs, sinoraptors, zaros - you know, those little fuzzy blue things in the trees in the capitol on Trill? It's a warm, soft bit of home," she says.

Muireann gives a nod. "Plushie alarm clocks sound fun. Pressing the nose to snooze..." Miri gives a small giggle and picks up her soda again. "I've almost finished the whole line of chibis, like the ones I gave you and Irvine for Christmas." She grins playfully.

Carey giggles. "I would buy one of those alarm clocks." She adds to Seryl, holding up the bear, "I bought him because lately normal duty means doing things our patients are sure to really...not like." Her smile wavers for a moment before she hitches it back in place. "And when I was at university on Betazed, one of my professors said it was a good idea to always have something cuddly around because, in her words, either we our our patients would eventually benefit. Muireann even weighted him for me, so he's even more cuddly." She holds the stuffed animal out invitingly, making it lift its paws as if waiting to be hugged.

Seryl raises her brows. "Right," she says, an embarassed, almost sad look coming to her face for a moment. "Those were so adorable, by the way. Mine is proudly keeping watch over my ready room." She looks at the little bear in Carey's arms. "Sickbay could so use some of these. Mind if I test him out?"

Muireann nods heavily towards Carey. "I might just have to do that, then!" She takes another sip of her soda. "Oh, and nothing will bother your ready room with Chibi Cthulhus Seryl and Xanathos keeping watch!" Muireann replies with a wide grin. However, her last comment does bring to mind something she'd heard not long ago. "So how are things lately, Moriah?" she asks the Trill. "I heard rumor you've not been feeling well. Everything okay?"

Her smile softening, Carey silently places the bear in Seryl's arms.

Carey hands Fluffy Bear to Rear Admiral Seryl.

Seryl smiles and gives the bear a hug. "Yep, he's good. I may need to do some more in depth testing," she says. She frowns as she feels a wave of dizziness. Time for another cup of tea, or to just lie down? "'s this treatment. For what's been causing the memory issues. I know it's working, but it just makes me feel-" She staggers as the room wavers, as the air seems too hot and too cold, all at once, as her pulse races and drags beneath her skin. "I think I need," she says, almost a slur, as her eyes flutter shut, an the bear tumbles from her hands, falling to the ground, her unconscious form joining it a moment later with a heavy, ominous sound.

Seryl goes to sleep.
Seryl drops Fluffy Bear.

Carey drops to her knees next to Seryl, reaching into her satchel for her medical tricorder. She speaks urgently over its whirring and beeping. "Medical emergency in Thingamajig Miscellany, sir. It's Admiral Seryl."

Muireann gasps and jumps over the counter to reach Seryl. Kneeling down besides her, she brushes her hair out of her face and gently runs her hand over the Trill's head. "Moriah. Moriah, are you okay?" Worry cracks her voice and she quickly opens her commplant in a frantic haste.

[Commplant] Contacting Vice Admiral Xanathos...

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Still scanning and looking far from calm herself, Carey reaches out with her free hand to touch Muireann's arm. "I've already contacted Lieutenant Senka, Muireann. He's on his way."

[Commplant] Vice Admiral Xanathos is opening the channel.
[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Vice Admiral Xanathos.

Muireann kneels over Admiral Seryl's collapsed body, tears starting to well up in her eyes. "Irvine... she's passed out. Moriah's passed out. Medical's here now, but she's not doing well. Come quickly. I don't know what's wrong..."

Seryl is lying, limbs askew, on the deck, eyes closed, as Miri and Carey kneel next to her. The tricorders would sound a dissonant whir and would almost seem to be broken - the readings make no sense, and in many cases are flatly contradictory. Readings dangerously high and perilously low in every system, and down to nearly every molecule in her body, as she seems to be in crisis at the cellular level. Neurological, neither host nor symbiont has stable brainwave patterns, and her electrophysiological system is equally eroded.

[Commplant] Roana smiles and takes his hands. "I don't know. I talk an awful, awful lot, but I just have faith that they have infinite patience."

[Commplant] Xanathos gives one hand a squeeze but draws the other away to tap at his complant. After a moment he frowns, "I see, thank you Muireann, you keep her company. We will be right there."

[Commplant] Vice Admiral Xanathos says, "Computer, what is the location of Rear Admiral Seryl (asleep)?"
[Commplant] A smooth British-accented male voice says "Rear Admiral Seryl (asleep) is located in Thingamajig Miscellany."

The doors haven't even finished opening before the Vulcan medical officer is through them. His eyes take in the scene and he crosses the small shop in three strides, kneeling over the patient. His gaze takes in Mureann and Carey, and to the latter, he speaks calmly while managing to convey a degree of urgency. "Ensign. Go to the infirmary and dispatch an anti-grav stretcher and portable life support. Emergency transport is not an option. oversee the staff and prepare the surgical suite for the admiral's arrival. If there is a piece of equipment in there not online, I want it active by the time the trauma unit and I arrive with the patient. Statt."

[Commplant] Roana grabs onto his hand a little more tightly. "That's right next door," she says, trying to be brave, but her heart is in her chest and its hard to talk. She still keeps hold of his hand as she heads to the exit.

The tears continue to fall, and Muireann replies to the commplant again, "Please... please hurry..." She looks up to Senka, intense worry in her eyes.

[Commplant] Xanathos says, "We will, don't worry."
[Commplant] Communication was terminated by Vice Admiral Xanathos.

Carey's fingers close reflexively around the nearest thing to her, which happens to be the bear, even as she springs to her feet. She doesn't even seem to realize it's in her hand as she takes off running, full tilt. The doors whir open just in time to keep her from plowing right into them, and as she disappears through them, she can be heard almost shouting into her complant, "I need a trauma team ready as soon as I get there."

Carey picks up Fluffy Bear.

Senka turns to Muireann. "Please tell me what happened," he elicits in a milder tone of voice.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Xanathos arrives from Promenade - Section A.
Roana arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Muireann rubs at her eyes, spreading mascara a bit in the process. The whole comment comes out in a stream of information. "We were talking about the plushies and the recent ones I made for her and Irvine, and the teddy bear, and ideas... And well... she wanted to try out Carey's new teddy bear for patients." She pauses, trying to compose herself. "She said something about the treatment for her memory issues and feeling... something... and went down. I don't know..." She looks up to the door sliding open, instinctively announcing, "We're closed," before seeing who it is, and the look of relief washes over her face.

Roana comes in and it's all she can do to let out a horrible, wrenching sound that would match what she felt. She presses her hands to her mouth as she stands in the back of the store, letting Dr. Senka work on her amah. She looks over to Miri as she can feel the corner of her eyes brimming with tears. "She's going to be okay," she whispers, over and over, behind her hands, barely audible, like a prayer. "She's going to be okay."

Seryl continues to lie there, the center of the chaos, the tricorders continuing their plaintive alarms as they try and figure out what is wrong with her, beyond everything. Their electronic choir is joined by a sharp, worrisome note as her oxygen saturation begins to drop, the aeoli in her lungs beginning to lose their molecular cohesion, and in some cells, the lining simply fades away like wet tissue paper.

Xanathos expression is neutral, his pace expedient without being uneccisarily rushed as he enters the shop. "She will be fine," He states in a simple tone letting his hand slip from his granddaughter's before resting it on her shoulder. "Like I said, she is a lot stronger than many give her credit for." He looks to Muireann and motions for her to come over, "Give them some space Muireann, Kyle could likely use you at the moment." That said his attention shifts to Senka, "I assume transporting her to the infirmary would only make things worse. Are you going to need some help moving her by hand or is there time for the people that I expect are on their way already."

Even as Xanathos finishes speaking, a trauma team enters with an antigrav stretcher. They surround Seryl's unconscious form, and with great speed and care, place her on the stretcher and rush her out toward the infirmary.

As he injects a triox compound into Seryl's neck, Senka turns to Xanathos. "Correct, Admiral Xanathos. We cannot transport her Sir. The trauma unit," and the doors part admitting the unit which Senka signals over to him and Seryl, "is now here," he finishes to the admiral. To the group at large, Roana, Xanathos, Muireann, he says, "I am relocating her to the critical care unit of the infirmary. I cannot allow you into the unit while critical procedures are underway, but you may wait, any or all of you, in my office and I will return to update you as soon as I am able to do so. You will find coffee, tea and refreshments there." Meanwhile, the trauma team has been carefully loading her onto the stretcher, attaching oxygen equipment. "Statt,' is all he says to the head med tech, and they're out the door.

Xanathos unconceals a Type-1 Phaser (31428).

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka leaves for Promenade - Section A.
Carey leaves for Promenade - Section A.
Seryl leaves for Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Muireann takes the queue to come over to get up and immediately barrel head first into Xanathos' chest, clinging to her godfather's turtleneck shirt. She doesn't say anything, just letting her tears do the talking. She doesn't yet acknowledge Kyle, just trying to get the initial reaction of dear Seryl's collapse in her store out of her system.

Roana watches the stretcher leave. She saw how frantically they were working. And even if Aunt Miri hasn't said anything to her, she feels the need to join the hug, to wrap her arms around them both.

Xanathos narrows his eyes ever so slightly as Senka talks but he refrains from comment as his wife is rushed out of the room. His expression softens as he's left alone with Muireann and Roana, "Now, now you two." His voice is soft, warm as he puts his arms around them both. "No need to be so distraught, they have had plenty of time to prepair for something like this. And like I said, Moriah is a fighter she's going to pull through just fine."

Muireann unclasps his shirt with one hand to wrap an arm around Kyle, holding her tight into the hug. "'Plenty of time', Irvine? W-why didn't you tell me something was wrong?" Tears are still streaming down, and she holds them both that much tighter.

Roana bites her lip. She thought Miri knew, but Amah was so stubborn, about trying to be fine, even when she wasn't. "We should head to sickbay," she says. "The doctors can let us know what's going on," she says, wiping at her eyes, trying to be calm and strong.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka arrives from Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

"She's been having problems for a little while now. I'm certain you have noticed her little. . . Memory lapses. This is part of that, it's why we have been here at Deep Space Nine so long, she was rather insistent to get treatment here close to you two instead of going to Spacedock." Xanathos makes no comment on how much better off she would have been there. He's standing there in the shop, arms wrapped around Roana and Muireann in one big family hug. He glances up as the door to the shop opens. "It appears that the answers are coming to us."

"W-what about the Symbiosis Commission?" Muireann asks, holding tight into the hug, and burying her face in the protective aura of Xanathos' shirt. "S-surely they know of situations like this. I mean, joined Trills never have memory problems." Her eyes peer up from the shirt towards the door sliding open.

Entering the shop, Senka crosses to the group standing there. He addresses his comments firstly to the admiral, but his glance takes in Roana and Muireann; he's not leaving them out. "Admiral Seryl experienced a rappid worsening of her condition, Sir. I have placed her in stasis so that analysis can be undertaken most methodically. She simply was not stabilizing on standard life support. She is in a stasis pod, the newest model, in our critical care ward and will need to remain there until our medical and science divisions determine the cause of her worsened condition and affect appropriate changes to the retroviral treatment she has been receiving."

Roana feels the deck fall out from under her. Or at least that's how it feels. "But...she was starting to get better. Why....?' Kyle doesn't know where to go with the question. She doesn't even know if Senka has an answer. She looks to Miri and especially to her Afah, returning the hug a bit tighter, worried as to what he might do.

Xanathos shakes his head, "No, I'm afraid that they haven't or at least if they have they have not felt the need to share at this point." He plants a kiss, first on the top of Muireann's head then on Roana's. "But like I said, she's a fighter. She will pull through in the end, just wait and see." To Senka he offers a single curt nod, his voice is calm, with none of the warmth it holds when he talks to the girls. "I see, do you have anything else to report Lieutenant?"

Senka considers. Cold treatment from the husbands of his patients is something he's gotten rather used to. "Not at this time, Admiral. you will receive my formal report and I will keep you apprised of developments during her time in stasis."

As the update from Senka is given, Muireann's eyes freshly resume their tears, and she buries her face in Xanathos' chest again, and holding Kyle, as well. Tight group hug. Goddaddy will handle this. He'll make it better.

Roana looks to the Vulcan, after she guesses Afah isn't going to kill him quite yet. "Can we see her? I know she can't hear us or see us, physically, but she'll know we're there."

Senka nods. "That would be permissible, yes." If you expected him to say anything about the illogic of the request, he doesn't.

"Very well then, I assume then that you have things you need to see to. You're dismissed Lieutenant." Xanathos ruffles Muireann hair, "Its going to be okay Muireann, you'll see." He glances at Roana as she makes the request, "Couldn't hurt, but I'm sure the Lieutenant has other duties. We can ask one of the nurses to show us in when we get there."

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka leaves for Promenade - Section A.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Muireann's brow furrows. "Yeah, let's go see her." After nodding to the pair slowly, she shoots a glance over at the soda jerk, ordering, "Close up early for me, would you? I need some time..."

"I'm sure they'll let us visit. I mean, they always do, and I think it would be good. We'll know she's okay," Kyle says. "And it probably would be good for us if we all went together, you know, the first time." She doesn't even want to think about Afah doing this alone. Or just him and her aunt and uncles, so sad and scared.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Xanathos leaves for Promenade - Section A.
Roana leaves for Promenade - Section A.


Xanathos taps a control by General Ward and it opens.
The door leading to General Ward slides open.
The door leading to Surgical Suite slides open.
Roana leaves for Surgical Suite - Station Infirmary.

Surgical Suite - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
A single surgical bed sits in the middle of this small room, heavy medical equipment sitting to the side for easy access use. A replicator is placed in the bulkhead for the replication of medical supplies and small equipment.

Xanathos arrives from Station Infirmary.

Stasis Pod
A sleek, silver pod, roughly the size of an adult humanoid. It has a series of panels and screens inlaid on its surface which monitor the condition of the pod's occupant, as well as the status of the stasis field. The pod can be fitted to a standard biobed, and can be maneuvered by a series of hovermotors on the bottom which can be activated with a touch. When the privacy cover is retracted, a transparent aluminum panel reveals the still form of the occupant, surrounded by a shimmering blue and white field.

The door leading to Infirmary slides closed.

Xanathos has a short talk with the staff, before leading the two into the Surgical Suite. he pauses just inside of the room, eyes focused on the Pod, his expression unreadable at the moment.

Muireann wanders in with the pair and looks over the pod with worry. "It's not even a biobed..." she whispers. Fear grips her that this isn't going to be the easy recovery that has been assured.

The ward is quiet, the family given some privacy by the nurse who gives them all a sympathetic look before she moves off, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible. The room has already been cleared of whatever equipment was in use, and the pod rests on top of the biobed. Beneath the transparent cover, and the blue-white swirl of the stasis field, Seryl merely looks as if she's sleeping, arms lax at her side, head slightly turned, brow ever so slightly furrowed. Kyle takes a few quick breaths. "No, but....she's not going to get any worse, right? And once they know what happened, they can just fix her. That's...that's what always happens." That's how it's supposed to happen. Doctors are always supposed to wave a tricorder and make things better.

Xanathos sets a hand on the pod, looking down at the form within. "She looks peaceful." There is almost a little bit of a smile at that. "I do hope she has pleasant dreams."

Muireann wraps her arms around Xanathos, digging her head into his shoulder. "They had to put her in stasis..." she whispers, but loud enough for both of them to hear, and echoing many of Kyle's concerns. "Why couldn't they just fix her up?"

Roana stands next to her afah and places a hand on the lid, near where amah's hand is, on the other wise. "The last thing she knew she was in your store, so I know she was happy," she says, trying to reassure the others. And Prophets, herself. "I think, whatever's wrong is just really, really hard to fix. Maybe they don't want to make anything worse."

"They have been trying for a bit. Even before I was told. What ever it is seems to be stubborn. Something about bits of her being stuck in the past." Xanathos lifts his hand from the pod and sets is on Muireann, "She'll get better, its just going to take a little time. This will make sure she isn't in pain, that nothing gets worse until then. Of course we are going to have to make sure she has a nice happy family to wake up to when she does. I'm sure I can rely on both of you to make sure that happens."

Muireann nods slowly, still looking quite sad as she gazes upon the stasis pod. "I guess..." she comments softly, wiping away the wetness from her mascara-covered cheeks, smearing it further. "I trust you," she finally says, but sighs as looks upon the stasis pod, not wanting to get too close.

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