The Truffle that Got Away (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
  • Spacedock: Saith & Soah Coffeehouse, Central Arboretum
11 January 2017
Saith & Soah Coffeehouse [Spacedock]
<< Yellow Alert >>
The smell of coffee and chocolate overwhelms the senses as you enter through the glass doors from the station's promenade, a little brass-colored bell attached high on the door dings whenever it is opened-- a purely novel gadget, surely. This is a small place, quite modest in appearance and setting. No more than three small tables sit overlooking windows to the bustling commerce area outside, windows that are partially obstructed by a display of boxes of tea and large bags of gourmet Rihannsu coffee.

Jev briskly strides in with but a look to other patrons naught. He is hard to his task. Defiant of distractions. He orders a coffee, and a tea, and some chocolate treats - to go.

R'sta looks more pointedly at the younger officer and the boxes. Yeah, something's up with her. "All you should require is a botanical authorization to have a small grow bed. It will save you money in the long run." She then approaches the counter and orders a single box of mixed teas, including bajoran. "...Was starting to think the only others of my kind I'd see would be enlisted or merchants."

M'ku hides the boxes behind her back as she turns to the other Caitian.. "...Sir..", he pipes up, standing at attention.. well, as close a she can with boxes of catnip tea hid behind her back.. "Sir.. Evening Sir!".. clearly frazzled from the way he tail is lashing behind her. She looks like a kit caught with her hand in the snack bin

Apparently while waiting Jev decided to catch on to his surroundings after all, "Don't waste your time Ensign. Commander Kit---R'sta--- here is far too keen for such shenanigans." A grumpy man behind the counter indicates to Jev that his order is ready. He retrieves a to-go tray with a coffee and a tea, and small platter of chocolate treats. After thanking the man, he turns to leave but sees Olivia and stays put.

Olivia walk-skips into the coffee shop and spots the man she's been on the lookout for, plus a few others. She twiddles her fingers at Jev, and then focuses her attention on the others. "Good evening all, I hope everyone is doing well tonight."

R'sta has an eye and ear twitch moment with Jev's little announcement. If this was any other time, she'd have something to rebuke with. But she's in a brooding state and it seems she wasn't up to being playful or serious. "Or you don't know me well enough yet, Jev." She sighs and returns to the Ensign. "It's just tea. Acting like it's some 'personal time' plaything you're trying to hide from your own mother would not help." And the local party grows while she's occupied. And with a voice she remembers from Tenazra. That helps the mood, a little. A little relief.

M'ku move the boxes from behind her back to hold in front.. "Yes'm.. ", she offers, drifting into a submissive posture. She takes a step away from the counter, looking to Jev and Olivia.. The insides of her ears flush pink.. looking to see if any of the others in the shop notice her embarrassment.

Senka arrives from The Pavilion - Inner Ring A.

In the intimate atmosphere that is the friendly neighborhood coffee shop; whose atmosphere is infused with the delightful aroma of coffees and teas of varying flavours; Jev stands near the ordering counter, facing the door way, holding a tray with a couple of drinks and a platter of chocolates. Off to the side is M'ku, being submissive in the vicinity of R'sta, holding a couple boxes. Olivia has just entered moments before the Vulcan. Jev simply returns a nod to R'sta in acknowledgement of whatever she said to him before Senka entered, but his primary focus is on Olivia, who he greets warmly, "I thought I'd grab you a tea?" he shrugs, "Do you like tea?" He half-turns to the counter, "I can order you something else if you like!"

Olivia steps forward and rests a hand on Jev's shoulder, keeping him from turning quickly. "I love tea, you don't have to get something else. What else do you have there?" She asks, bending slightly to sniff at the chocolate on the tray.

R'sta finally receives her box and pays the attendant. For the moment it looked like she had what she came for...until she decided to sit down and stare at her box of tea. "Well...Since we're here. There's plenty of sitting room." She points at the more loaded down Cait to sit before pulling a padd out to do a little reading. "There's coffees, teas, hot chocolate maybe."

M'ku settles in a seat obediently, following R'sta's direction as if she was still back in the Temple she grew up in.. " dont.. object?", looking down at her boxes of tea.. "..of Nepeta cataria?" she adds softly.. glancing up at R'sta, ready for disapproval.

The Vulcan enters the coffee house and takes in the various scenes on view. He nods to the felinoids, but since they're quite obviously in discussion, he just leaves it at a nod. "Miss Locke," he greets the Betazoid. "It is agreeable to see you again. I trust you have been well?" He nods to Jev. "I trust the sonic showers remain in working order aboard the ShiKahr, Lieutenant?" He greets the onetime midshipman. When it's his turn to order he asks for a Romulan latte. Adding more credits to the pile, he quietly instructs the barista that any unpaid orders from this lot should be deducted from this amount, and if all orders are paid for, refills will be covered by this amount. It's done as quietly and unpretentiously as he can manage, before he goes in search of a table.

"I told you I make him laugh," Jev whispers to Olivia. He then points to the tray, "These are assorted chocolate truffles. I was going to bring them to you, but lucky me, you came here." He grabs the cup of tea from the to-go tray and offers it to Olivia.

Olivia takes the offered cup and sniffs at it before taking a drink. "Never had them." She says, gazing at the truffles and poking at them with a finger. "Are they good?" She asks, glancing quickly at Senka before she faces Jev again. "So we going to drink coffee here or somewhere else?"

R'sta looks again at the other Cait's boxes. "Nepeta what?" Oh... Um. Okay, its her turn to be briefly pink. Keyword, briefly. "I've never touched them in my life, and I don't think I'd start now. Do I object? No. You aren't my blood kin and therefore what you do in your off-duty time isn't any of my business." Guess this comes with age. Or at least it does for her. "But again, since we're not in the best of situations outside these walls, I'd suggest you grow your own for tea making. Whatever saves resources and money." She scans the collection of officers, including Senka and...ow. She read the report, but that's still cringe worthy to see in person. Er... Right. Conversation. "So I take it you are a starship operations type judging by the starburst gold you're sporting."

M'ku fidgets, still feeling she's under the eyes of an Elder, or at least, a family member. She continues to blush, offering a weak smile to R'sta.. the 'do what you want, I dont care'.. aspect only seeming to make her more self-conscious of her recent purchase..

Jev grabs a small truffle from off the tray and pushes it to Olivia's mouth, "Try it," he says with a smirk. "I'm easy. We can stay here, or change the scenery." He bows his head, ostensibly to scratch his nose on his shoulder - what, with his hands full and all - but an acute observer would clearly see this as a subtle attempt to make sure the sonic showers on his ship are indeed working, as he takes a quick little sniff. He peers for the briefest of moments back at Senka. The showers are working.

Olivia opens her mouth to accept the truffle when it gets stuffed in there. She chews, her head tilted slightly to the side as she considers it. "Not bad, different." She says, reaching for another as she takes hold of Jev's arm. "Lets go to the flower place, there will be lots of places perfect for tea consuming."

"Sounds good to me," Jev replies to his interlocutor. He begins walking her out, but not without a turn of the head to Senka, a sticking out of the tongue, followed by a jocular wink and a grin. "The horizon, Mr. Senka!"

Central Arboretum [Spacedock]
<< Yellow Alert >>
The arboretum located at the center of the civilian recreation deck is not only an enormous garden for a wide variety flora, but it is also a refuge for endangered species of plants. Civilian and off-duty Starfleet botanists alike maintain the arboretum. Winding and curving paths lead through the arboretum; benches are located at various locations throughout the arboretum. A steam also flows throughout the arboretum, and a small waterfall is located at one of the deepest parts within the arboretum.

Somewhere along the way here, Jev dispensed with the to-go tray and now merely holds his coffee cup and the platter.

Olivia comes to a sudden stop and climbs up on the bench, taking a sip of her cup. "I'm glad you got to come to the Station." She hops down and sits where her feet just were. "Let me have another of those truffle thingers."

Jev places the platter on the bench beside Olivia and sits on its other side, taking one himself and testing it. He makes a bit of a face, "Kind of powdery, aren't they?" After swallowing he elaborates on the visit, "It was lucky, I suppose. I was of the opinion we would not be returning any time soon. A few days ago they flew our surgeon here on an auxiliary craft. Then the Captain arrived back to the ship earlier this evening with a new crew member." He takes a small sip of his coffee before continuing, "Next thing I knew we were heading here."

"Maybe someone died." Olivia says, trying not to grin at Jev. "Glad it happened though." She picks up a truffle and after a squint, aims at a colorful bunch of flowers. She hurls the powdery treat and one of the flowers suddenly lies down. "Bullseye!"

A bit more serious than his typical demeanor, Jev rolls his lips in slightly, "It's Senka. They're trying to help him with the.....hand...situation?" Eyes follow the truffle as it knocks the flower down and he laughs, "Nice shot!" He grabs one himself, "What do I get if I hit that one over there?" aiming at a purple tulip-looking flower.

"I hope they can help him, that missing hand makes me wince every time I see it." Olivia mutters quietly before she takes a breath. "If you can hit that flower, you can eat the last truffle." She glances down at the pair and then glances at Jev. "Or you can have a smooch."

"No pressure..." Jev murmurs. He narrows his eyes upon his target. He takes aim with the small treat, moving his hand bank and forth a little in preparation to throw. He tosses the truffle. It sails over the target and hits a young man in the head. "Oh shit!" He sweeps the platter and remaining truffles off the bench to the floor and quickly crosses his legs and plants his hands clasped on over his knee. When the young man looks back, Jev shrugs his shoulders and acts oblivious.

Olivia glances behind the bench at the platter and starts to laugh, bending over as her shoulders shake. "You..that..right on his head!" She tries to breathe and snorts as she shakes her head. When the young man stares at her she sits up and waves at him merrily. "You've got a little something.." She gestures at a spot on her head and immediately starts to laugh again.

Jev grins and springs up, taking Olivia by the arm and pulling her along. He gives the man a little embarrassed wave, and moves with Olivia down a path around the garden toward the waterfall. "Whoops," he whispers.

"That was great!" Olivia whispers loudly, linking arms with Jev. "You missed, I didn't think you'd miss."

Jev turns his head to look at Olivia as they walk together and smiles wryly, "Or *did* I?" Yes...yes he did. "You know, we have a fantastic arboretum on the ship. It's huge. Takes up a whole deck of its own." He turns his head back to see where he's going and steers them down a fork toward the waterfall. "For a largely military outfit, they sure seem to take great interest in our comfort."

"Well it is in their best interest to keep you all happy so you don't revolt." Olivia says, gazing at Jev with a serene smile. She points out the waterfall and tugs gently on his arm. "That looks like a place I saw while I was down on Earth."

Jev slows to a stop and takes in the sight for a moment. A couple of silent breaths pass before he speaks again, "I remember Earth being quite full of beautiful little places. It's been a couple years since I was last there." He begins walking again, bringing them closer to the attraction and the bench nearest. The sound of falling water acting as white noise to drown out the other sounds of the large room, and their voices from others' ears. He allows Olivia to sit first and asks her, "How do you make a decision?" Despite the surface inanity of the question, he sounds quite earnest in its asking, though it lacks some necessary context to make it a complete thought.

"It's easy." Olivia settles on the bench and crosses her legs. "I always give myself three options for anything I want to do." She leans against Jev and grins. "I only allow myself to debate the options for a specific amount of time. Big decisions get five days, and down from there." She eyes him and leans closer, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Why do you ask?"

With a small innocent shrug, Jev responds, "Just seems like something we should know about each other." He smiles, looking away from the waterfall to meet the eyes of the woman, "Doesn't it? Doesn't that seem like an important detail to know about someone? More so than their taste in music or food?" After looking her in the eyes for a silent moment after that, he follows-up, "And after your internal debate, what motivates your final choice? Personal conviction? Emotional weight? Some other calculation?"

"Depends on the decision. You kind of have to sprinkle all of that in anything big." Olivia looks lost in thought as she absently reaches out to stroke a flower. "I can say that I always try to do what's right, but honestly, what is right depends on who you're talking to at any given time." She bumps Jev with her shoulder and sighs. "It's mostly personal conviction. There are just some things that I would never do, nor allow to be done around me."

Jev's interest doesn't waiver as Olivia speaks. He nods along with what she is saying and seems satisfied enough that the question has been answered. Without being prompted, he goes ahead and answers it himself as well, thinking it's only fair, "I'd say the vast majority of my decisions are informed by an ideology and set of principles - not the least of which would be the various codes and regulations I've bound myself to by joining Starfleet. Beyond that - the hard ones..." his gaze moves slowly off in the direction of the waterfall as he searches for the proper wording of what to say next, "...I seem to divide the situation by those who would be affected most by any given outcome. And ultimately I choose the path which benefits the most concerned." He chuckles and murmurs, "Which of course includes myself in that calculation."

Olivia watches Jev as he speaks and after he finishes speaking she quietly asks. "What kinds of codes and regulations do you hold yourself to?" She asks a curious look on her face.

"Well, that's easy enough," Jev explains, "We have regulations that guide our action and behavior in Starfleet. They are in the manual!" he grins and looks back to Olivia, "You know? 'Don't desert a fellow officer', 'Don't do anything to endanger your ship' - I'm paraphrasing of course." He quickly adds, "'Never allow a pretty girl to get bored'" before poking a playful finger at her rib cage.

Olivia squirms and bats at Jev's hand. "I can say with all honesty that I've never been bored around you." She says sincerely, pouting her lips and shifting in her seat. "At least Starfleet makes sure that you have someone watching your back."

Jev points out, "That's also a nuisance some times." He turns his body to face Olivia, lifting his thigh to rest on the bench and placing his elbow on the top of the bench's back support and resting his cheek against a closed fist, "What do you want from life, Olivia?"

"I want people to remember me. I mean, there are lots of ways to do it. I can be famous, loved or ..have family who will remember me." Olivia glances sideways at Jev and then flushes red. "Nobody wants to be obscure and forgotten, you know?"

Jev's smile has at this point faded to a smaller, contented expression, but grown in its earnestness. He nods slightly as Olivia answers the question, "I can see that," he returns. "Oblivion is a fate worse than death to a lot of people I've met."

"When I was little though, I wanted my own planet, and a castle." Olivia takes a moment and sighs. "I'm kind of glad that I grew out of that because the upkeep would probably be silly, you know?"

"Way more trouble than it's worth, I'm sure!" Jev chuckles softly, "Not to mention the serfs you'd have to keep pleased enough to prevent from rioting." He studies Olivia's face in a playful manner, "You seem magnanimous enough to manage *that* though."

"Serfs always riot. Then you give them bread and they riot for cupcakes." Olivia sticks her tongue out at Jev and shrugs a shoulder. "Until this war happened, I was just going to study, train and find something useful to do" She smiles at Jev and scoots closer to him. "Now, I'm just happy to wake up and the Dominion isn't outside."

Jev takes his hand from his cheek and moves it down to run his fingers through Olivia's hair. "I'm just happy to wake up," he repeats, followed by a widening of his expression into a smile.

Olivia closes her eyes and she smiles at Jev's gesture. "You're going to wake up every day for a while now, I imagine." Her eyes open and she fixes her gaze on him. "So what other things do you try to find out about a person? What else can I find out about you?"

If there's one thing Darian does well, it's look someone in the eyes, and he does that now, even as he silently thinks of his response. He takes a slow, affected inhale, as if in preparation to say something profound and revelatory, "You've been to Earth..." he begins slowly, and solemnly. "Do you like tacos?" he stifles a snort of laughter, and uses his free hand to cover his mouth and nose.

"I don't know how you can go to Earth and not like tacos. It's the perfect combination, and the way it's put together is serendipity." Olivia catches herself and shoves playfully at Jev, snickering. "Honestly? The best food can be found on Earth, it's probably why I like to visit down there so much."

Jev holds up his hands in self-defense, "Okay okay!" he laughs. He puts his elbow back on the edge of the top of the bench and his cheek back on his fist, "What do you want to know?" "Why Starfleet?" Olivia frowns and she turns to lean against the back of the bench, fully facing Jev. "Who are you protecting?"

"I honestly don't think the majority of us joined out of a desire to protect and serve," Jev says flatly. "It seems to be a concept that grows on you after you join...well, me, at least." He scratches under his eye with an index finger as he continues, "I can't really answer this question, to be honest. It was largely impulsive. Largely inquisitive. I think part of me recognized I needed a more rigid, structured career path than my other options -- I can go off in all directions some times. Part of me wanted to be at the forefront of technical advances." He smiles softly, "I'd be lying if I didn't say part of me just wants to be glorified -- an embarrassing part of me, but a part of me nonetheless." He changes his voice to sound mockingly noble, "For the glory." He sighs before admitting, "And then there's a certain apathy connected with not knowing what I wanted - so why not this?"

"From what I've seen of you a lot of what you do is born of being impulsive." Olivia leans forward a bit and whispers loudly. "Keeps a person on their toes, you know that?" She straightens up and continues in a normal tone of voice. "So when the next impulse strikes you could be off doing who knows what, at least Starfleet isn't a life time career if you choose otherwise. There are some outfits who want service for life."

"I may be impulsive, but I'm also loyal," Jev responds in a voice that seems to both be meant to address the point, and also address what he perceived to have been a veiled concern regarding his character. He cants his head slightly so that his fist now supports his head at the temple. Despite the scenery and the conversation and the questions his eyes have not left Olivia's.

"Will you walk me home, Lieutenant?" Olivia coyly asks, with emphasis on his rank. She impulsively leans forward and plants a lingering kiss on Jev's cheek before sitting back a bit and speaking in a lilting undertone. "You're not the only one who can be impulsive, you know.."

Jev nods, smiles, and stands. He offers his hand to Olivia.

Olivia gets to her feet and she takes Jev's hand. "I'm glad things managed to work in a way that brought you here tonight." She says as they start to walk. "I was trying to write out some coherent letter, but I felt like I was in exams again, it was stressful."

Jev interlocks his fingers with hers as they stroll back toward the outer ring, "I know what you mean. Letters are hard." He turns his head and smiles, "I'm happy it worked out too."

"I am going to write though, even if it's just some inane burble about my day." Olivia says, a serious look on her face as her brow furrows. "If nothing else to just let you know that I thought about you, and wanted you to know something going on here."

Jev looks back ahead to watch where he's walking, "That -- I would love that," he says.

Olivia dances ahead and pulls on Jev, giggling as she almost dances along the path. "You'll write back too, right? Helps me know that you haven't blown up your entire ship."

Jev laughs while the woman dances in front of him and quickens his pace to keep up, "Of course! I look forward to it, actually. It can get quite lonely on a ship."

Olivia pulls Jev towards the stairs and she sleepily babbles as she walks. "You have to make sure you write back, or call. No reason to be lonely, right?"

"Yes, yes. Don't worry. I'm locked in." Jev chuckles.

Olivia stands near the entrance to her foyer and she squints at Jev for a moment, shifting from one foot to another. "Locked in, are you?" An impish grin shows for a moment before she wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a smacking kiss.

Involuntarily, Darian's hands place themselves on Olivia's waist. He smiles at the playfulness of the kiss and withdraws himself momentarily to look at her face. He nods, "Yeah..." pulling his lower lip between his teeth for a brief moment, "locked in." He pulls her closer and presses his lips to hers. His right hand moves to comb into her hair. The gentle pressure, for him, begins a discharge of a year's worth of tribulation, and this makes him greedy. His lips part to overlap on her bottom lip, and like a current meeting the ground, a wave of guarded pent up emotion floods forward, then he moves off - tilting his forehead to press to hers, "Uhm...Yes..." he hesitates before speaking, "I'll write you."

Olivia has a dreamy look on her face as she backs away from Jev, her eyes on his as she almost stumbles to the door. "" She pauses, trying to get something out, but gives up and waves, the whimsical grin still on her face as she turns to run through her door.

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