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IC Date: Wed Feb 9 2405

The INW logo fades and the screen briefly fills with the image of Justice Boulevard in the city of Ra'tleihfi, ch'Rihan. The camera quickly zooms in on the image of a male Rihanha in civilian garb.

"This is Vrihtaen-tr'Radiak reporting for INW. We have just arrived on location in Ra'tleihfi following what must be described as 'bureaucratic shuffling' in the customs center here on one of the Rihannsu home worlds. Just a few days ago this city and, for all intents and purposes, the entire Rihannsu Star Empire, fell into a state of confusion when none other than Mandukar'us i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Hlaveen, martyred Fvillha of the Empire, appear in Bloodwing Tavern just behind me and announced that he was resuming his office."

The camera pans over to the Bloodwing, then back to the reporter.

"While details are still sketchy, based on the brief speech made by the Fvillha, which was broadcast throughout the Empire, he has accused current Fvillha Llaerh tr'Aegis of plotting his assassination on d'Mnhiea Outpost 12 years ago AND attempting to complete the act just recent when he discovered that Fvillha tr'Hlaveen was still alive. Perhaps even more startling, Fvillha tr'Aegis has not denied that the man who appeared in Bloodwing Tavern was Fvillha tr'Hlaveen but has instead blamed the assassination attempt on a faction within Starfleet, whom he says has been hiding Fvillha tr'Hlaveen all these years since. Several anonymous sources have contacted our offices claiming that instead factions within the Tal Shiar or Galae have been harboring Fvillha tr'Hlaveen since his 'assassination'. Regardless, it appears that Mandukar'us i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Hlaveen is alive!"

The camera now pans to show the famous estate of the hfihar s'Khnialmnae, with the reporters voice heard in the background.

"If the rebuttal put forth by Fvillha tr'Aegis today has done anything, it's further stoked the flames of the growing activity here in the capital city. Perhaps in response to tr'Aegis' claim that the hfihrnn have made no move to support Fvillha tr'Hlaveen, the hru'hfirh of s'Kheriov and s'Hlaveen met today with their s'Khnialmnae counterpart on the grounds of the s'Khnialmnae estate. The presence of Praetorian guards on the same grounds seems to indicate that s'Khnialmnae is currently playing host to Fvillha tr'Hlaveen. And while the back of s'Hlaveen was assumed, the hru'hfirh being the vadii of Fvillha tr'Hlaveen, the backing of s'Kheriov wasn't certain at first despite the public support he'd received from Enriov Maec tr'Kheriov and Tagor Aekhifv tr'Kheriov. It appears the allegiances of these two key houses, known to dominate the ranks of the Galae, may have shifted away from Fvillha tr'Aegis. Spokesmen for the hfihrnn could not be reached at the time of this report."

The screen blinks and now shows another large estate, this one not immediately recognizable.

"In contrast, the powerful Tal Shiar affiliated hfihar s'Llhaenn is remaining tight lipped and the hfihar grounds have been sealed to outsides after a massive influx of members overnight. Experts expect that s'Llhaenn won't abandon Fvillha tr'Aegis so quickly, given the growth in influence and wealth they've experienced under this regime. A request for official comment was denied and this reporter was instructed to walk away from the estate grounds by a set of heavily armed house guards."

The screen shifts again to show the reporter standing in front of Bloodwing Tavern once more.

"In perhaps the oddest turn of events, Fvillha tr'Aegis has chastised Fvillha tr'Hlaveen for not requesting the approval of the Senate to return. The experts on Rihannsu politics and history that we were able to reach were baffled by this, as tr'Aegis himself has become well known for his neutering of the Senate during his first years in office. Most political analysts seem to agree that for the past few years he's used the government body as a means of rewarding loyal lackeys and that the hfihrnn, both major and minor, regard the current Senate with distaste.

"One thing is certain - ch'Rihan is alive with excitement over the events of the past few days. Surprisingly there has been little violence at this point, with a few arrests made to disperse crowds near Fvillha tr'Aegis' office and several more around the s'Khnialmnae estate as police attempted to clear away the crowds of tr'Hlaveen supporters gathered there who have made traffic in the area horrendous. I'm Vrihtaen tr'Radiak, reporting for INW - we'll deliver the story as it unfolds, so don't forget to tune in."

The screen fades to the INW logo.

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