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Game Theme

Stardate 44000.4: The Federation starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain William T. Riker, failed to recover Captain Picard and destroy the Borg cube. Instead, the cube assimilated Earth, turning Sector 001 into another Borg colony world.

With the seat of the Federation now in ruin, the rest of the Federation members moved quickly, calling out to every neighboring race, asking for assistance. The next target on the Borg's agenda was Vulcan, and while Starfleet did it's best to fend off the incoming cube, it was the Klingon High Council which acted to save the lives of over a billion Vulcan citizens, by evacuating them from their homes.

After the assimilation of Vulcan, it was clear that each of the Federation member worlds could easily be their next target. It was then that K'mpec came forward with the might of the Klingon Empire and took the reins of the remaining mobile forces, including Starfleet (what was left of it). The surviving members of the makeshift Federation Council voted unanimously to accept the Empire's leadership, by forming a new body of government: the Galaxy Alliance.

Stardate 44505: With the Galaxy Alliance stretching its sphere of influence, the Borg continued to assimilate planets, under the direction of Locutus (former Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard). The Borg 'hot' zone grew day by day. After the assimilation of Andor and Alpha V, neighboring races and governments felt their security was highly threatened by this incursion into the Alpha quadrant.

High-ranking members of the Rihannsu Stelam Empire, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Commerce Authority, and the Bajoran government approached the Galaxy Alliance at its new homeworld of Qo'nos with a proposal: Ally to survive. With these new Alliance members, the Grand Council found it necessary to reinstate the Starfleet charter, the combined talents of all the races were found to provide a unique group from which to draw resources, both physical and mental.

Within six months, new vessels were being produced at shipyards across the Alliance. The first of these was named for the first starship to fall at the battle of Wolf 359: the starship USS Kyuushu (Kyuushu class). This new class benefitted from Federation propulsion, Cardassian shielding, a Rihannsu cloaking device, and a Klingon hull compound.

Stardate 46001: Over twenty-five Kyuushu class vessels met the Borg cube at Cirrius Prime, where one of the largest Terran colonies was in danger of being assimilated. The combined might of this new Starfleet plus the remaining vessels of the old governments were enough to do damage to the cube, destroying it completely.

The Galaxy Alliance Grand Council declared a weeklong celebration, and across the quadrant, parties and parades ensued. Unfortunately, while granting this respite to the fighting, the Council knew that this war was far from over. On Stardate 46002, in the face of this new year, the Galaxy Alliance is the last line between life and assimilation. Differences have been long forgotten, a common goal lighting the way toward what could be a grand future that would've given meaning to all the deaths and assimilations in the Federation... "... but that future can only come with victory, and nothing less than victory. We /must/ win!" (Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Gowron, on Stardate 46001.29, immediately after declaring victory in Cirrius Prime)

Stardate 49601: After the loss of Terok Nor in the Bajor Sector only weeks ago, the fleet of Starfleet vessels confronted the last remnants of the Borg forces in Sector 001, and ended the war decisively. The only downside to the victory was the loss of the planet Vulcan, and that Andor and Earth were both environmentally unsound.

With the war over, Starfleet, under the guidance of the Galaxy Alliance, has begun to return to the ways of old, with the exploration and patrol programs mandated. The moment of pause requires the galaxy to take a moment to celebrate the victory of the might of the Alliance members to pull together and overcome an obstacle like the Borg. However, now the Alliance has begun to fight amongst themselves as before... and perhaps it is only time before the next big conflict: Civil War.

Theme is based upon ideas/concepts belonging to Todd James.

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