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tiQ'ab, Daughter of KoraQ
Character Overview
Rank: 2410 SF O-6a.png
Title: Chief of Starfleet Security
Status: Alive
Race: Klingon
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 2348
Place of Birth: Maranga IV
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Command)
Parents: KoraQ (Father)
QuowI' (Mother)
Siblings: Several
Spouse: None
Children: To'raQ (b. 2429)
OOC Information
Played By: Laura London

tiQ'ab, Daughter of KoraQ, is the Chief of Starfleet Security. She resides on Spacedock in Sol Sector with her son.



tiQ'ab, daughter of KoraQ, first child to the House, was born on the far Klingon outpost Maranga IV, deep in the heart of the Empire's domain. There was some disdain from her family in her younger years, that their first born was female, urging her further to prove herself, even as their second child, a male and heir to their House, came into being.

However, she insisted to still be trained as a warrior, which despite being female, was not frowned upon. Blade in hand, she fought, sweated, bled, and screamed out her defiance as she grew as a person. As she grew into an mature adult and was permitted to complete the Rite of Ascension at the age of 13, she decided to join the Klingon Defense Force to prove her Klingon honor was great, as well as a political move to get out of what might have been considered a threat to her younger brother's honor by her fierceness and intent.

With her smarts, as well as female nature, she was placed in an Operational standpoint, although unfortunately aboard some of the less-honorable vessels of the Fleet. From low warrior-level ranks, she found herself handling many of the supply and logistics areas of the ship, and managing the mess. However, as she continued into her latter teenage years, she found herself in a position that would change her life.

The Borg had become a threat to both the Alpha and Beta quadrants, threatening Qo'noS and all she had thought was her universe. The Federation was in shambles, Starfleet nearly destroyed, particularly at their massive loss of ships at 359, and the Klingons stepped in to take the reins. Being only a few years into her warrior rank, and the need to stretch out to become a more massive force, she was immediately given an entrance exam and accepted as an officer, placed into a higher position of overseeing the operations and support sections of the ship as a newly minted, as Starfleet put it, Ensign. She was seventeen years old.

By the time the Battle of Cirrus Prime occurred, she had made her way to Lieutenant (Junior Grade), serving as an operations officer aboard an Alliance vessel, and putting her mettle to the test versus the Borg. Some of the most fierce battles she had ever experienced to that point, and they were done alongside Terrans, Vulcans, even Romulans. It both disgusted her and drove her, and she continued to serve honorably.

Her vessel could not reach the initial August assault of Bajor, however they prepared for the retaking, joining the fleet that made its way back there in September 2371, so far from her home in the Beta quadrant.

As the Borg War wore down and Starfleet undergoes a number of changes, her position on the ships began to stagnate, and she requested transfer to border patrol for the sake of activity, action and intensity. The whole military began to feel sterile, so tainted by the peaceful Federation, and even moreso as the Romulans and Cardassians seceeded.

At the point the Breen War finally began in 2380, she had earned full Lieutenant, not anticipating the quickness of ranks given by good merit by the softer and shorter-lived Terrans and their Starfleet. But even by those standards, she had sat for her rank for some time. Although she had fought with intense heat, and served her position well, she regularly ended up serving under non-Klingons, resulting in misunderstanding about her brashness, and leading into stagnation. This continued into the Civil War.

Although very intelligent, her eyes failed to see the truth in the Civil War, and she followed where her heart guided her, the more militaristic, more "Klingon", loyalist forces. There was a threat, it wasn't her, and she had to face it, particularly when the soft Federation types called for a cut in funding even as they still captured a recent strange Breen heavy cruiser not but a month prior.

Even as she earns a promotion to Lieutenant Commander at the end of the war, finding out that she was decieved by her own superiors put a high level of dishonor on her heart, and though accepting the medals for the engagements performed, she resigned, and returned to Qo'noS to search herself.

The return of the Borg a few years later caught her attention and her lust for that redemption she needed. Requesting to rejoin Starfleet, her commission was reactivated at Lieutenant Commander, and as Chief Operations Officer aboard her new assignment, she quickly returned to the groove to recapture the feeling of true battle like she had experienced upon entering the new Starfleet. She fought above Ferasa, but unfortunately was left out of the battle that finally ended the Borg skirmishes of the late 24th century.

The Tzenkethi War, not far behind the last battles, helped fuel this further, particularly with the Tzenkethi's own intense warmongering. At completion of the war, she was promoted to Commander and reached her first command position as an executive officer.

She is given several commendations for her performance, heavily focused at the task at hand and her own honor. And perhaps far too much so. As executive officer of the Nebula-II class USS Black Prince, one generation removed from the latest off the line, things were going very well, until behind the back of her Bolian captain and specifically against the orders she was given behind closed doors regarding the situation, she ordered the ship to pursue a questionable trader through Crysalian space. The backlash and fight for power went to the bridge as the Captain discovered the border they crossed against his direct order. There is no whispering, no hiding to the Klingons, and so her brashness being so clear on the bridge, in addition to violation of the direct order she was given, immediately caused her to be placed on hold and shovelled off. The orders, to her, made no sense. They were dumb to her, granting no honor to their vessel if they let it go without proper scans and surveillance. Defending herself to the end, from words to growls, she was demoted, a black mark being placed on her career, and taking her back to the gold and placed away from any point where she can violate sovereign space: a station.

Service Record

Rank Stardate Month/Year Event
KDF pre-2366 E-1.png -- MAY 2361 Enlisted: Warrior 2nd Class, Klingon Defense Force.
KDF pre-2366 E-2.png -- JUN 2362 Promotion: Warrior 1st Class, Klingon Defense Force.
KDF pre-2366 E-3.png -- FEB 2365 Promotion: Corporal, Klingon Defense Force.
2366 SF O-1 SVC.png -- JUN 2366 Promotion: Ensign (O-1) (Wartime Commission).
2366 SF O-2 SVC.png -- DEC 2367 Promotion: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2).
Y-o3.png -- SEP 2379 Promotion: Lieutenant (O-3).
Y-o4.png -- OCT 2389 Promotion: Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
Y-o4.png -- JAN 2390 Retired: Lieutenant Commander (O-4) following Freedom War.
Y-o4.png 71851.5 NOV 2394 Reactivated: Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
Y-o4.png 71851.5 NOV 2394 Assigned: Vessel in Ferasan Fleet as Chief Operations Officer.
R-o5.png 77282.2 APR 2400 Promotion: Commander (O-5).
R-o5.png 77282.2 APR 2400 Assigned: USS Black Prince (NCC-82202) as Executive Officer.
Y-o4.png 79756.9 OCT 2402 Demotion: Lieutenant Commander (O-4) following reprimand.
Y-o4.png 79887.9 NOV 2402 Assigned: Spacedock as Chief Operations Officer under CAPT Aron E. Amadeus.
Y-o4.png 82208.9 MAR 2405 Assigned: USS Triton (NCC-74928) as Chief Operations Officer under CDR John Richter.
R-o4.png 85673.8 MAR 2408 Assigned: USS Indomitable (NCC-64005) as Second Officer under CAPT Ael'Ihhuein Adamson.
2410 SF O-4.png 85673.8 NOV 2411 Assigned: USS Yorktown (NCC-90014) as Executive Officer under CAPT Zolanna Gage.
2410 SF O-4.png 89617.7 AUG 2412 Assigned: USS Yorktown (NCC-90014) as Executive Officer under CAPT M'hrr.
2410 SF O-5.png 90434.1 JUN 2413 Promotion: Commander (O-5).
2410 SF O-5.png 92298.7 APR 2415 Assigned: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) as Executive Officer under CAPT M'hrr.
2410 SF O-5.png 94885.7 NOV 2417 Assigned: Deep Space Nine Officer Pool.
2410 SF O-5.png 95315.3 APR 2418 Assigned: Starfleet Academy as an instructor under the Commandant of Cadets, CAPT M'hrr.
2410 SF O-6.png 108010.8 JAN 2431 Promotion: Captain (O-6).
2410 SF O-6a.png 116723.3 SEP 2439 Promotion: Admiralty Candidacy - Commodore (O-6A).
2410 SF O-6a.png 116723.3 SEP 2439 Appointment: Chief of Starfleet Security, Spacedock, Sol Sector.


Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png Meritorious-service-medal.png
Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Good-conduct-medal.png
Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-g.png Academy-instructor-service-ribbon.png Borg-war-ribbon.png
Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom-war-ribbon.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon.png
Row 1 Defense Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal
Row 2 Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement Good Conduct Medal
Row 3 Milky Way Exploration Ribbon (GQ) Academy Instructor Service Ribbon Borg War Ribbon
Row 4 Breen War Ribbon Freedom War Ribbon Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Enterprise-G New Bajor Mission (RP Log) 25 August 2012 Barrien, Ito, Korin, Rayner, Sagewood, tiQ'ab
Warriors (RP Log) 31 August 2016 Sselon, tiQ'ab
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