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Arleon Tiik
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
2410 SF O-4.png
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Race: Orion
Gender: Male
Spouse: Kame-Tiik Alhe
Child: Ahsoren Kame-Tiik

Arleon Tiik is the Chief Helm Officer aboard USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101).



This emerald man stands at six foot six, a towering presence with a very fit, muscular frame. His facial structure is rather attractive, with a chiseled jaw, high cheek bones, and deep green eyes, almost black, staring out from a slender but masculine nose. Thick black hair, glistening with a green tint, falls straight, down to his shoulders and is often tied back and out of the way.


Well now, since you asked so nicely, I suppose I could tell you a bit about myself. My name is Arleon, Arleon Tiik though most people call me Leo, or lover, or Trouble. If I'm being honest, it's mostly trouble.

I came into this galaxy the usual way, wet and sticky and kicking up a storm. Ripped from a place I would be cursed to spend far to much time and energy getting back to, if you know what I mean. My mother, she's one hell of a woman. My father, about the luckiest man you will ever meet. From what I was told, their's is a story of Girl meets Boy, Girl tries to rob and kill Boy, Boy slips away, Girl hunts him down to finish the job... And somewhere along the way, 'find and kill' twisted into something more conducive to the production of children. I'm not sure if I believe the story, since I find it unlikely that I would have passed the Starfleet Academy background check if it was true. But I will admit that while no one has any problems telling me about my father's early years as a freighter captain, either no one knows or no one will talk about what my mother did before, and for as long as I can remember she has told my father she was most likely going to kill him in the morning in the most loving way every night.

As for what they do now, they run a bakery and sweets shop on Earth. They say my mother's cream pie is to die for.

I'm the youngest of three kids, with an older sister and an older-still half-sister. My half-sister, well, she's everything you would expect of a full-blooded Orion female and more. I think she might be over-compensating for the Vulcan blood in her veins. She's never really settled down to any particular line of work, unless you count getting any one she can get into bed to give her anything she wants work. She is a sweetheart in her own way, though I rarely see much of her unless she just shows up one day in the middle of the night to crash at my place until she can find a new 'love of her life'.

My other sister, she's something else entierly. She looks like she is about twelve and she acts like she's about ninety. She is the serious one of us kids, no time for anything but getting ready to take over the family shop one day. To busy trying to get her hot crossed buns just right to notice she's breaking hearts left and right. I don't think she's quite forgiven the two of us for going out to find lives of our own, though I have a feeling that half of the treats I get from home are from her instead of Mother. So maybe she doesn't really hold it against us as much as she acts like she does.

Let's see, I suppose that covers just about everyone, or at least everyone we publicly admit to at this point. Orion family trees can get, well, complicated. I mean, I suppose we could talk about my uncle's dairy, my grandfather's farm, or my aunt who somehow got it into her head she had to be a librarian. But really, if I start talking about my extended family, we will be here all day. And I do believe I was supposed to tell you a bit about myself.

I grew up on Earth in a quiet, little out-of-the-way spot that was close enough to a spaceport to get anything you wanted, but far enough away that there was nothing to do. I had a rather standard childhood, helping around the shop when I was in school, shipped off to help at the farm or the dairy, dependent on which year it was for the summer. Oh, the stories those hay lofts could tell. I think I was sixteen when I finaly got caught in one of those with the neighbor's daughter. Ahh, Karlassa, she could do this thing with her... Ah, probably bet not to get into that. Let's just say her parents were not quite as accepting of things as my family, and my summer trips came to an end, though I do still pop down to see her when I'm in the area. So long as no one else happens to know I'm around.

After all that there was university, I don't realy remember much of it, I admit, but I got myself a little black book and a degree in Health Sciences somehow. I guess if you study the body enough, and you show what you learned on the right professor, you can squeak by.

Starfleet, however, was actually a bet. I had a friend at the time who had these twin sisters and, well, let's just say with enough alochol, we managed to give into the excedingly bad idea that if I could somehow manage to get accepted to the Academy, he wouldn't kill me should I approach one of them. Considering he had already put a number of their potental suiters in intensive care, and I had already done so with both and at the same time, I was slightly motivated to make it so. Though I admit it was never my intention to go through with the Academy, just get in. Which I managed to do, by the skin of my teeth, though I had no intention of returning after the first day. Yet I stuck to it, I'm not entierly certain why.

I'd like to say I was swept up in the desire to do my part, to fulfill my duty, but perhaps it would be more honest to say some of our best and brightest fill out a uniform so well. There was this cute little Bolian that I took those engineering courses for. And that lovely little Andorian that got be into wrestling. There was that Caitian that I took track to impress, show that I had the stamina for a good hunt, if you know what I mean. And then there was the Romulan, ohh Natra, the way she could make a ship dance. The passion she put into everything and those fingers, the things they could do. Ohh, the Academy. I'm still kind of suprised I made it through so many distractions. Yet here I am, major in navigations and minor in engineering, boldly going and what not. We'll see where life takes me next. But at any rate that is far to much about me, why don't you join me for a drink and tell me a bit about you?

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