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The End of the Federation

Jan. 1, 2366 - Stardate 44000.4: The Federation starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain William T. Riker, failed to recover Captain Picard and destroy the Borg cube. Instead, the cube assimilated Earth, turning Sector 001 into another Borg colony world.

With the seat of the Federation now in ruin, the rest of the Federation members moved quickly, calling out to every neighboring race, asking for assistance. The next target on the Borg's agenda was Vulcan, and while Starfleet did it's best to fend off the incoming cube, it was the Klingon High Council which acted to save the lives of over a billion Vulcan citizens, by evacuating them from their homes.

After the assimilation of Vulcan, it was clear that each of the Federation member worlds could easily be their next target. It was then that K'mpec came forward with the might of the Klingon Empire and took the reins of the remaining mobile forces, including Starfleet (what was left of it). The surviving members of the makeshift Federation Council voted unanimously to accept the Empire's leadership, by forming a new body of government: the Galaxy Alliance.

July 4, 2366 - Stardate 44505: With the Galaxy Alliance stretching its sphere of influence, the Borg continued to assimilate planets, under the direction of Locutus (former Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard). The Borg 'hot' zone grew day by day. After the assimilation of Andor and Alpha V, neighboring races and governments felt their security was highly threatened by this incursion into the Alpha quadrant.

High-ranking members of the Rihannsu Stelam Empire, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Commerce Authority, and the Bajoran government approached the Galaxy Alliance at its new homeworld of Qo'nos with a proposal: Ally to survive. With these new Alliance members, the Grand Council found it necessary to reinstate the Starfleet charter, the combined talents of all the races were found to provide a unique group from which to draw resources, both physical and mental.

Within six months, new vessels were being produced at shipyards across the Alliance. The first of these was named for the first starship to fall at the battle of Wolf 359: the starship USS Kyuushu (Kyuushu class). This new class benefitted from Federation propulsion, Cardassian shielding, a Rihannsu cloaking device, and a Klingon hull compound.

Jan. 1, 2368 - Stardate 46001: Over twenty-five Kyuushu class vessels met the Borg cube at Cirrius Prime, where one of the largest Terran colonies was in danger of being assimilated. The combined might of this new Starfleet plus the remaining vessels of the old governments were enough to do damage to the cube, destroying it completely.

The Galaxy Alliance Grand Council declared a weeklong celebration, and across the quadrant, parties and parades ensued. Unfortunately, while granting this respite to the fighting, the Council knew that this war was far from over. On Stardate 46002, in the face of this new year, the Galaxy Alliance is the last line between life and assimilation. Differences have been long forgotten, a common goal lighting the way toward what could be a grand future that would've given meaning to all the deaths and assimilations in the Federation... "... but that future can only come with victory, and nothing less than victory. We /must/ win!" (Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Gowron, on Stardate 46001.29, immediately after declaring victory in Cirrius Prime)

  • Theme is based upon ideas and concepts belonging to Todd James.


Oct. 9, 2369 - Stardate 47774.75 - Starfleet embargoes Trader's Association for continued violations of Alliance space laws, including the ban on use of cloaking devices in Alliance territory.

Oct. 10, 2369 - Stardate 47777.96 - Starfleet increases detainment of cargo vessels

Nov. 15, 2369 - Stardate 47876.24 - Starfleet lifts the embargo on Trader's Association

Nov. 18, 2369 - Stardate 47882.67 - Starfleet officer court martialed for theft of USS Berlin

Nov. 19, 2369 - Stardate 47885.78 - Starfleet approves new Hippocrates-class medical frigate

Dec. 1, 2369 - Stardate 47918.54 - Mutiny aboard Kyuushu-class Warbird USS Ael, allegedly sparked by racial tensions between Klingon and Rihannsu officers


Jan. 18, 2370 - Stardate 48049.58 - USS Hippocrates, first of its class, commissioned

Jul. 4, 2370 - Stardate 48508.22 - Dilithium prices plummet

Jul. 28, 2370 - Stardate 48573.74 - Alliance freezes all dilithium sales within GA territory. Trader's Association blamed for price drop.


Mar. 18, 2371 - Stardate 49212.56 - Borg destroy Starbase 818, Trading Post 145, take over Narendra System

April 5, 2371 - Stardate 49261.17 - Utopia Planetia, USS Bellerophon destroyed in secret Starfleet offensive in Sol System

Aug. 3, 2371 - Stardate 49589.30 - Starfleet takes Andor back from the Borg

Aug. 21, 2371 - Stardate 49638.44 - Reputed computer virus strikes USS Enterprise and USS Lafayette; Bajor System placed under quarantine

Sept. 13, 2371 - Stardate 49703.96 - Former Grand Admiral Mandukar'us resigns commission and is voted into the Rihannsu Senate amidst rising xenophobic sentiments

Sept. 20, 2371 - Stardate 49720.69 - Experimental battlecruiser USS Sovereign drives off Borg cube during its shakedown cruise

Aug. 26, 2371 - Stardate 49652.15 - Borg destroy Terok Nor and three Starfleet starships and overtake Bajor

The End of the Borg War

Aug. 7, 2371 - Stardate 49601 - After the loss of Terok Nor in the Bajor Sector only weeks ago, the fleet of Starfleet vessels confronted the last remnants of the Borg forces in Sector 001, and ended the war decisively. The only downside to the victory was the loss of the planet Vulcan, and that Andor and Earth were both environmentally unsound.

With the war over, Starfleet, under the guidance of the Galaxy Alliance, has begun to return to the ways of old, with the exploration and patrol programs mandated. The moment of pause requires the galaxy to take a moment to celebrate the victory of the might of the Alliance members to pull together and overcome an obstacle like the Borg. However, now the Alliance has begun to fight amongst themselves as before... and perhaps it is only time before the next big conflict: Civil War.

Sept. 13, 2371 - Stardate 49701.34 - Starfleet successfully retakes Bajor, Narendra and Sol systems and declares complete victory. Borg War ends.

Sept. 27, 2371 - Stardate 49739.80 - War hero Rear Admiral Richards demoted after assaulting Admiral Cartlaine, Commander of Starfleet Intelligence

Sept. 27, 2371 - Stardate 49740.96 - Alliance High Council ratifies the Treaty of Terran Recovery. It creates a "warp-safe" zone between Earth and Andor, diverts funds from weapons design to terraforming Earth and Andor as well as providing disaster recovery and reconstruction services to Bajor.

Anti-proton cannons are banned under the treaty. Related design and possession is made illegal. All APCs on Starfleet vessels are scheduled for removal.

Sept. 29, 2371 - Stardate 49745.77 - All Kyuushu-class warbirds currently in service are mothballed as part of Starfleet's adjustment to a peacetime stance. Vessels include the USS Enterprise, Farragut, S'harien, and William T. Riker. Other vessels mothballed include the Defiant-class USS Lafayette and the Saber-class USS Yeager. A considerable number of Fleet personnel suddenly find themselves on shore leave as they await reassignment.

Oct. 2, 2371 - Stardate 49753.50 - Captain Hathaway of the USS Normandy is awarded the Medal of Valor for his service during the final offensive against the Borg.

Oct. 6, 2371 - Stardate 49765.43 - Victory celebration takes place aboard Avalon Station. Both Starfleet and civilians attend. Fleet Admiral Pelham and NOVA President Aeryn Jackson jointly win dancing competition.

Oct. 23, 2371 - Stardate: 49811.0 - Stone Shipfitting, Inc. contracted to build Starbase 902, the intended replacement of Terok Nor.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E severely damaged during a routine disarmament procedure at Eisn Fleetyards and is scrapped.

A spatial anomaly appears between the Stebben and Ferengal sectors, swallowing a freighter and severely damaging Starfleet vessels. It is later discovered to have been caused by Lafavore's mysterious reappearance.

Oct. 29, 2371 - Stardate 49827.44 - Admiral Ruao awarded the Alliance Medal of Honor for her role in bringing her ship, the USS Shutsugun, as well as the USS Intrepid, safely home from the Delta Quadrant.

USS Jean-Luc Picard, the first Picard-class Explorer, and USS Leonard H. McCoy, the first McCoy-class Hospital Cruiser, are commissioned.

Nov. 10, 2371 - Stardate 49860.32 - After suffering severe financial problems, the Trader's Association is dissolved and Lafavore demolished. The Stebben Sector falls under the jurisdiction of the Galaxy Alliance.

Dec. 13, 2371 - Stardate 49951.41 - Admiral Lee Pelham retires from his post of Chief of Fleet Operations and resigns his commission. Rear Admiral Ruao is named acting Chief of Fleet Operations.

Dec 20, 2371 - Discovery Enterprises founded by Nevir, Vincedic and Lorian Darin of the disbanded Trader's Association.


July 23, 2372 - Stardate 50558.95 - USS Yorktown destroyed by antimatter mines while pirate hunting.

Sept. 27, 2372 - Stardate 50739.77 - Vice Admiral Ruao goes on sabbatical. Admiral Lee Pelham comes out of retirement to resume his duties as Chief of Fleet Operations.


Jan. 2, 2373 - Stardate 51019.22 - Former Starfleet Grand Admiral Mandukar'us begins push for Romulan independence. (INW Report)

April 18, 2373 - Stardate 51298.68 - Romulan terrorists arrested for plotting the destruction of the Marine bunkers on Narsenda VII, the third largest number of Romulan Starfleet Marines in the quadrant. (INW Report)

May 18, 2373 - Stardate 51380.87 - USS Kortar, a Cardassian ship carrying Cardassian separatist Legate Velkot, is sabotaged by an intruder equipped with Starfleet technology.

Sept. 9, 2373 - Stardate 51693.2 - Cardassian members of the GA Council accuse Starfleet of gross overspending.


Jan. 31, 2374 - Stardate 52087.72 - Starfleet Marines respond to rioting on Beerax.

March 26, 2374 - Stardate 52235.66 - USS Aehallh, a refitted D'deridex warbird, is lost with all hands. Romulans raise accusations of racism.

April 1, 2374 - Stardate 52252.1 - Starfleet Marines ambushed on Beerax IX. 200 Marines were reported dead or wounded.

May 1, 2374 - Stardate 52334.29 - Rioting on Narsenda VII after rumored classified Starfleet Intelligence report shows Starfleet involvement in the loss of the USS Aehallh.

July 24, 2374 - Stardate 52564.43 - Romulan members of the GA Council submit a secession bill.

Aug. 11, 2374 - Stardate 52613.74 - Eisn Shipyards explodes two minutes before scheduled demolition.

The Splintering of the Alliance

Sept. 4, 2374 - Stardate 52679.5 - Romulan Secession Bill passed, Neutral Zone established.

Dec. 3, 2374 - Stardate 52926.07 - Romulan borders, Neutral Zone becomes official. Alliance withdraws from Romulan space.

Dala Station destroyed; suspected pirate attack.

Jan. 8, 2375 - Stardate 53024.7 - Cardassians submit secession bill to the GA Council.

Feb. 1, 2375 - Stardate 53090.46 - USS Odyssey, the new flagship of Starfleet, embarks on its exploration mission.

Feb. 7, 2375 - Stardate 53106.89 - The GA Council rejects the Cardassian secession bill.

March 5, 2375 - Stardate 53189.09 - GADM Sanuk orders a fleetwide yellow alert. RSE military vessels are prohibited from docking at SF installations without prior authorization.

March 21, 2375 - Stardate 53221.96 - USS Sovereign taken off active duty.

March 27, 2375 - Stardate 53238.4 - USS Bretagne reported destroyed several days earlier with all hands lost. Among the reported casualties were Captains Nushi and Walters and Commander Saivz, though those officers were later discovered to be alive.


March 17, 2376 - Stardate 54212.37 - Construction of Starbase 902 completed, station brought into active duty after a formal christening ceremony. Bajor system set to reacquire its spaceborne commerce flow.


Jan 3, 2377 - Newly refitted Mirobia Station opens for business and becomes home of Discovery Enterprises.

March 22, 2377 - Stardate 55227.44 - Anti-alliance terrorists threaten GA officials, claim responsibility for attacks on Starbases 902, 396 and civilian trading companies

May 9, 2377 - Stardate 55358.95 - Rihannsu fleet masses at border of GA-RSE Neutral Zone

Cardassians secede from GA and seize control of Starbase 396.

July 2, 2377 - Stardate 55506.89 - Head of Rihannsu government assassinated, senators kidnapped by Terran anti-Alliance terrorists

Aug. 31, 2377 - Stardate 55671.28 - Cardassians release civilians and Starfleet officers taken captive during the seizure of Starbase 396, now called Kopok Nor

Mandukar'us i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Hlaveen named new head of Rihannsu government


Jan. 22, 2378 - Stardate 56065.8 - Romulan ambassador Ayelet'ariennye i-Ra'tleihfi Tei defects to the Galaxy Alliance and rejoins Starfleet

Sept. 1, 2378 - Stardate 56674.02 - Gravimetric anomaly discovered in Bajor Sector; identified as stable wormhole

Dec. 24, 2378 - Stardate 56986.35 - Starfleet lifts interdiction on Cardassia Sector

Shattered Peace


May 24, 2380 - Stardate 58400.04 - Battle at Beerax - The Breen launch a brutal attack on the Beerax Sector. Casualties totaled 50,000 dead, 59 starships lost, including USS Odyssey.

June 11, 2380 - Stardate 58449.36 - Romulan terrorists bomb Starfleet Marine Corps HQ on Bajor, ch'Rihan spaceport.

July 30, 2380 - Stardate 58585.76 - Galaxy Alliance declares war on the Breen.

Oct. 10, 2380 - Stardate 58781.54 - Bajoran militia forces increase, as do rumors of possible secession of Bajor from GA.

Oct. 15, 2380 - Stardate 58795.39 - Breen War continues. Starfleet and Breen clash again in Beerax Sector. The Akagi Battle Group wins the battle, but suffers heavy losses.

Nov. 14, 2380 - Stardate 58879.44 - GA calls on the Rihannsu to abide by the treaty and lend aid in the war. The Rihannsu government sends to the Beerax Sector the 18th Star Wing of the Galae, comprised of 25 d'Deridex-class Warbirds and 30 d'Latta-class Light Cruisers.


Feb. 26, 2381 - Stardate: 59163.45 - Breen forces assault Bajor, Beerax and Brethax systems in a well-organized, well-coordinated strike. About one million Bajorans are killed and two million are wounded. The Capitol city of Jalanda suffers major damage. The attack took place soon after the formal presentation of one of the Orbs of the prophets. The USS Bonhomme Richard, USS Pulsar, and at least a half-dozen civilian and military auxiliary vessels, including some of the Rihannsu Galae, are lost. The border mining colony of Brethrax V is captured by the Breen.


Feb. 9, 2384 - Stardate: 62120.46 - Rear Admiral Haile Ritter is named Chief of Starbase Operations.

Nov. 23, 2384 - Stardate: 62906.62 - Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Chief of Starfleet Operations, announces her retirement from Starfleet. She recommends war hero Rear Admiral Kyle Richards to be her successor.

What is Best for the Alliance


Jan. 6, 2385 - Stardate: 63024.69 - In a surprise move, the Galaxy Alliance High Council Armed Service Committee names Rear Admiral Haile Ritter as Chief of Starfleet Operations, replacing interim chief Read Admiral Kyle Richards, who had been expected by many to be named the new chief.

Jan. 17, 2385 - Stardate: 63054.95 - Rihannsu capital on ch'Rihan bombed. The Tricameron is heavily damaged. In the following weeks, rumors surface of a possible Starfleet connection to the bombing because of evidence of Starfleet-grade explosives at the attack site.

Oct. 17, 2385 - Stardate: 63807.48 - Mirobia Station, Eden Post and Stellar Dynamics Shipyards are found to be no longer in their original locations.

Apr. 11, 2385 - Stardate: 63288.37 - Over four months, Admiral Ritter makes numerous changes to the ranks of the Admiralty, beginning with the reassignment of Vice Admiral Richards as commander of the Beerax Sector Fleet and Rear Admiral Jacob Hathaway as commander of Station Alcatraz.

May 6, 2385 - Stardate: 63357.21 - USS Stellar Jewel, under the command of Lt. Commander Ramona Daugherty, destroys the notorious pirate vessel SS Qagh'a'. Crew from the Stellar Jewel board and capture the Qagh'a's mother ship, the CCV Callandor. The Stellar Jewel is destroyed in the incident.


Jan. 30, 2386 - Stardate 64093.36 - Starfleet forces take Brethax colony from the Breen. It is the first time in years that Starfleet comes face-to-face with the Breen themselves. Fifteen starships are lost, and more than 7,500 Starfleet personnel are killed.

Feb. 11, 2386 - Stardate: 64126.07 - USS Excalibur suddenly breaks from the fleet at Beerax and plunges into the Badlands, suffering severe damage and casualties. The cause was an apparent computer core malfunction.

June 5, 2386 - Stardate: 64438.91 - Starfleet captures a Breen heavy cruiser. The vessel was found adrift, and deserted. After the ship's computer system is taken over, the cruiser broadcasts a message: "First phase of experiment is now complete. We will withdraw for now. Our thanks." USS Tarawa, USS William T. Riker, USS Enterprise and USS Excalibur were involved in the capture.

July 1, 2386 - Stardate: 64511.92 - The Galaxy Alliance High Council begins to consider calling an end to the Breen War and slashing Starfleet's budget to a peace-time stance. Vice Admiral Haile Ritter states his intention to travel to Qo'noS to argue against it.

The Darkest Day

July 5, 2386 - Stardate: 64520.59 - A fleet of ships decloaks over Qo'noS and commences a planetary bombardment, destroying the Galaxy Alliance High Council building and other governmental offices. Among the thousands of casualties are the entire High Council, including Chancellor Gowron. The Beerax fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral Kyle Richards, breaks away from Starfleet.

July 11, 2386 - Stardate: 64537.03 - Richards' fleet confronts a vastly larger fleet under Ritter's command over Qo'noS. After Richards refuses to surrender, Ritter orders his fleet to attack. Richards' fleet eventually retreats. The Sovereign-class battlecruiser USS Hera, a ship loyal to Ritter, is crippled and crashes onto Qo'noS.

July 12, 2386 - Stardate: 64539.86 - Vice Admiral Haile Ritter declares martial law throughout the Galaxy Alliance. Each side blames the other for the attack on Qo'noS.


Aug. 17, 2388 - Stardate 66640.54 - Vice Admiral Richards' former chief of operations on the USS Normandy makes a public statement claiming the admiral ordered the attack on Qo'noS, and is mentally unstable. A subsequent public statement, made by Lorian Darin of Discovery Enterprises, seems to corroborate that claim.


June 8, 2389 - Stardate: 67450.68 - Starbase 902 is destroyed. A group of Bajoran resistance members sabotages the station, causing massive damage and prompting the complete evacuation of the base. A chain reaction begins and destroys 902.

At the same time, rioters on Bajor strike back at the military government and take over Starfleet Academy, and ADF marines overtake the military government on Betazed.

A task force of ADF vessels attack the Loyalist defense fleet at Bajor and drive them back. The bulk of the Loyalist forces at Bajor retreat to Spacedock.

Aug. 16, 2389 - Stardate: 67640.87 - The ADF broadcasts messages from Chancellor Sanuk and several key figures of the rebellion, calling for Ritter's arrest and providing proof Ritter ordered and participated in the attack on Qo'noS. The Loyalists begin to fracture, with some rebelling against Ritter's rule.

The Last Stand

Aug. 17, 2389 - Stardate: 67643.02 - An ADF operative on Spacedock transmits a virus which temporarily disables the base's tactical systems and that of the large Sol fleet. Ritter orders the Agamemnon to ram Spacedock, destroying his ship and himself in the process. The ADF fleet arrives at Spacedock and assumes control of Starfleet Headquarters.


Aug. 22, 2389 - Stardate: 67657.11 - Chancellor Sanuk issues full pardons for Admirals Richards and Hathway and orders the reintegration of Alliance Defense Force members into Starfleet. Starfleet personnel who remained loyal to Ritter without having knowledge of his crimes are cleared of wrongdoing.


July 5, 2390 - Stardate: 68525.42 - Construction begins on a new starbase in the Bajor Sector to replace Starbase 902. To be designated Deep Space Nine, the base will have the overall Cardassian design of Terok Nor, the Bajor Sector's original base, which was destroyed during the Borg War.

Aug. 12, 2390 - Stardate: 68628.81 - Memorials to the late Chancellor Gowron and those who died during the Freedom War are ordered to be constructed in the capital of Qo'noS, on the former site of the High Council chambers. Chancellor Sanuk announces new appointments to top Alliance positions: Moriah Seryl as Minister of State, Trent L'vralus as Minister of Health and Medicine and Lorian Darin as Minister of Commerce and Transportation.

Aug. 26, 2390 - Stardate: 68667.08 - Chancellor Sanuk orders elections on Alliance member worlds to form a new Council. Construction begins on Starbase 427, an Alamo-class Defense Fortress, in the Qo'noS Sector. The search begins for a new seat of government for the Alliance.

Nov. 27, 2390 - Stardate: 68921.49 - The Vedek Assembly of Bajor announces the selection of Lishan Noryl as the new Kai, the head of Bajor's religious order.


Jan. 3, 2391 - Stardate: 69022.65 - Deep Space Nine officially opens with an awards ceremony to honor the living and fallen heroes of the Freedom War, as the civil war has become known. Captain Sheila Jane Palmer is posthumously awared the Medal of Honor.

June 16, 2391 - Stardate: 69471.93 - USS Defiant and USS Indomitable engage the CCV King James, a refitted Longbow-class cruiser. It is the first reported encounter with one of the "Kings," a group of bandit vessels which profess allegiance to the British throne, an ancient hereditary monarchy on Earth. Over the ensuing months, three Starfleet vessels are lost in encounters with the Kings.

July 14, 2391 - Stardate: 69549.63 - The Chrysalian government declares martial law and topples the Avalon Corporation-run government on Altair. Avalon Station is left gravely damaged.

Aug. 29, 2391 - Stardate: 69676.47 - Starbase 427, an Alamo-class Defense Fortess in the Qo'noS Sector, is completed and declared ready for service.

Sept. 5, 2391 - Stardate: 69695.56 - A revolution on Cardassia Prime unseats Central Command. The Detapa Council, a democratically-elected body, assumes control of the Cardassian Union.

Sept. 29, 2391 - Stardate: 69759.12 - The Cardassian Union announces its intentions to rejoin the Alliance. A delegation, led by the Union's new head of state, Legate Rin Britek Ahmasal, travels to Spacedock. Legate Rin was the regional governor of Bajor during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.

Dec. 5, 2391 - Stardate: 69944.7 - Earth is officially declared habitable, 26 years after the Borg assimilated the Terran homeworld and former seat of government of the United Federation of Planets. Chancellor Sanuk announces the Alliance's new seat of government will reside in the newly-rebuilt city of Paris on Earth.


March 10, 2392 - Stardate: 70205.4 - Cardassian Union granted full voting rights within the Galaxy Alliance. The Union and the Alliance agree upon a reintegration plan, created by Legate Rin Britek Ahmasal and Minister of State Moriah Seryl

Sept. 12, 2392 - Stardate: 70713.83 - The Cardassian Union moves to secede once again from the Galaxy Alliance, almost seven months to the day after re-joining the GA. Following the model set by the Rihannsu Stelam Empire's secession, the Union laid claim to all pre-Borg War territory, minus the Bajoran Sector. The Union offers treaties of non-aggression and mutual defense to the Alliance.

Dec. 29, 2392 - Stardate: 71009.29 - Reports begin to surface about an increasing number of Vulcan citizens of the Galaxy Alliance defecting to the Rihannsu Stelam Empire. Included in that number was Amorak, CEO of the Intergalactic Bank. There are rumors of offers, made by the RSE, of citizenship and nobility to those Vulcans who renounce the teachings of Surak and join the Romulans.


Feb. 3, 2393 - Stardate: 71107.5 - Twelve days after Stone Shipfitters, Inc. announces it is closing down and selling its assets, the Rikon Defense Force, an independent security and paramilitary organization, acquires SSI's assets, including the shipyard Tranquility Station.

April 16, 2393 - Stardate: 71308.73 - On this date, the Cardassian Union becomes officially independent. Cardassian members of the Galaxy Alliance have until April 16, 2395 to decide whether to remain Alliance citizens or to join the Union.

May 26, 2393 - Stardate: 71417.97 - d'Mnhiea Outpost is destroyed and Titania X is bombed. Praetor Mandukar'us tr'Hlaveen was killed when the outpost was destroyed. About 1,570 Romulans were killed in the attacks. According to reports, the attack was carried about by the USS Los Angeles, USS Berlin and the USS Vincennes. Starfleet denies responsibility for the attack, stating the USS Los Angeles had been decommissioned, the USS Berlin was reported destroyed, and the USS Vincennes was listed as missing.

Lhaerrh tr'Aegis assumes the Praetorship of the RSE, backed by a conservative coalition. tr'Aegis orders the full mobilization of the Galae, and publically hints at a possible declaration of war against the Galaxy Alliance.

Oct. 26, 2393 - Stardate: 71837.13 - USS Normandy is destroyed with all hands, claiming the life of Admiral Kyle Richards, Commander-In-Chief of Starfleet. Responding to a sudden Borg incursion into Galaxy Alliance space, Richards leads the Borg attack force through a transwarp conduit to the main Borg transwarp hub for this region of space. Richards and the crew of the Normandy destroy the hub, sacrificing themselves in the process.

Chancellor Sanuk states Richards and the Normandy dealt a serious blow to the Borg's ability to function in this region of the galaxy. Admiral Jacob Hathaway succeeds Richards as Commander-In-Chief of Starfleet.


March 20, 2394 - Stardate: 73784.84 - Dr. Trent L'vralus, the Galaxy Alliance Minister of Health and Medicine, wins the Governorship of Beerax IX as a write-in candidate. He resigns from the Ministry to assume leadership of the colony.

May 11, 2394 - Stardate: 72377.45 - Stellar Dynamics Shipyards finalizes the purchase of Tranquility Station, taking over from the Rikon Defense Force, which had occupied the station after Stone Shipfitters, Inc. liquidated its assets.


Apr 2, 2396 - Stardate: 74269.51 - Mirobia Station announces move to Beerax system to serve as the systems central docking- and trading hub.

Apr 9, 2396 - Stardate: 74288.91 - Mirobia Station is heavily damaged during its move to the Beerax system due to improper towing, station declared total loss. Ambrosia Incorporated hires Stellar Dynamics Shipyards to construct new station in Beerax Orbit.

Jun 12, 2396 - Stardate: 74447.68 - Vice Admiral Corion Rel, Chief of Starfleet Operations, resigns his commission and retires from Starfleet. Six days later, on June 18, his escape pod disappears into a subspace rift during a rescue operation involving the USS Tarawa and a Bajoran freighter. Rel is declared missing and presumed dead.

Aug 26, 2396 - Stardate: 74652.38 - Lorian Darin, the sitting Minister of Commerce and Transportation, is confirmed by the Alliance High Council to officially assume the position of Minister of State. By order of Chancellor Sanuk, she had been unofficially leading the Ministry of State for some time in an acting capacity.

Oct 31, 2396 - Stardate: 74831.92 - Chancellor Sanuk abruptly announces he will not seek reelection, sparking a deluge of candidates declaring intent to run. Among those announcing campaigns in the following weeks are Lishan Noryl, the Kai of Bajor, and Dr. Trent L'vralus, Governor of Beerax IX.

Dec 31, 2396 - Stardate: 74997.96 - Dr. Trent L'vralus wins election and assumes the Chancellorship of the Galaxy Alliance.


Jun 1, 2397 - Stardate 75413.69 - After nearly one year of construction, Mirobia station reopens as Kingdom of Eden, kicking off with a month full of festivities.

Jul 2, 2397 - Stardate 75499.08 - Tor Landi, former economic advisor to Kai Lishan Noryl, is confirmed by the Alliance High Council as assumes leadership of the Ministry of Commerce and Transportation.

The Tzenkethi War


Apr 18, 2398 - Stardate: 76295.76 - The Minister of Defense is slain in a pirate attack against Betazed, Beeraxi-based Kingdom of Eden and Alcatraz Stations and Bajoran-based Deep Space Nine.

May 13, 2398 - Stardate: 76364.08 - An explosion rocks the Promenade of Deep Space Nine, injuring nearly a dozen civilians and Starfleet officers.

Nov 3, 2398 - Stardate: 76838.67 - The Tzenkethi Coalition invades the Stebben System, destroying La Forge Shipyards and annexing the sector. 30,000 are killed in the battle. In turn, the Galaxy Alliance declares war on the Tzenkethi.

Nov 21, 2398 - Stardate: 76887.99 - 1,200 are killed in a Tzenkethi attack on the Bajor. The Starfleet First Tactical Fleet destroys a total of 44 Tzenkethi vessels in the conflict, and holds the sector.

Dec 14, 2398 - Stardate: 76951.84 - Former Klingon Defense Force General cho'Sheq is confirmed as Minister of Defense.


Aug 28, 2399 - Stardate: 77655.12 - Starfleet forces at Bajor prevent an attack by the Tzenkethi on multiple Alliance worlds before initiating a fullscale attack on the Tzenkethi. The Alliance occupies Tzenketh, retakes Stebben and destroys the Tzenkethi Military Shipyard Facility.

Sep 5, 2399 - Stardate: 77677.53 - A rebellion takes place on Talar, with female Talarians taking control of much of the government.

Oct 3, 2399 - Stardate: 77753.76 - The Minister of the Treasury warns that inflation will continue to rise if the Alliance does not make drastic cuts to spending, particularly in the area of Defense. The Ferengi Stock Exchange falls 2,000 points, the largest fall in the history of the Alliance.

Rapid Inflation


Jun 24, 2400 - Stardate: 78478.33 - Thousands are wounded in a terrorist attack on Deep Space Nine. 700 are dead or missing and the station requires substantial repairs. Starfleet does not announce the culprit.

Nov 22, 2400 - Stardate: 78891.01 - Anti-Alliance and Anti-Tzenkethi protests break out on Trill, Ferenginar, Bajor and the colony at Beerax in response to the Alliance's financial trouble and Chancellor L'vralus' refusal to demand reparations from the defeated Tzenkethi.


Mar 5, 2401 - Stardate: 79172.62 - Utopia Planetia Fleetyards begins rolling out the new Akagi-class Heavy Cruiser. The USS Akagi, USS Defiant, USS Excalibur and USS Kyuushu are commissioned.

Apr 19, 2401 - Stardate: 79296.61 - Record numbers of Starfleet servicemembers go AWOL after Starfleet is unable to pay salaries. Salary payments are reportedly inconsistent, with some servicemembers receiving their full pay, others abbreviated pay, and others still receiving no pay at all.

Apr 24, 2401 - Stardate: 79311.36 - Pirates attack Janet Laurels' Galactic Living, destroying one of Milan Station's drydock facilities. Pirate activity across the Alliance rises.

May 19, 2401 - Stardate: 79380.57 - A number of Starfleet vessels, including two of the new Akagi-class Vessels, rebel against the Alliance and call themselves the 'Skull Fleet.' The Skull Fleet enters Cardassian Space and destroys 31 Cardassian Battleships before disappearing. Later, it would be determined that the Skull Fleet entered the Gamma Quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole.

May 29, 2401 - Stardate: 79405.71 - Explosions rock the Kingdom of Eden Station in the Beerax Sector, killing 20. The explosions follow months of protests on the colony world and aboard the station.

Aug 16, 2401 - Stardate: 79623.94 - Deep Space Nine reopens to traffic over a year after being damaged by pirates. Due to the Alliance's financial troubles, the station is not given any upgrades.

Sep 28, 2401 - Stardate: 79740.56 - More explosions occur in the Beerax Sector, this time aboard Station Alcatraz. Beeraxi Protests intensify.


June 15, 2402 - Stardate: 80452.1 - The Governor of Beerax IX resigns in disgrace after being unable to quell protests across the planet. After deliberations, the Beeraxi Senate appoints Yunil Irishavi to the position, overriding tradition and passing over the Lieutenant Governor. The LG of Beerax is found dead days later of an apparent suicide.

Jul 15, 2402 - Stardate: 80535.04 - Beerax IX submits a secession bill to the Galaxy Alliance High Council in hopes of legally gaining independence from the Alliance. Governor Irishavi appoints former Starfleet Officer and former adviser to the GA Chancellor Trex Trasera to lead the effort on Earth.

Year-End 2402 - Elections are delayed indefinitely due to budgetary constraints. Protests break out throughout the Alliance.


Jun 9, 2403 - Stardate: 81435.84 - After a confrontational set of hearings within the Galaxy Alliance Senate Committee on the Interior, the Committee votes to table discussion on Beeraxi Secession, effectively denying their bid for freedom and denying the full Senate from voting on the measure. In response, Beerax breaks into a full riot, with Governor Irashavi announcing Beerax will secede by force, if necessary.

Jun 9, 2403 - Stardate: 81437.84 - Bajor's First Minister resigns after a successful vote of no confidence in the Bajoran Parliament. A special election is scheduled for his replacement.

Jun 24, 2403 - Stardate: 81477.69 - Starfleet Marine Corps Headquarters on Bajor is attacked by secessionist Bajorans during anti-Alliance protests, killing four Marines.

Jul 7, 2403 - Stardate: 81515.0 - Galaxy Alliance Chancellor Trent L'vralus unexpectedly resigns his position, citing the "dysfunction" of the Alliance Government and its "imperialist" policies. Vice-Chancellor Talia of Andor assumes the Chancellorship.

September-October 2403 - Elections are announced by Chancellor Talia. Hundreds announce their candidacy for Galaxy Alliance Chancellor. The front-runners include current Minister of Defense cho'Sheq and Caitian Senator M'rus of Ferasa.

Nov 27, 2403 - Stardate: 81906.62 - The Alliance votes to grant Beerax its freedom after parliamentary maneuvering by the Vice-Chancellor. Beerax becomes the first colony world to leave the Alliance and immediately calls a Constitutional Convention to form its first government.

December 2403 - Galaxy Alliance Minister of State Lorian Darin resigns, renounces her citizenship and joins Former Alliance Chancellor L'vralus as citizens of the new Beeraxi free state. Chancellor Talia does not appoint a replacement, leaving the Ministry of State instead in the care of its divisional Secretaries.


Apr 28, 2404 - Stardate: 82324.43 - Beerax formally establishes itself as the Beeraxi Confederation, to be led by former-Chancellor L'vralus. Former Minister Lorian Darin, Former Envoy Trex Trasera and Former Governor Yunil Irashavi join the new government's legislature, the Beeraxi Consulate.

Jun 20, 2404 - Stardate: 82468.79' - Minister of Defense cho'Sheq of Qo'noS wins the Chancellorship in the closest election results in the GA's history, becoming the third Klingon to hold the post.

Bajoran Freedom


Feb 9, 2505 - Stardate: 83108.43 - Mandukar'us tr'Hlaveen, thought long-dead in the destruction of d'Mnhiea Outpost, gives a speech in Ra'tleihfi on ch'Rihan and accuses Fvillha tr'Aegis of plotting his assassination. tr'Aegis denies any wrongdoing. The Rihannsu Senate begins debating whom to believe.

Mar 6, 2405 - Stardate: 83176.92 - During the largest anti-Alliance protests in Bajoran history, explosions rock the SFMC headquarters, killing four and wounding six. The Alliance for Global Unity, or Circle, a radical organization that advocates all non-Bajorans leave the planet, is fingered as the primary suspect.

Apr 9, 2405 - Stardate: 83268.59 - Lishan Noryl, the Kai of Bajor, wins election to become First Minister of Bajor. He immediately assumes office, and remains head of the Bajoran religious order. His first act is to immediately direct the Bajoran Senator to the Alliance High Council to submit a secession bill.

Apr 27, 2405 - Stardate: 83319.37 - The Galaxy Alliance Senate votes to approve the secession bill, and Bajor secedes from the Alliance as of May first. As part of the agreement, Bajor remains a protectorate of the Alliance and establishes a trade, mutual defense and open access treaty with the Alliance. Starfleet transfers 25 ships to be used by the Bajoran Navy. The Galaxy Alliance will also retain control of the Bajoran Wormhole, and regulate all passage into and from the Gamma Quadrant.


Jan 7, 2406 - Stardate: 84017.48 - The Beeraxi Confederation signs a treaty with the Tzenkethi Coalition, opening borders, trade and establishing for mutual defense.

Jan 9, 2406 - Stardate: 84023.75' - Tensions between the Bajorans and Cardassians rise after a Bajoran Trade vessel is boarded and subsequently rams into Cardassian Station Akleen. At the same time, the Cardassian Ambassador to Bajor is kidnapped on Deep Space Nine, allegedly by The Circle, only to be rescued on the surface of Bajor a few hours later.

May 31, 2406 - Stardate: 84411.05 - Universe's 11th richest person, Ciprino Croda, is declared missing and presumed dead when his ship disappears with all hands. Ambrosia Incorporated and its holdings come under the ownership of Trex Trasera, and are fully integrated as constituent states of the Beeraxi Confederation.

Jul 6, 2406 - Stardate: 84510.03 - The Rihannsu Stelam Empire establishes a trade agreement with the Dosi, a Gamma Quadrant race located near the exit of the wormhole.

Jul 9, 2406 - Stardate: 84517.96' - Bajor establishes a colony world in the Gamma Quadrant's Kotha Tremali system, now referred to as New Bajor.

Jul 28, 2406 - Stardate: 84571.03 - Bajor and Beerax establish a treaty and full diplomatic relations. The treaty provides for the establishment of embassies on both capital worlds, the sharing of non-military technology and information and open, tarriff-free trade between the two nations.

Aug 3, 2406 - Stardate: 84586.6 - A Klingon Provincial Governor calls for restoration of the Empire and the expelling of the former Federation worlds. Chancellor cho'Sheq moves her primary offices to the secondary capitol building on Qo'noS and begins meeting with Klingon dignitaries.

Aug 11, 2406 - Stardate: 84609.52 - The Galaxy Alliance establishes a treaty with the Stakoron, a Gamma Quadrant race. Days later, the Alliance High Council approves a trade agreement with the Dosi. In both cases negotiations were conducted by Commander Ael'Ihhuein Adamson, the Starfleet Commander of Deep Space Nine.

Sep 7, 2406 - Stardate: 84683.75 - A group of Alliance Senators calling itself the "Group of Twelve" demand Starfleet halt diplomatic negotiations and turn them back over to the Ministry of State. They also demand Chancellor cho'Sheq appoint a Minister to head the agency.

Oct 7, 2406 - Stardate: 84764.65 - Trill is the victim of solar dumping when a freighter disposes of waste in the Trillius star. Starfleet vessels respond to stabilize the star after the trash causes severe solar flaring.


Apr 17, 2407 - Stardate: 85292.91 - The Borg War Memorial on Earth is dedicated with great fanfare. Officials from former members of the Galaxy Alliance, including the Cardassians, Romulans, Bajorans, Beeraxi and a majority of serving and retired Starfleet Admirals attend the service. The Galaxy Alliance Chancellor skips the dedication.

Jun 4, 2407 - Stardate: 85423.24 - The Cardassian Union grants autonomy to the Valo System, a system with a large Bajoran population that had been held under Cardassian interdiction since the Cardassians left the Alliance. As part of the agreement, Cardassia maintains a military presence in the system.


Oct 16, 2408 - Stardate: 86790.59 - Bajoran Admiral Rohan Riva is paralyzed when terrorists attack the Admiral's flagship. The attack is blamed on The Circle.

Nov 25, 2408 - Stardate: 86900.08 - The Circle claims responsibility for a series of explosions across Deep Space Nine. The Promenade is heavily damaged in the blasts and a visiting Beeraxi diplomatic delegation are hospitalized in the incident.


Feb 1, 2409 - Stardate: 87087.39 - Chancellor cho'Sheq appoints Iante Riis, Secretary of Foreign Affairs to the Cardassian Union and Gorn Hegemony, to the long-vacant position of Minister of State. Confirmation is expected to be blocked by the Senate given the Chancellor's years-long absence from Earth.

Mar 2, 2409 - Stardate: 86166.14 - Chancellor cho'Sheq kills Qo'noS Governor Qamchee, the self-appointed leader of the Klingon Secession Movement, and declares his followers without honor. cho'Sheq relocates her primary office back to Earth amid continued outcry at her tactics by the Galaxy Alliance Senate.

The Calm


Jun 23, 2423 - Stardate: 100475.8 - Chancellor cho'Sheq announces her retirement after 20 years of leadership. Election season for the Alliance begins.

Jul 3, 2423 - Stardate: 100502.64 - Bajor annexes the Valo System as its twelfth province. A former Cardassian holding, Valo became a Bajoran protectorate after Cardassia released the sector.


Apr 22, 2424 - Stardate: 101309.2 - Galaxy Alliance Minister of Defense Jacob Hathaway formally announces his intention to run for Chancellor. A decorated Starfleet Admiral, Hathaway is expected to carry the Starfleet voting bloc, though numerous other candidates continue to signal their intent to run.

Apr 23, 2424 - Stardate: 101309.9 - Kai Lishan Noryl announces that he will not seek re-election as Bajor's First Minister. The Kai downplays continued rumors as to his ailing health and insists he wishes merely to focus on his religious duties. The Kai reportedly signals the retired Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force, Admiral Lan Antos, as his choice for a successor.

Nov 10, 2424 - Stardate: 101860.1 - Cardassia closes all ties with the Bajoran government following the establishment of a BAJCOM ship, USS Excalibur, headed by Bajoran Captain Kainon Essa, who is regarded as a terrorist by the Cardassian Union. The Cardassian Embassy on Deep Space 9 was closed and all embassy personnel recalled to Cardassia.


Mar 11, 2425 - Stardate: 102189.9 - An extended stand-off occurred between Cardassian and BAJCOM ship USS Excalibur at the Valo system, causing a disruption in trade to the system. It was eventually resolved, but not without greater strain in Cardassian, Bajoran and Galaxy Alliance relations.

Apr 20, 2425 - Stardate: 102300.9 - Gallicite shortages around the Alliance bring up the price of advanced warp systems and industrial refinement equipment.

May 1, 2425 - Stardate: 102330.4 - First Minister Lan Antos of Bajor was sworn into office in a closed ceremony with a limited viewing audience.


Jun 5, 2428 - Stardate: 105428.2 - The Tzenkethi Coalition close their borders in a sudden move, suspending all trade contracts with outside companies and empires. The reason is still unknown.


Jun 15, 2429 - Stardate: 106455.22 - A spacial rift opens up in the space near Betazed. Gravimetric forces affect the planet causing casualties in the hundreds of thousands.


Jul 20, 2432 - Stardate: 109552.25 - The first colonists set out for Yanius Prime to begin creation of the Alliance colony there, the first Alliance colony in the Gamma Quadrant.

Oct 15, 2432 - Stardate 109789.29 - The USS Odyssey, Starfleet's newest battlecruiser, was attacked and destroyed by Dominion forces near the Gamma Quadrant end of the wormhole. All hands were lost, including Senator M'rus of Cait.


Mar 31, 2434 - Stardate 111245.37 - The Tzenkethi Coalition and the Cardassian Union sign a mutual defense treaty.

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