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Iophiel Tobyn, M.D., PhD
Rank: Lieutenant (jg) 2410 SF O-2.png
Title: Counselor, USS Laibok
Race: Trill
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet


Iophiel Tobyn was conceived after her mother, Malinda Dezi, a joined Trill, had a one night stand with Iophiels father, Rikas Tobyn, an un-joined Trill. As a result of that one night stand, Malinda Dezi carried the child that would become Iophiel Tobyn to term, gave birth to her in the year 2399, then promptly gave up any knowledge of the child. This left Iophiel, who was named after the Human angel of light, in the care of her father Rikas Tobyn.

Rikas Tobyn, was and is a rather busy Trill. He was often travelling to various planets to form trade agreements for an intergalactic business. Though he was very busy, Rikas never wanted his daughter far away, knowing she had already been left by one parent, he didnt want to leave her again. For this, Rikas hired a Terran nanny to travel with them and take care of Iophiel when he was not there. The young woman, Emmaline Cooke, became the mother figure that Iophiel needed in her life from a very early age. She also became the female figure that Rikas needed in his life and after taking a long time to realize how in love he was with Emma, they married when Iophiel was ten years old.

Rikas and Emma had no additional children, but Iophiel has never felt alone. Her step-mother always saw to it that she socialized with other children as she grew up. Though Iophiel learned from tutors on viewscreens, whenever there was an opportunity, Emma would make sure that Iophiel was able to go to museums or forests or whatever was available on the planet or space station they were visiting. Iophiel and Emma would often go to shows, plays, dance recitals, or whatever cultural event they could make it to. Iophiel had a rich life even though she was never in one place too long.

At the age of thirteen, Iophiel became interested in medicine after finding a book on anatomy while visiting Earth. After that moment, she couldnt seem to get enough of the subject. Iophiel devoured medical texts from all over the galaxy, learning about the physiology of as many races as she could. This interest continued as Iophiel grew older. Shortly before her seventeenth birthday, Iophiel biological mother, tried to re-enter her life. Malinda Dezi was a commanding presence, a flamboyant woman, and wholly unfit mother. She swept into Iophiels life as if she had never left it in the first place and only stayed long enough to confuse the girl. After Malindas short time with her, Iophiel became despondent and confused by the emotions she was now facing. Rikas and Emma decided it was best for Iophiel to see a counselor at this time, to learn how to deal with the emotions that were brought on by her mother.

This time spent speaking with a counselor opened a new world of medicine that Iophiel wanted to get involved in. Iophiel was accepted into the University of Trill Biology program shortly after turning seventeen. During her junior year at University, Iophiel took her MCATS and applied for and was accepted to the Harvard Medical School MD-PhD program. Iophiel spent six years at Harvard, earning a MD in Psychiatry and earning a PhD in Psychology. During her time in residency, Iophiel volunteered to work as a counselor for returning Starfleet or ex-Starfleet members. This created a new interest for her in helping Starfleet personnel.

After finishing her time in residency, Iophiel applied to Starfleet Academy wanting to become a Staff Corps Officer and work as a Psychiatrist and Counselor aboard starships. After her training at the Academy, Iophiel continued to work at the Academy as a Counselor awaiting her first assignments.

Iophiel is a compassionate soul, with the great ability to listen. Incredibly smart, the Trill woman enjoys the arts and her work. Since her focus is on patient care, Iophiel tends to find that more important than some Starfleet protocols and has been known from time to time to have an argument with her superior officers in regards to a patient. Iophiel likes to carefully push her boundaries, but does so with grace and ease.

Service History

  • 2410 SF O-2.png 2403 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Lieutenant (jg)
  • 2410 SF O-2.png 2403 - Assigned to USS Laibok
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