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Torin E. Xanathos
Rank: SFMSS O-5 CMD.png
Title: Commanding Officer
Race: Half-Trill / Half-Terran
Gender: Male
Father: Vice Admiral Irvine Xanathos, Sr.
Mother: Rear Admiral Moriah Seryl (Deceased)
Siblings: Azera Xanathos (sister)
Irvine Xanathos, Jr. (twin brother)
Spouse: Dene Xanathos
Children: Kayla Xanathos
Torin Xanathos Jr.
Irvine Xanathos III
Affiliation: Starfleet (Merchant & Supply Service)
Assignment: USS Grace Hopper (NCC-52291)

Torin Everett Xanathos is the son of Vice Admiral Irvine R. Xanathos, Sr. and Rear Admiral Moriah Seryl (Deceased), twin of Irvine Xanathos, Jr. and younger brother of Azera Xanathos. He is also married to Dene Xanathos. Torin is assigned to USS Grace Hopper (NCC-52291) as the Commanding Officer.



Dark salt and pepper hair is trimmed relatively neat upon this man's head, as though a cut that he can roll out of bed with. Thin rich eyebrows rest above steel grey eyes and a small light splash of freckles sit over his nose. Dark but sporadic spots trail down from above his temples, along the sides of his neck, to beneath his neckline, continuing down beneath his clothes. They have no real pattern to them, giving away that he's not full Trill. Additionally, a small crescent scar sits on the right side of his neck, through his spots and curving into his shirt, showing a previous injury to his neck. The man is relatively tall, and has an active, athletic build.


Torin was born on Labor Day of 2410 to Rear Admiral Seryl and Rear Admiral Xanathos, aboard the USS Sheila Palmer while enroute to Starbase Tenazra which is in orbit of Trill. He was actually the first twin to emerge of the pair that were born that day, the oldest between him and his brother Irvine Robert Xanathos, Jr. His sister, Azera just being a little over a year older than them, loved her new siblings (except when it came to sharing toys).

Throughout their young life, the siblings spent time between living with their mother on Bajor and Trill, or with their father on Spacedock, any time either Admiral were not spending significant time aboard their flagships. They were with their mother more often than not. Whenever both were unavailable due to work, the watching duties landed on their elder half-brother, married and with his own family on Bajor. Whilst separated by work (not in their marriage), the family worked out pretty well all the same.

On Spacedock, the three have a private tutor named T'Pyal, a vulcan female who rather annoys the trio, found to be boring and scary by the youngsters. The woman was brought on as their tutor at an early age, putting them a bit ahead of the pack in their youth.

Between the three siblings, he is the most chaotic and troublemaking one in their youth. Her sister is the girly-girl princess, his younger twin brother is the quiet and timid one but is rather intelligent, and Torin is essentially the jock. They're also fairly well spoiled, with both parents being Starfleet Admiralty, his mother being a significant cultural icon for Trill, and his father being quite wealthy through his years with the MSS and his connections with the Lathrop trade group. They want, they get, and the chaotic Torin doesn't tend to take no for an answer.

Common Knowledge

Info in this section may be known by those around him and can be utilized IC:

  • A bit of a known jock.
  • Has a Master's degree in Tactical Operations.
  • Is known to be openly bisexual, but until graduation from the Academy, had a steady girlfriend.
  • Has tensions with his mother's side of the family after her death, after concerns of the Xanathos branch of the family being marginalized by the Richards branch during her wake.
  • Following closer in his father's footsteps than he anticipated, first as security due to his father having been Chief of Starfleet Security when he was growing up, and then becoming an MSS Captain.

OOC Info

Info in this section is for OOC purposes:

  • Uses the name T.Xanathos in-game due to name restrictions, as well as to cut down on the number of people referring to him ICly as <Rank> Torin. The name 'Xanathos' is taken by his father, Irvine Robert Xanathos, Sr..
  • Plays in Central Time Zone (GMT -6).
  • Available for Google Doc / offline RP to help with any weird scheduling issues. Please contact Torin via page or in-game @mail if interested.


Service Record

Rank Stardate Month/Year Event
2410 SF M-1 SVC.png 105431.7 JUN 2428 Academy: Accepted into Starfleet Academy. Starts Plebe Summer.
2410 SF M-2 SVC.png 106439.2 JUN 2429 Academy: Completed year 1, Starfleet Academy. Promoted to MID3.
2410 SF M-2 SVC.png 106661.1 AUG 2429 Award: The Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon, for assistance at Betazed while on training cruise, per ADM Ruao
2410 SF M-3 SVC.png 107439.2 JUN 2430 Academy: Completed year 2, Starfleet Academy. Promoted to MID2.
2410 SF M-4 SVC.png 108439.0 JUN 2431 Academy: Completed year 3, Starfleet Academy. Promoted to MID1.
2410 SF M-4 SVC.png 108439.0 JUN 2431 Assigned: Field Training: USS Wethesa (12 months).
2410 SF O-1.png 109437.3 JUN 2432 Academy: Graduation from Starfleet Academy with Unrestricted Line Officer qualifications.
2410 SF O-1.png 109437.3 JUN 2432 Promotion: Ensign (O-1).
2410 SF O-1.png 109437.3 JUN 2432 Assigned: USS Pathfinder NCC-91890 as a Security Officer.
2410 SF O-1.png 109820.2 OCT 2432 Award: The Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon, for assistance on Rakhar (GQ), per RADM Amadeus
2410 SF O-1.png 109950.3 DEC 2432 Assigned: Starfleet Academy for Post-Graduate Program.
2410 SF O-2.png 111954.5 DEC 2434 Promotion: Lieutenant (JG) (O-2).
2410 SF O-2.png 111954.5 DEC 2434 Academy: Graduation from Starfleet Academy with Masters in Tactical Operations.
2410 SF O-2.png 111954.5 DEC 2434 Assigned: USS Pathfinder NCC-91890 as Tactical Officer.
2410 SF O-2.png 112664.7 AUG 2435 Event: USS Pathfinder NCC-91890 destroyed by an anomaly
2410 SF O-2.png 112685.8 SEP 2435 Award: The Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon, for assistance in the Teplan Blight, per RADM Astor-Cross
2410 SF O-2.png 112789.9 OCT 2435 Assigned: PCU Beagle NCC-91890 as Tactical Officer
2410 SF O-2.png 113199.8 MAR 2436 Award: Space Medal, for two or more years aboard a spaceborn posting
2410 SF O-2.png 113201.2 MAR 2436 Award: Starfleet Commendation Medal, for assistance following the destruction of the Pathfinder, per ADM Ruao
2410 SF O-2.png 113201.2 MAR 2436 Award: Letter of Commendation, for assistance during the attacks on several trade outposts, per CDR Davies
2410 SF O-2.png 113217.0 MAR 2436 Assigned: USS Agamemnon NCC-92101 as Navigations Officer
2410 SF O-2.png 113283.5 APR 2436 Assigned: USS Agamemnon NCC-92101 as Deputy Chief Operations Officer
2410 SF O-3.png 113675.3 SEP 2436 Promotion: Lieutenant (O-3)
2410 SF O-3.png 113675.3 SEP 2436 Award: Good Conduct Medal, 4 years of active service
2410 SF O-3.png 116627.7 AUG 2439 Award: Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon with the USS Agamemnon NCC-92101
2410 SF O-3.png 116699.0 SEP 2439 Award: Chancellor's Unit Citation with the USS Agamemnon NCC-92101
SFMSS O-3 CMD.png 116741.0 SEP 2439 Transfer: Active Duty to Starfleet Reserves - Merchant & Supply Service civilian auxiliary
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 116741.0 SEP 2439 Brevet: Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 116741.0 SEP 2439 Assigned: USS T'Rukhemai NCC-22349 as Commanding Officer
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 117197.3 MAR 2440 Award: Logistic Distinguished Service Medal, for actions taken during the Battle of Trill and Stebben
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 117197.3 MAR 2440 Award: Logistic Combat Action Ribbon with USS T'Rukhemai NCC-22349, Battle of Trill and Stebben
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 117700.7 SEP 2440 Award: Logistic Combat Action Ribbon with USS T'Rukhemai NCC-22349, Battle of Ferenginar
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 117792.2 OCT 2440 Assigned: USS Grace Hopper NCC-52291 as Commanding Officer
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 117197.3 DEC 2441 Award: Logistic Combat Action Ribbon with USS Grace Hopper NCC-52291, Battle of Trill
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 121193.1 MAR 2444 Award: Starfleet Reserve Medal
SFMSS O-4 CMD.png 121193.3 MAR 2444 Award: Logistic Combat Action Ribbon with USS Grace Hopper NCC-52291, Battle of Trill
SFMSS O-5 CMD.png 123292.0 APR 2447 Promotion: Commander (O-5)


Space-medal.png Starfleet-commendation-medal.png
Logistic-distinguished-service-medal.png Command-service-medal.png Logistic-combat-action-ribbon-3x.png
Chancellor-unit-citation.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-2x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon-2x.png
Good-conduct-medal.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-g.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Row 1 Space Medal Starfleet Commendation Medal
Row 2 Logistic Distinguished Service Medal Command Service Medal Logistic Combat Action Ribbon (x3)
Row 3 Chancellor's Unit Citation Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon (x2) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon (x3)
Row 4 Good Conduct Medal Milky Way Exploration Ribbon - GQ Border Patrol Service Ribbon


  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (**)
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification

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