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Transporter Commands

transtat -- Shows transporter status.
reset -- Resets source and destination locks.
clear -- Clears target (pattern) locks.
source <HERE/THIS SHIP/SPACE/contact/room> -- Locks source to the current room, the ship, space, the specified contact, or a room in the current objected locked onto.
dest <HERE/THIS SHIP/SPACE/contact/room> -- Locks destination to the current room, the ship, space, the specified contact, or a room in the current objected locked onto.
reverse -- Switches source and desitination locks.
transcan[/all] <source/dest> -- If lock is space, it gives the standard scan output. If lock is a space object, it lists the rooms with objects in them (if /all is specified, it lists all rooms). If lock is a room, it lists the contents of the room.
patternlock <person/object> -- Puts <person/object> in the transport queue. <person/object> must be located at the current source lock.

energize -- Initiate transport.

translogs -- Lists a log of previous transports on that console.
review [<log-number>] -- Without an argument, it returns the same thing as translog. If the log number is provided, it provides specific information on that log.
wipe [<log-number>] -- If no argument is provided, it wipes all logs on the console. If log number is provided, it deletes only the specified log.

Transporter Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial on how to use a transporter.

(Refer to the section above for transporter commands.)

The transporter locks are recursive, meaning they can lock onto things inside of other things to an infinate level. Here is an example situation:

You're on the USS Bob which is sitting along side of the space station Starbase 0. You want to beam your friend George off of a runabout which is landed on the USS Coke. Now, the USS Coke is docked at Starbase 0, so this is what you have to do:

First, clear the locks and targets: reset

Check to make sure Starbase 0 is in transporter range by using 'transtat' to see the transporter range. Also, if your source is locked onto Space, and you type 'transcan' with no arguments, it will display all other space objects in space that are within transporter range.

Then, you set the destination, or where you want to beam George to. We'll assume you're in the transporter room and want to beam George to where you are, so you type: dest here

Now, you have to lock onto Starbase 0 because the USS Coke is docked at Starbase 0: source starbase 0

To see what rooms have something in them or see a list of vessels docked at Starbase 0, you type: transcan source

(If you wanted to see /all/ the rooms in Starbase 0, you would type: transcan/all source)

You would see that USS Coke is in the transcan list, so now you type: source uss coke

Type 'transcan source' again to find the landing bays where the runabout would be landed. Once you have found the runabout (USS River Dance), you would type: source main shuttlebay

Then, to find where George is on the USS River Dance, type: transcan source

You now know where George is. He's in the cockpit, so you type: source cockpit

Now, you type: patternlock george

And, finally: energize

When you type energize, the transport cycle is initiated and George will be transported to your location.

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