Trash It Like a Rockstar (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
22 Feb 2014
Quarters C201 [Deep Space 9]
Simple appointments dress these quarters, austere yet comfortable enough for a traveler's extended stay. The main room and living quarters is furnished with a sectional sofa of icy silver with a matching recliner, and a glass coffee table nestled within. To the right is a small eating alcove with table and chairs and a food replicator. In the back left corner is a work desk with a small computer terminal. To the left a door leads into the sleeping quarters where a comfortable queen-sized bed and sonic shower reside.

Pryus-Talbot steps through the door as the forcefield drops, "Hello? I'm sorry you've been locked in here, I'm Doctor Tal-" She starts as she sees who it is that's been locked in the room. "You're Mecury from that band? The Sex Phasers, I seen you in concert." She raises a hand toward him slightly a little scared but swallows softly and forms a smile across her lips. "I'm here to make sure you're okay."

Sirac steps in behind Talbot, directing his security guards to remain outside the room as he takes up a position in front of the door. Seeing the man and the rooms' state, the Vulcans' hand moves to his phaser and draws it, but he keeps it at his hip "You were placed in here as you were found publically intoxicated and under the effects of narcotics of somesort. For your own safety you were placed here and secured. " he raises an eyebrow "Most are taken to the brig to 'dry out' as the humans say. Cease and desist, please."

Mercury glares at Sirac, his lip curling up in an even greater sneer, "Who was the pencildick who made the determination that I was intoxicated and under the influence? They probably never even seen a hypospray. I think my lawyer will like to be seeing their medical degree and their information backing that claim up." He then looks towards Pryus, "I'm fine!" He then looks back towards Sirac, "The way my lawyer sees it is your idiot quartermaster locked me in my room without due process." He looks down to the phaser, "You're gonna' compound his fuckup by pulling a phaser on me?"

Pryus-Talbot raises her brows again at Sirac, "Would you allow me to give you a once over, just to be sure you're okay? Wouldn't do any harm would it?" She asks Mercury as she approaches him carefully, she returns her hypospray to her medical kit and offers out her tricorder.

Sirac remarks "You approached us in a threatening manner. I prepared to defend against a possible threat to my person and to the doctor. To do otherwise would be, as humans say 'stupid and foolish'. " without skipping a beat. The phaser still held at his side, he continues "An inquest into the incident will be completed of course, and I will assist personally, although I should note that it does not take a medical doctor to identify intoxication." he adds, with a tilt of his head. "Indeed, while I am sure you are fine, we want to ensure there are no accidental or unknown injuries."

Sirac says, "as well, for the investigation into your 'unlawful' confinement, I would need a full statement if you would, on how

Mercury shakes his head to Pryus, "Don't even scan me. I refuse all medical treatment." He then looks back to Sirac, "You're damned right I approached you in a threatening manner. If you'd been locked in your quarters by the tweedledum and tweedlefuckingidiot of Starfleet, would you just sit on your can and wait for the slimies?" He then looks back to Pryus, his voice eeirely calm, "Don't mean you, love. You seem the alright sort." He then looks back to Sirac, then to the phaser, "Put your phaser away."

Sirac raises an eyebrow, and remarks "Your attitude is unbecoming." he states, and glances down. A few buttons were hit on the Phaser, and he slips it into his holster "Would you like to give your full statement now, or after you have calmed down? As a note, I would reccomend at least, a brief scan, to back up your claims that you were not intoxicated as you claim. Otherwise, it is your word against the Quartermasters'. As well, how did you know who it was who did so?" he asks.

Pryus-Talbot makes no move any further toward Mercury, "I promise I'll make no moves on you, what would my husband say." She says with a smile, "I'm Kailyn, you've got quite a reputation you know? A lot of girls would give an arm to be in my place." She states with a slight laugh glancing back to Sirac, "Can you give us a minute please Commander?"

Mercury growls, "I won't be giving no damned statement in the very room Starfleet confined me in!" He then looks over towards Pryus, calm again, "Of course they would. Ten on the way here, as a matter of fact and reckon the same amount more on the way to whatever passes as a police station on this toothy Cardassian vagina." He then grins, "Jokes on them. I don't like one-armed birds." He then looks back towards Sirac again, snorting, "Sure. The word of your bellhop versus my word. I think I'll take my chances." He reiterates to Pryus, "No scans."

Sirac raises an eyebrow "The investigation will not go far then I am afraid." he admits "However, we can definitely convene to a more appropriate location. You can find me at most times, or one of my officers, in the security centre - the offices, of course." he notes simply." he glances to Pryus-Talbot at her request, and simply lifted an eyebrow at her request, but does not move just yet.

Pryus-Talbot looks back to Sirac, "I have completed my duty, is there anything you require from me?" Kailyn asks with a slight shrug.

Sirac shakes his head "Negative. I was merely curious as to your reasons of remaining.

Pryus-Talbot gestures a hand toward the male, "Then I'm sure we'll meet again. Try and stay out of trouble next time?" She offers to Mercury as she approaches the exit.

Sirac steps to one side to allow PT to depart first.

Mercury smirks, "If course the investigation wouldn't go far. Your buddy locks me in a room without due process, you do a bodge job of the investigation." He shakes his head, "You'll hear from my attorney." He moves to walk around the doctor and the security officer, walking towards the door himself, obviously intent on not staying in this room.

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