Treadmills and Treading Lightly (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
16 Feb 2014

"Oh, don't mind me," says the Terran as he uncurls on the aerobics mats in the center of the floor. He stretches his body out, reaching his hands over his head and planting his palms just half a foot away from either of his ears. He tucks his knees up to his chest again and rolls backwards, pushing himself off the mat with his hands and landing on his feet as he performs a supine backflip. "I was going to hit the free weights unless you'd like to have a go at them first, er," he says, noticing the pips of rank on his collar, "...Lieutenant Commander."

Sirac had just walked in. He looked tired already, and almost doesnt acknowledge the unfamiliar person. But then he snaps out of it and turns that way "You have 'first dibs' as they say. I am here to run." he remarks simply at that, moving quickly to the change room...

And emerging a few moments later in an outfit more suitable to exercising. "You are not familiar to me. Welcome to Deep Space Nine."

"Thank you," says the Terran with a slightly uneasy smile. He appears winded, but otherwise upbeat and energized. "I apologize for my presumption, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't imposing upon anyone. For such a big station, things seem to feel awfully crowded here sometimes. Oh, I'm Corso, Lukas D," says the Terran, moving to stand at attention. "Recent graduate of Starfleet."

Sirac ahs and turns his attention more fully onto the man now "I see. Congratulations. What department? " he asks as he taps at the treadmill to start programming it. "I am Lieutenant Commander Sirac."

"Operations, sir," Corso says, moving towards the treadmill next to Sirac. "May I join you, sir?" He indicates the free treadmill with an open hand.

Sirac pauses again. his lips thin a little, but he nods "Ah, I see. And yes, you may. I will not stop you." he steps onto it, but politely waits for Corso to prepare as well "Have you acquainted yourself with the station yet?

"Thank you," Corso says, getting onto the treadmill and putting in his weight, age and preferences. Apparently, he's quite fond of inclines. "I've been on the station for about a week now. I've been around the Promenade, eaten at the cafes... it's nice, but I hope I won't be here far too long. Are you stationed here, Lieutenant Commander?"

"Ah, you are not to be assigned here, I see. I am indeed, possibly for a long time. It is a good place, if 'excitable' at times." with his own flat, Sirac starts his going, at a brisk walk to start with "Do you know your assignment yet?" Sirac says, "What are you hoping or?"

You say, "To be honest, sir, I'm hoping for any ship. At least one where I can work up to Helmsman. I'm not Science or Engineering material. I'd need to be twice as smart to be a doctor. But piloting... now that's one thing I can do better than most."

Sirac remarks "What about Security? You do not have to be a genius to work that."

Corso responds, "I thought about that. I could work up through Security to a Tactical Position, I suppose. I used to... build model flyers when I was planetside on Bajor. I never got to build anything that wasn't made out of wood and linen, though. Besides, I'd rather work with a spanner than a phaser when I can." He smirks a little, following in step beside the Vulcan. "If you don't mind my asking, what was your focus, sir?"

"Security. I am current Head of the department." explains Sirac, his pace accelerating a little bit "I suppose I am a little biased."

"Ah," Corso says, going a little red around the ears. "Well, regardless of where I want to go, I'm sure they'll put me where they need me. Have you worked on any ships, sir?"

Sirac nods "Three of them. " he states "The Lacrimosa was my most recent assignment. I asked to be transferred to be with my family."

A grin from the Terran. "The Lacrimosa... now that's a ship. I've always loved the Miranda-class cruisers. Small, functional and elegant. They're like a utility knife with nacelles." He jogs, the grin spreading across his face. "Now that's a ship I'd love to pilot. Manual control, too. May I ask what your time was like there, sir?"

Sirac says, "Uneventful. We mostly chased asteroids. " admits the Vulcan "Nothing happened of any import really. We rarely saw another ship at all."

"With all that's been going on?" Corso screws up his face, his eyebrows suddenly having a head-on collision over the bridge of his nose. "Was it a science mission or just... general exploration?" As with many new ensigns, the idea of a tour of duty on a starship doing nothing seems too ludicrous to be real.

Sirac raises an eyebrow "NOW things are interesting. But when I was on the Lacrimosa, it was quiet. General exploration and science." he explains to Corso. "That was then though, and this is now.

"A good point, sir," Corso concedes. "While I was at Academy, I kept up with a lot of the border patrol ships, like the Lacrimosa. I loved the idea of exploring the corners of our own territory... mainly because I'd get off of Bajor. My first desired position would've been aboard the USS Scheherazade, but she was destroyed much like the Nautilus, the Cocytus," he pauses, huffing a breath(or maybe even a sigh), "Combat engagements. Have you ever been in one?" He holds up a hand, as if begging for a sentence more. "I apologize if I'm asking too many questions. I've been doing that to most higher-ranking officers I've met here at D.S. Nine."

"You were raised on Bajor? I did not know that." admits Sirac as he continues to listen, eyes now quite ahead, staring intently there "A few yes, although I was never on the bridge when it occured." he admits "It can be quite exciting up there."

Sirac says, "and Questions are fine. If you begin to ask too many, I will say so.""

The Terran looks relieved at this, nodding assent. "Thank you, sir. Yes, I was born and raised at Besvith Hawn in the Hedrikspool Province. My parents were refugees from Sector Double-Oh-One. My father was from Earth, but my mother was raised on the Jovian moon of Io. I was born, oh... about three weeks after they touched soil on Bajor." Corso taps a few more buttons on the treadmill, jogging faster. "I'll bet that serving aboard Deep Space Nine is far less exciting than a ship tour. You said your family was close by?"

Sirac states "Compared to the Lacrimosa, it has been VERY exciting. Compared to one of my previous tours, it has been about average. It all depends on previous experience. Yes I live here with my wife, Li'Anna, and our son Lorak." he explains.

Corso eyes Sirac and nods, smirking again. "I'm happy for you, sir. One of the ideas they hammer into our skulls at Academy is how taxing a tour can be on a family. We're told not to engage in serious relationships with fellow officers, not to get attached to civilians booking passage... it's like being asked to serve as explorer, scientist and monk all at once. Do you believe your son will join Starfleet, Lieutenant Commander?"

Sirac nods "On many ships, civillian families are not permitted for safety reasons. The Lacrimosa was an exception due to a precedent, and the Captain sought me out specifically." he pauses, and then states "I do not know. He is a little behind in his studies, and has not shown a desire for or against yet. It will be his decision in the end."

You say, "Why did he seek you out, sir?"

Sirac says, "we had worked together previously and he thought highly of me."

Corso picks up his pace, now running at a fair clip. "I hope to have that kind of assignment someday. I had a Astrophysics instructor that told me the only way I'd make it in Starfleet is if I suddenly gained thirty IQ points or if Starfleet began to sponsor a Zero-Gee football team and put me at nose tackle," he says, chuckling softly. "I'm sure your son will do better than I do, should he decide to enter the service."

Sirac nods "We shall see." he states as he continues at his slower, but steadier pace, hardly winded yet at all "I am sure you are not that stupid. If you were, then you would not have been accepted into the academy."

You say, "After three attempts at the entrance exam, I did. I expected to fail the first time. Not the second time, though. That... stung. Then, I studied until I got migraines for weeks on end," he said, huffing and puffing softly with each rapid footfall. "On the third try, I got my acceptance message within a week. The word "shocked" doesn't begin to describe it, sir. I was flying without wings or propulsion."

Sirac hmms "Metaphorically." he guesses, continuing at his flatfooted pace "Still, it is through failure that we become stronger and learn to succeed."

The Terran finds himself emulating the Vulcan, making an approving noise through closed lips. "My father used to say that the only reason we smash our thumbs with the hammer is so we can be more accurate with it," Corso says, the treadmill beeping as his program begins to slow down. "He's a woodworker, though, so there really are quite a lot of carpentry puns when it comes to him and life lessons. And if I didn't wind up here, I'd be back at Besvith Hawn, building houses for Bajoran farmers." Corso is quiet for a time as his pace slows to match the other man's. "Sir, do Vulcans have an equivalent to "Luck?""

Sirac considers this "There is always a chance of randomness in the world. Whether or not it is 'good ' or 'bad ' again, depends on one's point of view." he finally returns.

Corso finally slows his jog to a leisurely stroll. "Well, the random chance of the universe has gone in my favor so far. I hope it continues... right to the Lacrimosa," he says, grinning toothily. "Did you have a favorite assignment, sir? One that really... fulfilled you?"

"Would you rather not have the Excelsior? Ah yes, a preference. " notes the Vulcan, still going at it. They WERE enduring "Hmm. Not entirely. They all had unpleasantness of one way or another. They are a duty, not a hobby."

Corso smirks, noting that the older man is still plugging away at it. He casually dials another level or two into his program. "The Excelsior would be nice, but... not for my first assignment. I'd be overwhelmed, but as I said, they'll put me where they need me." He sobers slightly at the mention of duty, rather than hobby. "Yes, but... what a duty."

"It is not all glory and fantastic explosions. I spent most of the last forty eight hours doing electronic paperwork." reminds Sirac.

"I know that it isn't all explosions, sir," Corso says. "And paperwork doesn't bother me, but... I suppose it's in my nature to seek out adventure and excitement. Even if all my duties amount to patrolling a hallway or maintaining a turbolift, I'll find some way to enjoy the duties I'm given."

Sirac stops immediately, the treadmill rolling him right off as he states "Your NATURE is to be a human. It is illogical to claim it is your 'nature' to fly in space, 'seek out' adventure or danger... in fact, evolution would call for such urges to be suppressed as they would not be beneficial to the survival of the species." in sharp tones.

Corso, watching this, slows his pace to a stop and regards Sirac much in the way an student would view an old teacher he'd just disappointed. "I apologize if I misspoke, Lieutenant Commander. My nature, as a human, is curiosity," he says softly, his words measured. "My habit, however, is romanticizing that curiosity with a fair bit of enthusiasm thrown in."

Sirac remarks "Curiosity is a dangerous thing. The curious cow gets eaten when it investigates the wolf prowling in the grass. It should ALWAYS be tempered by another 'nature' of ours - self preservation, either specifically us, or altruistic preservation."

Corso nods assent. "I see your point, sir. I will try to restrain my curiosity in favor of caution and respect for the wolves in the grass," he says, quickly adding, "Metaphorically, anyways."

Sirac nods "INVESTIGATE the wolves. Alert others to them, but do not blindly go thrashing about in the grass out of curiosity. It is in no creatures' nature to get itself killed."

You say, "Well, not for any creature that survives for long anyways."

Sirac says, "Such creatures would quickly be removed from the gene pool, I assure you."

His expression sobers once again and he nods. "Then I'm glad that those smarter than myself are still around to ensure that we don't all fall victim to lack of caution and good sense."

The Terran slips off of the treadmill and walks over to a nearby table to grab a handtowel and cleaning solution. He begins to wipe down the used equipment. "Thank you for the talk, sir. I hope you won't mind my excusing myself, but I could use a shower and a quick meal."

Sirac states "well, nature would take its' course one way or another. However, we, as sentient creatures, have the ability to overcome our nature and improve ourselves through learning." he explains. A nod "Indeed. Have a good day."

Corso nods and grins. "And you, sir," he says, standing at attention for no less than three seconds before continuing to clean up his workspace. He later departs quietly.

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